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hello everyone and welcome back to so very christy and happy halloween to everyone I think everyone's been celebrating right exactly and I feel like Christy's so so far away from me today so I don't know if everybody's you know um everybody's excited yeah everybody's excited for Halloween yeah and I actually had a very fun evening Saturday night I know I wish she would have brought pictures of your costume which I had given Ziggy a video of that party because I took some ATS on Facebook yeah and it was so much fun and it was a beautiful home out in Collierville it was a blast went was a couple friends Terry and Debbie mhm and they kind of drug me out there but I was so glad I went when I went cuz you know you just get kinda like oh I don't know right exactly you got it you just kind of make got to make yourself get out and do yes everybody it was fun fun and a little thank goodness I was the designated driver but here's the thing is growing up we always had that nowadays the kids just take uber yeah so you're gonna run like no no no I wanna drive you're like I want control why would I want control yeah that's exactly what it was but as I had a busy busy day yesterday yes another thing I'm excited about is my salon I can't wait I can't wait to see all the pictures and Kim Brown who was one of the guests this month is doing it for me but you know what this is what she did I had her on my show and then as soon as we left I was like hey Kim will you come to deck redecorating for me and that's what she did and she's so good at it and you know she's looking at everything like now I'm gonna have to go back and get a few more things mm-hm and so we don't have any pictures of that today because she she's already got it she's already called me today and said I've got it I'm ready I love it already wait and she's gonna finish it today and well then there's a few things I have to do and then next week we'll have some photos yeah I can't wait I can't wait I'm gonna go see it and you know she's so quick she will literally done today or tomorrow and I don't know about you ladies out there and maybe some of you gentlemen as well but for me when I decide I want to do something I want to do it right away oh yeah get it done I want it over and I think we're all like that I won't lose weight yesterday yeah get it done you know and so that's what another thing is when you make just little I mean I know you're going all out though I mean you're yours is gonna be totally different did you take the before pictures I did okay from every angle cuz you know when you take them before pictures and then you go get the after and you can't find anything that exactly so I was trying to plan for that so hopefully I did a great job and won't have amazing actual before and afters they really are a reflection yeah instead of like well that's not the right angle right exactly so I did that and did have a real busy day yesterday so it was really fun and I'm excited that's why you wanted to be in control on Friday on Saturday night I mean I didn't know you know it was kind of far so I thought well right if I left early they could a new person I was trying to think ahead yes so everybody think ahead think ahead drive safe or don't drive probably be better because think about it is that I learned it's that they're looking for people to be drunk of course they are and that was it thank God and I did get pulled over just I just want I think this is a good example it is a good example we got it we got a look out for everybody I gotta look out for our friends because I was sober it didn't make it more air anymore irritating it was irritating right but I passed with flying colors is you were sober yes and I was like whoo thank goodness I know I'm serious no kidding because they would have really messed things up yesterday if I had spent the night in jail what you know what the crazy thing is also is I don't care you could be just I mean you won't you weren't doing anything wrong and you cannot be doing anything wrong but when you see those red lights near your nose like I mean exactly even when you're not doing anything wrong I said the only thing that she might smell and my breath was chocolate yeah ain't so many mini snicker bars you know man they were good well here's the thing is I haven't even gotten any Halloween candy because I will do the same things no kids like do you want to put this on your station so that you can have a little mint chocolate sore you know treats freak I'm like no I don't they'll have a few and I'll have ten well and here's the thing too is I know we're getting into the holiday season you know just like we we have Halloween you blink your eye it's Thanksgiving you blink your other eye and then it's it's Christmas but you know the average person gains ten pounds during the holiday season can't believe that I believe it cuz I just work magnet starting to tell y'all a funny story okay worked at Starbucks for I don't know three and a half years in addition to everything else all right and I swear mocha frappuccino not microfiber she knows what are those holiday drinks yes say how many calories and then they add I don't know but it's a lot and then people get all these extra pumps and I swear the people we'd see come through they just get fatter and fatter every day I mean we'd be like oh my god did you see groaning on fat latte that's now getting the grande nonfat pumpkin spice no whipped cream but that pumpkin spice let me tell you folks cuz it was just right before your eyes right and the only time you saw him was in the morning and so they just their groom leaps um I think I grew over the weekday you know then they start shrinking you're back to normal well and that it here it is it's the holiday season so we all need to be taking