SolidWorks Composer – Easy Instruction Manual Creation

13 thoughts on “SolidWorks Composer – Easy Instruction Manual Creation

  1. Muy bien, felicitaciones saludos desde Chile, sera posible me expliques como genero ese archivo word de solidworks por favor, saludos.

  2. pretty good vid, but now you have an image in word where the table and call-outs are too small and impossible to read. can you export that view so it keeps one size font no matter how you resize the graphics?

  3. nice overview.
    We also tried to demonstrate composer using an aircraft but we son't have that much views like you received.
    Thanks for sharing that summary.
    best regards from austria!

  4. Good clear explanations of the functions. NO clue where to find them or even what hotkey to use. As good as it is, as useless without the support information. Please append the information at least !!!

  5. strange, I have the 2014/15 student edition, it comes with Composer Player, but not composer, without the main app having the player seems a bit senseless since I have no way of generating files that can be used on the player…. weird choice for optional tools, give me nails without a hammer or water without a glass…most these demos jump into a pre setup situation, not as helpful as it could be.

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