Special Poetry Slam Intro

37 thoughts on “Special Poetry Slam Intro

  1. If Travis decided to fuck the rest of them there’d be no stopping him. Clearly he’s got that chimpanzee retard strength in abundance.

  2. Ooooooooooh…… Man………. I had so many joke ideas, but now that im typing……. I need a shower lol

  3. No disrespect to these folks at all, but what in the blue FUCK is going on here?! What is the point of this? They're pretty much just making these poor kids targets for internet trolls and assholes in general….

  4. 2:55 That, I can get behind. He looks like the type of trysomic that isn't too much mentally or physically affected by it, so you could still go out and get some beers and stuff with buds and him and it wouldn't be much awkward.
    Besides, he looks like he's got that natural buff, not many people would fuck with him.

    He looks like the type of 4chan green text trysomic that isn't put in the tard class.

  5. Hello my name is William I can't walk and I like dresses and fingernail polish. I really want to make my father proud!

  6. Every group has the hot one, the dark brooding one, the serious actor, the tranny and of course the Chewbacca impersonator.

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