care of one another in and I'm glad that you declined Kim's advice on trying to fatten us all up because I'm gonna be in there on walks and I'm actually supposed to be on a plane right now so I had to admit to my advisor well I did eat a ton of Snickers it was like it was just right there I'm diggin okay just so y'all know the next party we're going to Wednesday know right so the the moral of this story is don't eat a bunch of candy during Halloween right right we're gonna drive it's better to eat candy than drink well yeah I mean that's really the most important yeah lesson for today yeah I think that really is important it is we had an amazing line-up this month of guests as always we always do and those of you don't know that are watching this is recap Monday so I like to promote everyone and share all the unique things that each one of these people do in their lives and since it was a long month we have four I know I love that we really had some great people on and I love how your you've kind of come into your idea of the show of being beauticians and musicians I love that I know I led that too because we were talked about last week how you know beauticians is really any person that helps beautify our life whether it is a beautician which I know that's old-school vintage but I kinda like it my grandma was doing it I know I kind of liked it I kind of like the old-school vintage it makes me think of grease you know the grease yeah and then she does that she's in the beautician school again I love that show so that's what I think of and I think it's amazing but I really do enjoy your your vision and your passion of helping people beautify themselves from the inside outside you know everything that you do and then I love the musicians I am so blessed every week to sit next to you and hear you sing but also these musicians that come on at all ages I mean I've got a great lineup coming up in November also for people in the beauty industry and musician so I love combining those two thank you again Robin I mean I mean sometimes we go well that's and that's one of the awesome things about that came out of the our annual mastermind planning retreat because you can't plan by yourself folks I mean you really can't you need the collaborative efforts and energies and ideas from everybody and yes Robin Abraham what for that we love you for that it was amazing but I kissed can't wait and then we're still planning like there's a lot of cooling throughout to nine 2019 and I'm excited about is used but what I want to know is what's your 2019 out there what's it gonna be like how can we help you plan your 2019 more effectively and make sure it's congruent with everything that you want to do because you know one of the things that Christy and I talk about all the time is you can live your life by design you can live your life on your terms and you can do what you want to do creating that life but you can't do it by yourself because you don't know what you don't know and you can't see what you can't see and and that's the cool thing about having one of my really good friends Camille from Fort Worth she always says one fine friend leads to another and we're gonna prove we're little drip of it but that's what you should do is associate with people that are helping you achieve and succeed and just live your life on your terms and have fun and I can't tell you the things that we come up with even when I just do your hair makeup before the show okay and that's what I love about doing here for people and makeup is because when they sit in much here and we talk about their life or what they've got going on I mean that's just fun yeah oh then you can be productive or you could also not be productive that we were productive I know we were it's great and I'm excited about it and I'm excited too I've got a lot work to do though we all do right I mean we all do you know that I read this this weekend that only 2% of people okay you hear this only 2% of people can achieve things on their own and I mean obviously you still need help to do that but meaning they need zero supervision that makes me feel better only 2% okay folks I mean that's so 98% of us not only do we need people collaborating with us but we need people watching over us to make sure that we stay on track so that should make you feel better that does I'm I'm like whew that's a load No hey we're just like the other 97% you know so stay tuned you got we have some exciting things to announce coming up in 2019 and I can't wait and for this month we saw our first guest was Priya Patel and I love Priya there she is one I wish we had pictures from when we went to the intention table with her well actually I have a smile a video oh okay awesome hey audio jungle okay I love it that Priya has merged some of the things that she loves doing together so means she loves to cook and she's an amazing cook then a minor salad okay YUM I'm thinking about it right now and I'm a little bit I'm a little bit hungry now but that cucumber salad was amazing but I just think it's cool how her passion she loves to cook and she's a yoga instructor and she is a 9 inch book she does meditation she's all about being mindful but she's merged all these great things together and she's having a blast doing it and I think ok so Christi is over here trying to communicate with y'all okay with everybody so really if y'all want to leave a question or a comment or whatever we can we're gonna look at it at the same time we're goin alive I know you know Priya's amazing and she is such a sweet person too and I love that and you know you told me you said you smell your food I do I do remembered yes and you do smell your face so she had us you know really be mindful of everything that we're eating including the you know where it was grown I know everything we should have we should