Something Real, a Culture Novel Based Fan Film By Hieroglyphic Films

22 thoughts on “Something Real, a Culture Novel Based Fan Film By Hieroglyphic Films

  1. Dying to see Culture on the big screen. This is a great interpretation. Well acted and realised. Wish there was more

  2. Glad Culture stuff is a thing, but omg am I so tired of this logically bankrupt psychologically ignorant libertarian argument.

    Besides it's axiomatically correct that if you're unhappy in a literal utopia, you're mentally ill. It's like not enjoying an orgasm. That's a symptom, not a position.

    The argument only remotely appears valid from one direction. The past. From any other direction it's hopelessly absurd. It's literally like wishing for bone cancer. It's sort of logic exploiters engender in potential "customers." That's exactly where it came from.

    For a complete annihilation of all these sorts of arguments:

  3. Clever and humorous!

    The majority of people I have informally "surveyed" expect most citizens of a hypothetical "post-scarcity" society to have the same dilemma as "Reydon" in this short film: to lose all motivation to do anything, because there is no incentive from the need to accumulate property or monetary wealth, or to meet survival needs via earning an income. Perhaps this would be true for people who have no interest in doing anything beyond playing virtual games – but as for myself – as well as a minority of people I have questioned – we would LOVE to have unlimited time to master new skills and art forms; to create and to innovate; to push back the frontiers of human knowledge (or at least our INDIVIDUAL knowledge); to explore new worlds and new experiences; etc. I personally am frustrated with my lack of remaining years of life to tackle ALL of the activities I care to attempt! JMHO.

  4. This is good, his novels were a part of my life for so long and how I used to look forward to another, ohh Iain M Banks, RIP, how I miss you. I wonder could his Culture novels translate on to a screen, it would be difficult and too deep for just 1 film. PERHAPS the Player of games could, or maybe the use of weapons.

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