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♫ You came in like a blanking ball – Let’s talk about that. (fun theme music) (fire blazing) Good Mythical Morning. – A couple of weeks back I asked
Link to fill in some blanks on some movie mad libs. He didn’t do so well but I
thought, maybe he’s not a movie man, maybe he’s a music man. – I am a music man. – So we’re gonna be playing
musical mad libs but we’re not gonna be using popular songs
because, A, that would be too easy and, B, we’d probably get sued. – And singing this is more fun? – Yeah, and this is more fun. We’re gonna use some royalty
free songs that do have lyrics and see how good you are
in filling in those blanks. It’s time for I’ve Removed
Some Words From Royalty Free Songs And Now You Have To
Guess What Those Words Are. – But I’m not clear on
what you’ve done and what I have to do. (laughs)
– Yes, yes I am. – The rules are in the title. – It was a helpful title. Alright. – If you get four out of
six of these you are going to be serenaded. (laughs) – I win a serenade? – Yes. Alright, Link. – Yes, I can do this. – No, this isn’t John Legend’s
less talented brother, it’s just a royalty free song
called, We Back that features these sick lyrics. “Got my brain hittin’ drums. “If you the beat, you the one. “Bangin’ like a marching band. “Next level,” blank. Is our blank, A, contraband, B, Disneyland, or C, thyroid gland? (laughs) – Oh man, if your thyroid gland is bangin’ go see a specialist.
– Yeah. Yes. Get that thing checked out! – Oh, man. None of these rhyme with drums. I was thinkin’ that would help me. – They rhyme with band. – Oh, they do. (crew laughs)
– Yeah. – But they all rhyme with band. – Mhm, they all do.
– That’s still not help. – They all do. – “Next level Disneyland.” I’d love to go there. “Next level Disneyland.” – Alright, let’s see if he’s right. ♫ Got my brain ♫ Hittin’ drums ♫ If you the beat, ♫ You the one ♫ Bangin’ like a marching band ♫ Next level Disneyland Woo!
– Yeah. – Yeah, man. ♫ Bangin’ like a marching – Hey, that was pretty good for
a royalty free track though. – We’re only gettin’ started. The song Goofy Tune Version
One is a modern take on Beans, Beans, The Magical Fruit.
– Love it. – Featuring these though provoking lyrics. “Cut the cheese, or break the wind. “Salute the breeze but don’t be,” blank. Is it, A, downwind, B,
chagrined, or C, living in sin. – Oh. – Goofy Tune. – Well, downwind would make
the most sense but then that’s wind rhyming with wind. Chagrined.
– Ooo, well it’s is a royalty free song. – Yeah, alright, well I’m going
with, “Don’t be downwind.” – Alright, let’s see if he’s right. ♫ Cut the cheese ♫ Or break the wind ♫ Salute the breeze ♫ Don’t be chagrined (laughs)
– Oh! (farts) Oh.
– (laughing) Oh. (mouth farts) – That’s like a burst of a fart. – Oh, boy. You wouldn’t hear that on the radio. (laughs) – Those weren’t real farts. They didn’t have the money for it. – They’re mouth farts. The upbeat song Golgan Jazz
doesn’t have any Golgan but it does have the following scat. ♫ Blebop debop bop bodyadop babay ♫ Baba badum sabum bop dop
boop doodoop dis tum bum ♫ Baba debop badee babop
blabaddy blabaddy blah ♫ Dia de de blah blahsta dahm blank. (crew laughs) – You like had to clean your
mouth after doin’ all that. – Is that blank, “Scoobidoo
bop a dee bop a do,” or B, “Ba ba ba ba ba ba ba ba ba,” or C, Pewdiepie? (laughs) ♫ Scoobidoo bop bop ba boo doo – No, I’m gonna go with ♫ Ba da da ba da ba ba ba ba Or whatever that it.
– It’s just ba ba ba ba ba ba ba ba ba ba ba ba ba ba. ♫ Ba ba ba ba ba ba ba ba – For a thousand. – Let’s see it. ♫ Dee de dee bop ba ♫ Bodydop badee badee ♫ Ba da da be de dahm ♫ Ba bee ♫ Doo doo doo doo stee day ♫ Bobble de bada boop de boom ♫ Blabadadabaladablada ♫ Dia de de scoo diba dee baba do ♫ Ba ba ba ba ba ba ba ba ba ba ba (laughs) Yeah. – Yeah! – That was it. ♫ Ba ba ba ba ba ba ba This is the best song I’ve ever heard. – That’s pretty sweet, man.