have showed that video that I did remember after the fact oh yeah okay so here's the thing and I am I'm getting on this so very Christy show right now it myself but okay so here's what's so funny is you really do like I have never in my life thought about okay here's this who picked this who planted this seed he watered this I mean I've never in my life ever thought about it but when she was saying it it did made me start thinking about cuz I don't know about you but do you do this okay and I want to know how many of you do this out there but do you ever look at somebody that maybe you're you just see them randomly and you just say I wonder what their story is because every person has the story you know I think do you think like that I think about that yeah and anytime let I get to know someone you you know I'm always I've always want to know like what is it about them you know and then when you start to learn who they are and you you know you get more attached to people and they get closer to people that way right and so when she was talking about okay so if you are just mindful and you start thinking on a deeper level about everything it really does make you so much more present and and that and we live in a life right now where with all of the technology and everything's there people's attention span is actually shortening and you know I was at an event on Thursday I went to a networking event and pronet it was amazing and the lady that was running the event made us all put our cell phones up and I was kind of impressed with that yeah I thought that was really and you know when you're driving you're always thinking of two or two or three other things not just one other thing right maybe I am but I think a lot of people are I think that's pretty common I think it is that being present is is a challenge it is a challenge just challenge yourself several times today to really be present and not be thinking about something else when you're with someone or spending time with someone I know because I'm here right now and what are you on this show I can't think it's it's great that is really great so that's gonna be my challenge for everybody this week is put your phone down for an hour straight one hours straight don't even look at it and decide beforehand which hour that's going to be this is actually something that we're going to be doing on our stay on track program so I really want to help people have as most success as possible and you've got to be effective and you've got to get rid of the distractions that's right so thank you for yeah I just wanna say hi Moss okay awesome but I always say Haley I want to say thank you Prius so much for for coming to us and really sharing that spirit in that heart and message with us because I have taken it into consideration so much more since we attended the intention table it was amazing I mean I need to do that again yeah we do sure and so the next guest that we had of course we've spoken of her already Kim brown yeah there she is the diva she not only does the deal interior design but I mean clothing helping you get ready for an event or just a new wardrobe whatever you need and I like to go with her sometimes but once she learned your size and everything then she just will be out and she'll see something and text it I am gonna say this that I'm kind of getting spoiled because it's so much easier for her to just go shop for you and again this is stuff that you you're not gonna break the bank because everybody shops everybody does I don't care if you you know shop maybe once a month once every other month once a quarter once every you know six months once a year whatever it is you do go shop and you buy things and half the stuff you don't where he doesn't go with other things and I will say that I went shopping last week and I just felt like I was just wandering like no I'm like I don't know it I know it I've done the same thing you know and I ended up spending more money than I ever spend when Kim goes in shops for or if you have to take something back and I am like yes but a lot of people I'm the worst if I take something back I'm returning it and then I go get more stuff and will that or you miss the date and then you can't get your money back if you wanted to do that but if usually I just go get something else and it's been more yeah and so honestly I feel like it really saves you money cuz yeah it does and whatever you don't wear she doesn't take it personal she's so great and most of the time she really gets it right right and and then if she is she brings something to you and it doesn't look good she will tell you no no before you even have to say wow she's like no no no take off technology it's yesterday this is face and she wasn't gonna use it and I was like but do I need this at home you know cuz that's what we did just some random face exactly go with stuff and she's like no you don't need that put it back okay I know and I will say that I think that to be in that industry you really do want somebody that is like that that is going to tell you no because we will try to talk ourselves into certain purchases that really no business I know business we should be using that or wearing it and yeah and so I appreciate that I knew she was going to say no to the vase to because because I was like but I like that vase and it wasn't working for this face I'm thinking well maybe I could use it at home Silveri know and I knew she would it because she really likes to do the room when she's doing the room expired all at once with collected pieces do we have any before-and-after stuff minor things but it just brightened it up look what a difference it makes huge difference she told me [Laughter] okay yeah there we go okay yes I love that no sleep and didn't paint or anything just changed just change the table out because I