The introduction of Japanese hunters; New shadows with untold powers; Epic skill acquired; monstrous battle against ants and a shocking revelation about the true identity of our protagonist. This is just one third of the many incredible events of this arc, which undoubtedly promises to be one of the best in the whole plot, I’m talking about the Jeju Island saga, or if you prefer, the Ants’ Arch. It was at your request
who wanted a summary of Light Novel that this video was created. I really hope you enjoy, share, comment and leave your like for me to see that they really are enjoying and want more. Solo Leveling will have 7 more Arcs until its end. I will summarize and comment on the main events of each in different videos, I hope you enjoy and now, without further ado, all about the Jeju Island saga, also known by another name, the Ants Arch. This arc officially begins in chapter 80, when apparently an ant hit the ground without dying. It completely wiped out the entire Island of Japan. A total of 294 civilians were killed, including four Rank E hunters, one Rank D and another Rank C. The person responsible for ending it was a later Rank A hunter. The Koreans knew better than anyone that they could not ignore the ants, soon they would be in Korea too, something needed to be done, and that was nothing but to extinguish the ants completely in their quarters on the uninhabited Island by humans for 4 years, the infested with mutant ants, the terrible Jeju Island. Japan was another country that could not ignore the terrible ants and so sent Goto Ryuji, representative of Japan who took the following message: “We were targeted and also in danger. We can no longer neglect Jeju Island. We promise to fully support South Korea.” Japan wanted to join Korea in order to create a team of incredible elite hunters and directly attack the ant colony. Ants were strong, but they share a deadly weakness: They all had an estimated lifetime of exactly 365 days, a year. In other words, they would only have to eliminate the Queen, thus causing all the others to die, and the Island to be completely free. However, it is not that simple, we know better than anyone hat ants would not hesitate to lay down their lives for the queen. As a result, the incredible hunter from Japan has provided 10 S-Rank hunters to participate in the Jeju Island mission, including himself. “If so, there really is a chance. But why is Goto Ryuji willing to help us so much, to the point of bringing in all his Rank-S hunters?” He longed to become a National Hunter. Yet in Korea, Japan’s foremost hunter ranks all ranks-S hunters in Korea as inferior, except her, who in his view was not so bad. While he despised all the other hunters, who came? Yes, he was none other than our fantastic protagonist, the hunter Sung Jin-Woo. It didn’t take long for Goto Ryuji to feel the overwhelming pressure emanating from Jin-Woo’s eyes, it was certainly one of the Assassin type, but no, the Japanese Hunter is corrected, Jin-Woo is actually a wizard class. He didn’t believe it, it was impossible, no doubt this guy wasn’t from the wizard class. He needed to confirm that, and for that came what he did? He simply challenged him to battle. Jin-Woo accepted, but on one condition: ”Fight with all your might.” And so an epic fight began. How was it? Well, I will not give details, it is quite possible that it will be adapted in chapter 89, I ask you to wait until then, this fight will undoubtedly… impress them! Continuing Goto Ryuji, witnessing Jin-Woo’s incredible power was extremely concerned, all his plans could go down the drain if he participated, but it was no problem, so he was relieved to learn that Jin-Woo would not participate in the Jeju Island mission… The reason? He will stay home taking care of his precious mother, newly awakened from Eternal Sleep. And so from the beginning the Jeju Island mission. It involves 10 Rank-S Japanese Hunters, which attract the other ants and eliminate them. Meanwhile 6 powerful Hunters of Korea infiltrate the main room and eventually kill the monstrous Queen of Ants. Everything was going well, now that the Queen was killed the other ants would naturally disappear. However there was an unexpected. The mission was in serious trouble. An unknown and mysterious figure annihilated the mighty Japanese Hunters, an impressive power that easily surpassed, the Rank-S was there, this being was none other than Meruem’s son: The Untouchable King of Ants. I have to tell you how much this bow will resemble the Chimera saga in Hunter x Hunter, it is sure to be nostalgic and promises to be just as wonderful. The Korean Hunters took out the Queen, yet one of them was seriously injured and the other, a healer, was unfortunately killed. The King is approaching. There is nowhere to run. Everything seems lost. Is this the end of the mighty Korean Hunters? Hm? A teleportation? Who showed up? No doubt you already know who it was, this guy never tires of being a incredible, it was our amazing MC. With his newest ability Jin-woo teleported to Jeju Island. He had placed one of his shadows on Korea’s Rank-S Hunter just before leaving, so it was possible to get there the epic technique: Shadow Exchange. Jin-Woo was no joke and soon summoned his mighty army of shadows, killing countless ants who dared to attack him. It didn’t take long for the King to come and challenge Jin-Woo there. The fight was complicated, the two were on equal footing, but still, as expected, our protagonist came out with the winner of this arduous battle. It was time to make the King of Ants his shadow, but memories of Baruka and his failure that day came to mind. Jin-Woo was unsure whether or not it would work, losing such a powerful soldier again certainly wasn’t in his plans. But finally … After a while … came the phrase … “Rise up” His anguished expression was remarkable, a few seconds passed and the system gave no response at all. Jin-Woo’s face was disappointed, his head slowly lowered until… Successful Shadow Extraction Our MC could not hide the surprised expression on his face as he witnessed the Untouchable Ants King in his Shadow form. His appearance showed superiority, but a little fear as well. This made Jin-Woo wonder: ”Did the King of Ants really become a shadow?” The answer came indirectly with the ant kneeling before Jin-Woo. He was glad to see that loyalty was working on the King of Ants.
It was time to go. Woo formed a satisfied smile on his face and turned around, but then … “Oh my King.” Jin-Woo’s footsteps stopped immediately, he never thought he would be scared as easily as he did at that moment. Could it have been auditory hallucination? No, that was definitely not it. Jin-Woo looked back slowly. Her senses said there was nothing different about the ant. She was still kneeling on the floor with her head bowed. He stared for a moment longer until he decided to ask: “Was you?”