– I mean, that’s the best music I’ve ever listened to. – (laughing) Yeah, yeah, yeah. – I’m only going royalty free from now on. – It’s gon’ be in my earbuds. – This slow rock jam was a
hit in places like Kansas, Oklahoma and Florida. How could it not be
with lyrics like these? “Some people don’t like,” blank. “Think it has no taste
at all but when,” blanks, “On the menu I don’t need no one to call. “A blank slowly cooking inside
my iron pot is the sweetest “meat for dinner if you agree or not.” Is that blank A, weasel, B, gopher, or C, the McRib? – So we’re talking roadkill here. Like nastiness. Weasel or gopher. – Weasel or gopher or McRib. – This is a toss up. I’mma go– pher. – Gopher. Let’s hear it. ♫ Some people don’t like weasel ♫ Think it has no taste at all ♫ But when weasel’s on the menu ♫ I don’t need no one to call ♫ A weasel slowly cookin’
inside my iron pot ♫ Is the sweetest meat for dinner ♫ If you agree or not – That’s me actually singing. ♫ Weasel – Yeah. ♫ Weasel – Oh, it’s go the woman
doin’ that weasel echo. – I think that was just him again. – Really? – Boy. – You gotta do it cheap. You can’t bring a woman in, you
gotta just do the imitation. – Man, he must hate himself. (crew laughs) – I think he’s living his best life. Okay. You haven’t heard the acapella. You haven’t heard the acapella. – Nope, I’ve never heard the acapella. I always add music,
even if it’s not there. – Until you’ve heard The
Fantastic Sams, a barbershop trio who wrote the hit song, San
Juan, which goes a little something like this. “You ruined my day, you get in the way. “Just keep quiet and do your job, okay? “‘Cause when you tilt
slightly left you leave “my pants bereft. “I can’t wear white or
sleep through the night. “The list goes on “You’ve ruined my trip to San Juan “Dear,” blank. Is it A, leaky tampon, – Eh. – B, tiny man thong, or D, veal Parmesan? (crew laughs) – “Get in the way. “Just keep it quiet and do your job. “Tilt slightly left? (crew laughs) “Leave my pants bereft.” – Yeah, could be a lot
of things, couldn’t it? – “I can’t wear white or
sleep through the night.” Fantastic Sams, man. That’s like a off brand barbershop. (crew laughs) They don’t have any taste. I’m going with leaky tampon. – (laughs) Tampon. Alright, let’s hear it. ♫ You ruined my day ♫ You get in the way ♫ Just keep quiet and do your job okay ♫ ‘Cause when you tilt slightly left – This sucks. ♫ You leave my pants bereft – This is bad. ♫ I can’t wear white ♫ Or sleep through the night ♫ The list goes on ♫ You ruined my trip to San Juan ♫ Dear leaky tampon ♫ Leaky tampon – You know last time when I
said that guy must hate himself? I gonna reapply that to these people. – Yeah. You know who these people are? – Fantastic Sams. – The crew. (crew laughs) – Are you serious? – “This sucks.” (laughs) – Oh, sorry guys. Now that I know it’s you
that was pretty great. – Hey, hey, Link, the
Fantastic Sams are your prize. (laughs) – I feel bad now. You guys tried hard. – Okay.
– I mean, it sucked but you… – So, hold on. – It’s good for you guys. You got your day jobs. – He has three out of five
so if he gets this last one right you get to hear more of that. (laughs) In person. This song,
– Okay. – Dumb Dumb Version Two, is about a guy
– I’m like looking at them and I’m like, “This sucks.” – Yeah.
– Looking for support. – It was everything I wanted it to be. (laughs) – Is about a guy who is
more than a dumb dumb, he’s a business man. According to these lyrics
what kind of business is he conducting? “Who’s the guy with the
keys to all the clocks? “Wears a cross, says
he’s boss, and sells,” A, fish on the docks, B, Mickey Mouse clocks, or C, bulk memberships to Equinox. – Equinox. – Not the one I go to. (laughs) It’s off brand. – ‘Cause it rhymes with freak or not. Equinox. Freak or not. Kanye, whatever. It’s just me, I guess. Alright.
– Just you and Kanye. – Fish on the docks. Mickey Mouse clocks. – That’s a lot at stake here, man. – Mickey Mouse clocks
makes no sense but the Disney thing earlier. – Mmm. – I’mma go with fish on the docks. – Let’s hear it. ♫ Who’s the guy ♫ With keys to all the locks ♫ Wears a cross, says he’s boss, ♫ And sells Mickey Mouse clocks (laughs) – Oh! – It’s Mickey Mouse clocks, man.
– Man! – You almost had it. The Fantastic Sams,
they’re not gonna come out. Well you know what,
– Will they serenade you? – They’ll serenade me. How about that?
– Okay. – Alright. – You did pretty good, Link. – Man. – That wasn’t easy. – And we could use all of
those tracks in perpetuity. – Yes we can. – Royalty free. – Yes, thanks for liking,
commenting, and subscribing. – You know what time it is. – Hi, I’m Jackie. – I’m Mike. ♫ And we’ve in Barcelona now And it’s time to spin
the Wheel of Mythicality. – Yay. – Ear Biscuits is blank. The answer is, back over on Check it out for your ear
holes and your eye holes. – And click through to Good
Mythical More, we’re gonna bring out the barbershop trio that
is the mythical crew and I’m gonna apologize profushely
while they sing to Rhett. – Profushley. – Profushley. – Take and Make. We want you to take a still
from the episode and make us in giant crabs taking over a Waffle House. – Nice. – You can do it. Post it with hashtag Take and Make. Click on the left to watch
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being your mythical best.

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