really needed it to be shorter so you could see through that space more you got rid of the Browns which what I love is in that granite there's some really pretty greens mm-hm and she pulled out the greens in that granite for the wall and it just softened it so much I love it in there and it made it look a lot brighter it looks so much brighter that's good and we're still chewing just a little bit yeah it's an energy chi if anybody wants to know I'm not eating I'm just giving myself a little bit more energy and I love these energy cheese and we didn't have a christy ology today so okay this could be the Christianity energy cheese are great I've done those before and they are great and there's a night time and a date I know and I don't need the nighttime chew because I sleep like a baby mm-hmm and I don't really require a lot of sleep I mean I I you know you and I both can we work we we stay up working late you know don't you love it when you're a night owl and you can call somebody at like midnight and they're like hey what's gone you know like it's like it's mood I love that and and then we get up early and everything so I really you know but when you do need help sleep and it's amazing because it's natural and all that so it is it helps a lot of people sleep and there's a lot of people that don't sleep well of all ages exactly which is another one of your messages that I love personally how you say it's never too late it's never too early no matter how old you are how young you are you're never too young and you're never too old you're never too old you're never too young to start anything in life and I think I think that's probably one of I think that's why these young musicians love Kristi so much so great Kristi's them so because really I think sometimes you know and I do think this is changing in the world in which we live but I think sometimes kids have so much talent and you know adults will say oh you know you're they'll just you're a kid you're a kid and I get that they are but at the same time you really do treat them as just a professional and somebody that is working on their passion and working on their dreams and I think that's one of the reasons why they love you so much and set da kids are on the ball yeah the septon man I'm telling you it's great great program great group attracts such amazing people and I love having the sub TN entertainers on the show so I get to listen to yes I do too and they're just so great and they just give you energy and inspire me every time I see them on Facebook singing and and doing what they do with so much passion it's just it's so inspiring I know now we're gonna get to see Kaley next well you will yes we will get see Kaley she's a student at ceptin and also a friend of mine and she was on the show this month and she has some really exciting things I will do it Kylee next or is there another one I like is it very Diggy we keep distracted but you know okay Kayleigh see he's so good there she is amazing Kayleigh we love you and we will be at the launch party for so we will note she and another friend of her Soleil are doing a non-profit and to teach underserved kids music I love music lessons I love I think also Lexy Germany is also one of the things I want to do Kaley is I would love to merge them with Big Brothers and Big Sisters because that's one of the things we do with Big Brothers and Big Sisters that with diving be so cool so I'm gonna talk to some people there at Big Brothers and Big Sisters and see how we can take your greatness and your vision and really bring a bunch of kids in and even with the Nancy Lieberman charities I think that would be a phenomenal idea also I love that idea in Lexi Germany and Austin and I mean the list goes on and on these and there they're always stepping in right yeah I think so Linda you're amazing Thanks the just role model and in the program you know one of the things I say all the time is we were sent here not just to live and exist we're sent here to create and what an amazing creation she has done with septa entertainment I'll tell you what it it's in it's incredible and I've known Linda for awhile and she's been my vocal coach for a long time off and on and I've been back with her for two years now and she's amazing I just leverage so much now do we have any music that we're gonna consider okay I have a little snip of Caylee singing here acapella okay is a sweet thing and I don't change you would know they just wanna see you know I mean is that not amazing or wet perfect it is it's perfect Kaylee you are perfect love itch tone I don't know what I'm singing right now but it's all perfect that was right all right I'm learning that I'm learning all of the terms from you but but I will say this because I have been it doing this with you and I've seen your journey I can tell now I mean I have my voice is horrible but I can tell when other know it is really serious that's okay but I can tell when other people sing the the strength in in people's voices and the weaknesses just because of what you've shared with me along the way and so Kaylee you're amazing absolutely and it's just so great and we're gonna have Soleil on the show also November yeah so you'll all get to meet her and she's phenomenal as well and so the fourth guest that we had this month was Darren Clarke oh yeah see there's the terror is the third I've missed Darren because I was in Mexico so I didn't but I love me some Darren Darren is an amazing individual I have known him for I think 20 years yeah he's amazing like maybe or maybe 25 anyway you meet him when you were 15 yep yep I did actually 15 years old he's a personal trainer and he's also has a I don't it's not it's not name or combining yes gifts and talents into one business and he does personal protections yeah I just I love that and so he was explaining to