Soldier Poet King [YCH MEME]

35 thoughts on “Soldier Poet King [YCH MEME]

  1. “He will tear your city down”

    is cute, happy, clumsy, pure, and purple little bean, who looks like it wouldn’t harm a fly

  2. hey its my poet boy metusX3 i love it so much! thank you for taking in metus for a slot!
    also i find it just odd that the day it was posted is the day am working on the plastic meme with the same oc X3!

  3. AHh! I love this! I'm so glad my boyo had a chance to be involved!!! :DD
    (I'm Saturdays-night from DeviantArt)

  4. hellooo HEYY I LOVE THIS WTF U GOT THIS DONE SOO FAST AHH ASLKDJAS THANK UUU!! You did get zeruk's design wrong ((the pink tail, pink face stripes and pink paw stripes and his purple fluff ass with white stripes on them)) but other then that i love him <33 lovely job ma dood :3c now to replay this NYAAA

  5. Aw the walk cycles show so much emotion!! I really love it! It's so adorable! 😊 Keep up the amazing work!

  6. The firt one.
    IS THAT THEE ZERUK THEE LEVKIN (probably spelt it roung oof)it looks like it is!
    ALso this animation looks epic!

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