Spider-Man Into the Spider-Verse Movie Gear Test + The Grinch Returns! KIDCITY

I think there’s something to be right
there Oh it’s the grinch, It’s the Grinch the grinch master wanna know Li are you
still trying to shut down all the toys in the world by Christmas yes sorry
first it’s kid city and then it stores my toys r us toys r us already went out
of business exactly here’s what you’re gonna do I’ve
installed a tracking device in this golden spider-man trophy and you’re
gonna use it in your next kid City challenge so now I can keep track of
your channel don’t get out of line or I’m gonna give you the old Toys R Us okay now get out there and do your
Spiderman gear test okay what’s up everybody today we’ve got a Spider Man
into the spider-verse Miles Morales gear test and nerf battle are you having a
good time first we’re gonna test out this nerf gear right we’re gonna shoot
it see how it shoots then we’re gonna do the Miles Morales costume gear tests and
then we’ve got that nerf pucker battle the winner of that bunker battle is
gonna get the golden spider-man trophy look
Golden Ball head on a candelabra don’t is it the Marvel nerf a similar gear has
different pieces and modules to it and then you can customize it however you
want so little flash is studying how he’s gonna be putting it together and
we’re gonna take these pieces and build our assembler gear listen buddy you can
build it however you want to but you’re gonna have to use what you build in our
nerf game we just snap in what is that the scope hello that’s a scope and this
is the extension here oink oh it went about three feet so it’s got an
over-the-shoulder handle chemical reaction there one more one more just to
the right okay that was lame let’s try get a better one boom there you go there
you go so little flash is putting on the Miles Morales spider-man into the spider-verse it says it’s a deluxe costume but there’s only half a costume in here this
is like a scuba suit look at this it’s fine it’s fine I kind of like it I like
the new spider-man look Ava’s gonna be wearing this white spider girl spider
Gwynn costume you’ll go ahead and get that on for our nerf battle excited
about the new spider-man movie remember to comment down below and let us know
yeah yeah here’s the master that comes with let’s see what this one looks like
yes uh-oh wait a minute I think there’s something
supposed to be right there or that I supposed to be on top of the head okay
now we’ve got it on where are your eyes they’re like right here your eyes are
right here yeah try this see if you can see better out
of this one that’s a little better spotty effects now shake your head so
listen Hawk strike shark strike so the logic behind this is if you want to talk
like spider-man all you got to do is shake your head like this hmm
okay okay little flash is gonna help Ava put on the web-shooter
web fluid glove that we picked up she’s got one yes she’s got one white and one
black and red Miles Morales gloves let’s put this on this way I believe maybe
since we’ve got blue yellow and red we will do red – snap this piece on snap
this in turn your arm this way sorry I put it on wrong yeah I’m sorry
okay hey you only gonna spray somebody at this thing will fit on you okay so
opens up and straps on Ava put your hand in there like that so like that right
palm up oh he’s got deep nerve elite disrupter
with extra this is kind of a kid city innovation with a rubber band and your
darks on the side there for quick reloading on this bunker this tire rack
she’s got the Adventure Force generic barrel gun watch she’s gonna demonstrate
how she can do this yes so you can do it mom city sports her lovely GoPro helmet
and the miles morales adventure gear we’re we’re running out of daylight so
we’re gonna make this fast so the north battle looks like this
there are three bunker stations for three players and flags in the middle
when you hit a player you score and pick up a flag at the end of each one minute
round we will rotate and switch blasters the player with the most flags at the
end of four rounds will get that coveted spider-man trophy ready set go
stay there stay there duck Ava you better duck Ava’s needs to come up with a strategy
mom City is gonna do a little flash but it comes up short what you gonna do
buddy oh you’re hit little flash goes in for a
point duck’s back behind there mom said he took a shot at Ava but I don’t think
it connected Oh Oh she took a shot it went right past
mom city oh that was close Eva that was close oh he hit the bunker was that a hit okay switch leave your gun and switch
take your flag leave your blaster and switch to the new one
Ava this way round two Ready Set she’s ready she’s ready
oh he’s modifying on the fly go I can hear him whizzing by hitting the bunkers
what’s he doing he’s reloading takes a little bit to reload these things she’s
out of bullets she’s out of bullets now’s your chance get her don’t wait
don’t wait you can get her while she’s reloading there you go are you out are
you out you’re out of bullets you need to reload reload Oh mom city Connor
while I’m standing here she’s gonna hit you while you’re tough
tattling well she is taking shots she is taking shots time so in round two mom
said he picked up one point the flash has one point and Ava needs to get a
score you go get score this time yeah all right we’re gonna switch little
flashes at bunker one the rock Ava’s gonna go to the oil rig whatever I can
mob city is gonna be stationed at the tire stack ready oh you hit mom says
bunker she did some damage Oh flash got her little flash Caught a that’s two
points has got a foot that’s a point from our city Oh Oh go get you Flagler
flash go get you flag 29 seconds left we got a little bit of injury we got a
little bit of injury I’m gonna just a few seconds left to this one nope no
connection there what’s she gonna do well that was a good
that was it couldn’t miss car three oh yeah
that’s it that was round three one more round to go little flash gets Ava in the
head and that was we may need to put some helmets on each other
mom city picked up one in that round which makes it little flash three mom
city has two you gonna be all right Ava you know what Dad city don’t have no
points either so we’re gonna be zero together okay
we’ll eat some chocolate and ice cream and we’ll cry together ice cream
round four as the Sun is going down Ava got injured in the last one oh my
goodness she’s so sassy you need to take cover
avy you can’t just stand out in the open this is Round four Ready Set whoa I
nearly got hit with that one you didn’t you screamed oh my goodness
Oh bullets bullets are flying everywhere now how’s it going over here 25 seconds
left oh I got it
I’m in the line of fire mom said he gets a point
Oh action is crazy I need to duck timer and that’s the timer that is the
timer everybody bring your flags and we will count them in the center must study
how many flags do you have one two three flash coming Oh
and Ava has one and you know what that means
dad city has none and can I have one please oh thank you so much and I’ll
trade you this for some ice cream okay yeah congratulations to the entire kit
city family we’ll say for our golden spider-man trophy if you want to see
more family fun on kit City click right up here will give you a link what if we
want to give them a link to some of our other Spiderman gear test everybody say

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