SOCIETY IMBALANCE #spokenword #poetry

I seek motivation and dedication but I feel this massive separation every morning I wake up and want to take up all years vacation see take me back to ten soaps 15 at a push thinking over school smoking weed in a bush when I should have been in school see now leads tell me to pop a pill a serotonin reuptake inhibitor pill up hop contributes to the self-esteem limiter so I'll Drive for the night with the red gauge hitting the limit because when you run in on adrenaline absolutely nothing can limit you see when I was the kid I used to think being an adult would mean freedom role playing out my life as CJ playing Grand Theft Auto and a Playstation but in the real world you can't just use the money cheap when hard times pop up for you to see them and trust me it'll get harder before it gets better so you better start bracing

2 thoughts on “SOCIETY IMBALANCE #spokenword #poetry

  1. This year I leave school and start my apprenticeship doing van conversations and your the reason I’ve chosen that path bro. Big inspiration 🔥❤️

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