Soldier Poet King (Animation MEME)(Creepypasta)(OCs)

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  1. For anyone who is wondering what is the meaning of the flowers for each of the characters, let me explain:
    For Daisy (ghost girl) the flower that was used was daffodils also known as narcissus. As you can see, her walk pose is like she is proud and feels like she is superior, daffodils were used in this because in the Greek it was named by Narcissus. This foreshadows her personality and her fate.
    For Wendy (Wendall's sister) it was used Forget me not,which means faithful love and good memories. This tells us that Wendy loved her brother dearly and so did Wendall. (Btw for those who are an old subscriber of ijustwannahavefun you know that Wendall felt absolute guilt when wendy know..)
    For Wendall it was used Black Datura which is an Hindu word called Dhatura, which means thorn apple. As you can see by the name, they are extreamly beautiful but deadly flowers. Even smelling or touching it causes severe pain. This shows his dangerous side. However when roasted it relieves pain. Which shows his warm and affectionate side to his sister
    And I think thats it please tell anymore so I can include it. Hope this helped!
    Edit: Thank you so much guys! I didn't know that alot of people liked my explanation
    Edit Rainbowmangleartist explained how the flowers were named narssices. Go check them out in the replies.

  2. Someone tell me what the king part says? I can hear the other parts!
    "There will come a soldier, who carries a mighty sword~
    He will tear your city down, alay alai alu~
    Alaay alai, alay alai alu~"
    "There will come a poet, who's weapon is his words~
    He will slay you with his tongue, alay alai alu~
    Alaay alai, alay alai alu~"
    Now tell me what the ruler part is -_-

  3. Vengo de otro canal pero me acorde de esta que la vi hace tiempo y me sonaba la canción :')

  4. o primeiro video que eu vi do canal foi o video do CRASH

    eu tava já inscrita no canal e nem Sabia!! e ai quando eu fui ver já tô inscrita!! XD

  5. (Teoricamente) eu me inscrevi nesse canal HOJE!!

    Tem Mais Br, Vendo esse canal bem

    Acabou né?!……NÃO.

    (Tá escrito "FODA" XD)

  6. Can someone please tell me their back stories? Cuz I'm really new to this…… And I'm really interested with the characters.

  7. im speechless with this sort of animation (in a good way) how can you make the walking animations so good {right now I'm jealous with your so damn god effort in a good way} `^3^ but anyways you're the first animator that did her animation with very special meanings so, keep it up, also wendells my favourite (don't tell wendy or daisy or else I'm gonna be a ghosts target and I'm too young to die…not really) sorry if its too too much and by the way, is daisy wendells sister, very sorry that I talk too much and I thought longtime daisy was a daughter to wendell, extra sorry for being rude

  8. I don't know why I'm seeing this as of literally yesterday. Curse YouTube for not giving me notifications two months ago, because good lord, this is so good!

  9. I'm fairly new to this channel. And I desperately need elaboration on what happened to Wendell, Daisy and Wendy pllsss

  10. I can't find anywhere where it explains their backstories.. can someone direct me? Am I just terrible at looking???? Halp plz!

  11. This is my most favorite ijustwannahavefun video ever cause I don't rlly know that much about creepypasta but since I watch ijustwannahavefun I'm starting to know much more but this won I learned the most

  12. So according to the whole black datura meaning and stuff, you gotta roast Wendell then he heals stuff?

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