Social Media for Writers | 2019

hey everyone welcome back to my channel
so today we’re gonna talk about the different social media platforms that
you might consider when starting to build your author brand or your author
business your author platform your writers platform whatever you want to
call it so this video is for folks who are unfamiliar with social media so if
you’re already pretty familiar with it this video is probably not for you so
like me personally when I got started I was on Facebook from 2008 to 2015 and
that was it I did not do Instagram Twitter I was on Pinterest but I didn’t
do anything with it I just looked for recipes and fitness inspiration so when
I decided to get serious about my writing and serious about my business in
late 2018 that’s when I decided that I needed to get on all of the social media
platforms so we’re gonna talk about some of the things that I learned and what I
recommend that you start with I don’t recommend that you do what I did and get
on all of them at the same time I quickly realized that each platform has a
different audience they like to see very different things different kinds of
posts work differently on all the platforms so I basically had to tone it
down and start with one and build that up and then slowly start building the
other so I recommend that you start with one at a time as you get comfortable
with each one get on the next one that way you are appealing to as many
different people as you can so let’s get started okay the first one that I
recommend you start with is twitter twitter has been amazing for me as a
writer and business owner this has been the platform that I have had the most
success with you’ve got to remember to use the hashtag writing community
Twitter is a very fast-paced platform people love engagement so don’t be
afraid to get in there and to comment on people and talk to people and tweet and
retweet make sure you use that hashtag writing community or else your tweets
are probably not gonna be seen by anybody so I recommend getting started
on Twitter now I also will say that I’m gonna do individual videos for each of
these platforms and get much deeper into the ins and outs of each platform so
this video is just kind of a intro if you will to the social media platforms
that I have been using so yeah start with Twitter get on twitter at hashtag
writing community the second one you might consider is Instagram this is a
photo based platform people love to take photos so if you like photography
whether you’re good at it or not this is a great platform for you you want to use
lots of hashtags in Twitter you might only want to use one maybe two hashtags
per tweet on Instagram use all of the hashtags that you can think of
hashtag bookstagrammar hashtag writers of Instagram hashtag authors of
Instagram hashtag writing community hashtag books just put in hashtag and
then a list of recommendations are gonna pop up and you’re just gonna pick the
ones that you want use as many as you can number three Facebook I recommend
making a business profile not a personal profile you want to make a business
profile use your author name your pen name your business name like mine’s my
business name because all of my pen names fall under my business so I don’t
want to have individual pages for each of those so I just have one Facebook
page it’s my business page and I post at least one to two times a week with
Instagram I recommend posting one to two times a week as well number four is
Pinterest this one is great for marketing I post all of my I pin all of
my blog posts to Pinterest and every time I check the analytics of
my website someone has come to my website from Pinterest so when you pin
something it goes out into the Pinterest verse and just floats around for months
and months and months so it’s it’s free marketing you can choose to pay for
promotion but with Pinterest you really don’t have to it markets for you that’s
amazing so you could put out your your website your blog posts your books
writing related tips and tricks’ out into the Pinterestvers and let
Pinterest do your marketing for you number five YouTube seriously consider
starting a YouTube channel I know that it’s scary and weird and it’s gonna take
a little while to get used to it but I do recommend putting yourself out there
YouTube is basically second to Google Google is a massive search engine and
YouTube has look right behind it when people are searching for how-to and
information and learning so I would recommend getting on YouTube and getting
started number six linked-in so if you’re a fiction writer
I say you could pass on LinkedIn but if your nonfiction or you are a business
person like you’re a freelancer of some sort I do recommend LinkedIn LinkedIn is
like the Facebook for professionals so you can have a business page you can
have contact information up so if people are looking for an editor I might pop up
in the search if you are a nonfiction author and you do speeches
and and social engagements you could put that up so LinkedIn is great for
professional development for nonfiction writers and then Goodreads
I’d say Goodreads is like it’s like Facebook for book lovers anybody can
have a Goodreads account but to get an author account you have to be published
it doesn’t matter if you’re traditionally published or you
self-published you do have to have a published work out there to make an
author account but Goodreads is fantastic for building your digital TBR
list for finding beta readers for reviews for finding other book lovers
and getting people engaged with your books and kind of building up excitement
so those are the big social media platforms that I am on and that I can
speak to there are so many others like patreon and and Wattpad and all kinds of
other ones but I’m not on those so I can’t speak to those if anyone else can
please please drop comments down below to help folks out but those are the big
platforms that I recommend you get started with pick one you’re gonna pick
one do Twitter seriously Twitter hashtag writing community go but as you get more
and more familiar with each of the platforms try and move your way on to
each of them like I said I am gonna do individual videos to get into a little
bit more depth especially Twitter because Twitter has been amazing for me
as a writer and a business owner so I will forever and always recommend
Twitter for building your audience so what questions do you have if you have
anything else to add please drop it down in the comments thank you so much for
watching and I will see you all next time bye

One thought on “Social Media for Writers | 2019

  1. How to do you prepare everything for Pinterest? I haven't done it and I have a book reviewing blog that's been up for more than 3 years now.
    At this moment I'm still scared to my bones about GDPR so the comments are not allowed. My goal for May is having the blog compliant so I can share it without worrying.
    Should I just pay someone to solve this? I know it's not the specific topic of the video but I just feel trapped and can't use social media for promo without that detail.

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