Soldier, Poet, King

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  1. This song gives me medieval Day vibes. Like, I can imagine a village/town celebrating to this song. I wish I could've lived back then, despite all the harsh conditions I suspect might've happened at such a time.

  2. It was a calm era, and many were happy. A soldier, discarded for not being loyal, stomped about, disturbing the peace and conquering unarmed and trusting villages. A poet lay in one of these villages, hiding. When nobody was left, and the soldier had gone, he crept out of his hiding place, and weeped about the charred ashes of his childhood home. Soon enough, he had no more tears to shed. He traveled into the kingdom and spoke to the king about the knight. The king understood and rallied up his armies, marching forward at the front lines, muck gathering into his boots as much as a common peasant. They soon found the knight, who was monstrous and said to be mutated. The battle was lively and ferocious, and the knight slayed every soldier in the king's army. The king and the poet finally managed to conquer the wayward knight with carefully crafted words and promises of forgiveness. The knight, realizing what he'd done, pierced himself with his gigantic sword and fell to his knees in a huge puff of smoke. Suddenly, a small boy lay where the knight had been, crying for his mother. The poet and the king took him in and re-raised him. They all now live happily.

  3. i remember when this video had just over 10,000 views or so and maybe ten comments. so glad it's getting more recognition.

  4. Has anyone read "The Name of the Wind" by Patrick Rothfuss? I feel like this song fits the book perfectly!

  5. Sounds so Scotish Which is funny because my mom is part Scotish and when I heard this I felt at home

  6. This song fits my Ocs well
    Dafida: She’s a warrior type figure
    Bealia: She writes down her feeling
    Torte: A powerful figure

  7. I believe the meaning of this song is that the soldier is 'The Patient', the poet is 'Wormwood' and the king is 'Screwtape' or 'The Devil'. (This album is based on Screwtape's Letters. (The book))

  8. Why is this a fucking meme? I’m not hating on this, I just don’t understand why this song is a popular meme.

  9. So my friend and I are doing a movie and I was wondering if we could use this for our movie? It's non-profit and for fun btw.

  10. Chesterton, Lewis and Tolkien would be proud. Thank you for this.
    Onward to Elfland, friends!

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