Soilder, Poet, And King Animation Meme

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  1. Hello friend I see you are growing and improving with hope that you'll be as famous as the others one day and I'll be right there being proud of you💙💙💙

    Ps: love the video

  2. Wolfclaws backstory
    Wolfclaw was born in the outskirts of a battlefield, his father was a wielder of the sword, a dangerous and evil sword passed down by generation to generation however their was only one way to for a pup of a wielder to have a chance at the sword. Kill their parent who wields it. Wolfclaw father, Orxy refused to ever face his son in combat much as less kill him so he left him in the paws of Toxic (The last one). Toxic raised Wolfclaw as his own and teached him the harsh ways of the outskirts but that wasn't the only thing Orxy left. He left his sword, the sword that was suppose to be won in combat but just left by Orxy to Toxic as Orxy feared that if his son found out about the sword and come looking for him to challenge. Wolfclaw grew by Toxics side throughout his childhood, knowing he wasnt his father but respecting him greatly. Few years went by and Wolfclaw was on his own. Claiming fear throught the wastelands and outskirts, he was feared and Wolfclaw loved that. He always knew that he had a father and wanted to search for him for abadoning him but that'll have to wait as Wolfclaw has more important things to do.
    Violets backstory
    Violet was born a normal wolf, growing up in a rouge pack who refuses to listens to The Alphas of the land. Violet grew up to be a smart, swift, and brutal female and soon gained up to the rank of Alpha female of the rouge pack however this changed when she met Wolfclaw. She had heard of him but was never threathened by the rumors of him and ended fighting him. As you guess this ended horribly. Wolfclaws sword scraping her eye. The sword was highly dangerous. The wielder who had it have many abilties to go with it but that doesnt mean the sword is just for show. The infected part where the sword had wounded Violet began to infect the rest of her body, turning her a blue color, her eyes slowly bleeding out and becoming empty black holes with just a white circle in the middle. The rest of the pack knew what was happening to her. She was becoming one of them, the whole pack began to avoid, disobey her and some attacking her but once she finally showed her true self they knew she was too far gone so they exiled her. Violet soon grew to hold a huge grudge againist Wolfclaw. Wanting to kill him for what he did to her and ever since then she had been trying to track him down.
    Toxics backstory
    Toxic is thousands of years old. His mother lived near and radiation plant when humans lived but soon a nucular war broke out, wipping humans off the planet for good. His mother were the few suriviors of the war. She began to stay more and more near the plant sometimes even eating things that were radiated. This wasnt good for Toxic, mutating him. Once he was born, his mother instantly died from the amount of radiation that Toxic had in him. He grew up alone, staying near the plants before leaving to see the outside world. He lives off a radiaction. He can survive without anything but radiaction. He met out with Orxy a few years later actully putting up a good fight againist him before losing. Orxy actully was shocked by Toxic and how he fought, they grew to be close friends however The Alphas were soon catching onto Orxy even though he was the leader of them. Soon Toxic found another group of mutates. He grew fond of them and would visit them from time to time before Orxy gave him Wolfclaw. When Toxic was given Wolfclaw he was confused by him however knowing the pup needed food and not radiaction he was a good parent figure to Wolfclaw before he finally left on his own and once he did he ended up joining the mutate group he had visited, staying there and living his days out.
    And thats all their backstories I may alter them one day but for now this is their canon backstroke. Feel free to theorize what happened before or after these events happened.

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