Sophie Priceman – "How Teenage Girls Are Like Poetry" (Get Lit)

a twelve-year-old girl bounces through life like a limerick silly and playful a nursery rhyme her world light with blissful unknowing turning thirteen is a dirt a lament for the dead morning the life without periods and breasts though innocence was the first to go before I was blanked first but 13 taught me I was a witch who could pull languages out of boys they didn't know they could speak as if my similes could swallow them hook my metaphors what makes men out of them teenage girls cast their spells as regular as a rhyme scheme just by fluttering our eyelids and anapestic meter 14 sonnet one line for every time I got cat called walking my dog down Beverly I won't stop the street foot by foot my rhythm steady and I am the until yet another truck driver commented on my assonance so I learned to stare back hard into the male gaze daring it to cross me fifteen is the year of the Fazal an exotic bird full of beauty and pain love and loss at fifteen you need to fall in love with your own voice because nobody will ask you to speak your theme like a 15 year old girl forced her to look her in the eye and in the final stanza call her by her name if turning 16 in 2016 or a concrete poem it would take the shape of my mother's lipstick on the ground being crushed beneath a heavy boot Election Day one month after I blew out 16 candles I realize a white man who faced sixteen accusations of sexual by the could become the president of our country at 16 I remembered I was a witch and my life was a ballad with the refrain grabs back you see like that Paulo's teenage girls are sharp our wit cuts deeply like the scissors we use to cut crop tops out of everything and anything girls for the first time are just learning how to be heard not just read over now I'm 17 17 years 17 syllables a haiku 575 five years I'm living in this world as both the teenager and a female ready to walk into this life as a grown-ass woman not just because I look like one cuz I want to seven months of marching for the causes I believe in and loving myself because there are so many more important things to resist five minutes on this stage just enough time to make a little change in the world or at least within myself 18 and 19 are poems I haven't yet written but I hope that they are Oh instead of elegies then my teenage years and more like a semicolon and less like a period a prelude to a witchy future in which I'm a poet enchantress and my truth can't help but boil out of me [Applause]

49 thoughts on “Sophie Priceman – "How Teenage Girls Are Like Poetry" (Get Lit)

  1. I am a woman!
    I am more than a welcome home honey I am more than a poem! You want words you can read no I a fists I am blood I am words that cut you on the edge of my tampon I will let my voice shake you to the ground you think I’m bound to!

  2. "That my teenage years end more like a semi-colon and less like a period…"

    I wish I could write like this girl, every line has power to it. we see you QUEEN

  3. Life at twelve sounds nice.
    But my innocence was robbed far too early and I was left with barely my life in a hospital room on my 12th birthday.
    I've never been so thankful to fail anything as I am thankful I failed my suicide attempt.

  4. I mean he shouldn’t have said it but what he said was “women will let you” if you’re rich and it’s true.. it’s a flaw that we should’ve focused on.. people are so upset about it because it’s true. These girls make themselves so angry about the world it’s concerning. They’re oppressing themselves by making themselves victims.. you can’t be happy if you’re always looking for reasons to be upset

  5. “18 and 19 are poems i haven’t yet written but i hope they are odes instead of elegies” YES IM SCREAMING I LOVE HER

  6. Today I was told to speak my mind that it’s didn’t matter what others think about my opinion it’s MY opinion not yours

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