us on the show of how to be more careful because what were some of his tips well to turn on my alarm all the time yeah I mean that's like well now I have an alarm he goes but let me ask you this on all the time I mean at first it was I wasn't used to having one right oh you know I had to get in that habit well and you know I think though what really is amazing because we have the same system on ours and what's great is we've got cameras in our houses we can look at our homes whenever we want to you can turn the alarm off and on from your phone so even if for some reason you walk out and you forget you can do it now with all this smart technology and so you know okay so if you forget to you can turn it back on you know you can always turn it on yes and it's awesome I mean just with front door people right I know I love having that front door he's just saying be more aware of your surroundings always let somewhere you know you just want to make it a point to look around yourself and see what's going on and that way you know you'll start to do it just automatically without even thinking about it exactly and be more careful and he was saying he told his story about his daughter and she'll be you know ordering her food and and he'll say okay where's the egg whatever he goes through this whole thing with her but then that's got all she she's to know I think she always thinks she's ten but I think she's like five oh wow little that is that is it a little bit of a difference I'm sorry Darrin if I don't have the age right but I don't always think she's older I think she's dead no I have not seen her in person but I don't like this at all I know a lot of 10 year olds and I don't know I just think always just ten but I think she's really little anyway sorry about that Nicole cares why but anyway they're adorable and so she's a little bitty anyway younger than ten for sure and he's already training her you think this way and that's a mindset well it is a mindset and I will tell you that my dad was a professional tennis player and I really am the product of a competitive athlete you know people will say how did you get your mindset the way it is well because my father was a competitive athlete and he drilled this in and so the fact that that Darren is doing this now she's always gonna be like that and he was he you know he taught us how to be protective and be aware of your surroundings and everything but now with the human trafficking issue it's big as it is you know we've got to have Terry Rivera and chef Terry on the show first I need to have her on the on my show also because what people don't realize is a lot of these human trafficking people they groom you and there's just so much more that you've got to be aware of now and I love it that that Darren's doing that well really all of the guests that you had on the show this this month is if anybody wants to contact any of them I mean I know that you're probably gonna put all their contact information in the comment box so don't you know don't worry if you need a deal diva if you want to know more about soul no because you want us so no soul no calm no I'm going to learn how to become more mindful with Priya Priya Patel and then also if you want to do personal training or personal protection with Darren we'll get you set up to youth right and they've got guitar lessons piano lessons voice lessons and stage presence and Zac Menzel is my coach and he's awesome I love Zac I didn't have exact on again yes you do and one of the things I was thinking about that just popped into my head because we are getting close to the holiday season has anybody ever seen that that skit on Saturday Night Live I mean it was an old skit in an Alec Baldwin they were talking about sweaty balls and all the Christmas balls and you know that's what I'm just thinking of right now remember how we were talking about being mindful and being in the moment and that just popped into my head and I think the last Monday in November that's what we you and I need to do we need to dress up like I can't remember how they're dressed I'm gonna write on YouTube I'm gonna find it on YouTube it's hysterical yeah so way before their time crazy so crazy they are crazy on I know I love it well I can't wait to hear what you're gonna sing for us today well today I'm gonna sing a song by Little Big Town so for all you little big town fans I'm gonna sing girl crush I got it real bad won't everything she smiling I wanna taste yeah cuz it's here yeah I don't get no sleep I don't get no peace thinking about under your bedsheets the way that she's whispering the way that she's pulling you in God knows I've tried but I just can't get her off my mind I want a stir my god crash hate to admit it but I got a Horace ain't slowin down yeah that's awesome ow I got a Christie crush is what I got I love it okay so but you know what I was thinking about when you were singing that I was thinking about how you know I know that one of your goals for 2019 is really to start singing at events and corporate events at weddings just really sharing your gift of voice and music with people in a more substantial way and live that's the thing is I'm there is something special about live music they're just there is and so I'm just gonna do a plug for Christie over here that if anybody's got holiday events they've got corporate events they've got parties they've got home you know anything that she wants somebody I mean you gotta you gotta get miss Chris over to Christy all call me message me yeah that was amazing that would be a blast well it's been a blast on the show as always I love doing this show it's so much fun and I'm looking forward to November I thought it's gonna be like thank you so much for tuning in and we'll be back Monday at 2 o'clock

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