The shadow opened her mouth as if she was already waiting for the question. “Please … give me a name …” Jin-woo was extremely surprised, how the hell was that shadow able to speak? I just can. He answered. So the two talked for a while until the King of Ants begged again: “Oh, my King … Please .. Grant me .. A Name …” It sounded different to Jin-Woo, he usually heard it coming from the system, but in this case it was from his own shadow. A name, a name… Ant would certainly not fit well into a shadow as him, and I already had hundreds of ants similar to my command. Jin-Woo thought for a moment until a smile formed on his face. … Beru … Your name will now be Beru. The King of Ants lowered his head even more, he really liked the name. “I’m grateful … my Lord.” Jin-woo then cleans the entire Jeju Island alone and earns numerous ants rewards. Upon returning to Korea he becomes a world renowned hero. But … what about Japan? Japan is completely devastated by its losses. There were 10 lost Rank-S hunters, including the strongest, Goto Ryuji, the country has fallen unbelievably… Taking advantage of what you already know about the current situation in Japan, it’s time to reveal: the real reason why the Japanese wanted to help Korea south. Their plan was to make all Rank-S hunters in Korea die fighting the ants and thus make Korea dependent on Japan. However, they did not have two powerful entities: The King of Ants, now Beru and Jin-Woo, The Hero of Korea. These two were responsible for completely ending the Japanese plan. I can’t help but also comment the Jeju Island mission has been transmitted to all over the world and as a consequence, inevitably all people have witnessed the great power that held our incredible MC. With Japan ruined, the President of the Japanese Association will try to get Jin-Woo to switch slides to Japan. The US who have also witnessed the incredible abilities will try to recruit Jin-Woo, and offer to increase their skills through a mystical African-American woman named Norma Selner, who is apparently a kind of seer, having predicted the stock market crash in 2008. When Norma tries to unlock Jin-Woo’s powers … Wait, what is this? There is something different about him… he has no limit … inside his soul there is a King … Hm? But wait, soul? King? who is this, what is this? This is nothing other than
the Soul of the Royal Monarch of Shadows … the Soul that frightens to death. And this was the video, I hope you enjoyed it, this Arc will remember the Hunter Chimera saga too much, for sure who watched will give a nostalgia. Jin-Woo’s newest shadow, Beru, promises to impress you in the next bows, he’s impressive. It’s still a while before Solo Leveling is over and the next bows promise too much! No doubt you will love it! Anyone who is sharing, leaving your likes and subscribing to the channel will help a lot.
Thanks for watching and what did you think of this bow? Did you like it? Do not forget to comment and take a look at Light Novel, there are many other cool things that I left to comment on this summary, which will undoubtedly impress you. Anyway, thanks again, a save for you and until the next video!

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  6. Informações adicionais!!!

    Ilha Jeju:

    Essa é uma ilha inabitada por 4 anos que foi tomada por poderosas criaturas mágicas.
    A Coréia já teve 3 missões fracassadas e tiveram 2 caçadores Ranks S perdidos em missões anteriores. A Ilha Jeju existe de verdade na Coréia.

    Goto Ryuji.

    Ele foi o principal e mais forte caçador do Japão.


    São criaturas que perderam a fonte de alimentos e voltaram ao canibalismo. Elas desenvolveram asas e foram capazes de deixarem a ilha.

    Rainha das Formigas.

    É a mãe de todas as demais formigas. Ela foi responsável por dar a luz a seu filho mais poderoso, o Rei das Formigas.

    Troca de Sombras:

    Com essa habilidade Jin-Woo pode trocar de posição com suas sombras. Não possui limite de distância e é preciso esperar um tempo para usar novamente.

    Caçador Nacional:

    São caçadores acimas dos Ranks S. Ao total são 5 e a maioria deles se destacam por terem derrotado a besta Kamish. Todos eles tem a capacidade de exercer força sobre determinado objeto, o poder da mente.


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