So, You Queued Into: E6 (Eden’s Verse: Furor)

So, you queued into the double primal power
hour. Here’s what you need to know. Ferostorm will make two wings that shoot out
wide aoes. Dodge accordingly. The AoEs with dots on them must be shared
by at least two people. Stack on the folks that have it- even if it takes some effort. This big circle knocks you back. Storm of Fury’s tethers hit in a conal aoe.
Spread them a bit. Vaccuum Slice makes a deadly area in the center,
so don’t use any gap closers. Occluded front makes orbs that must be dodged
after the draw-in effect. If they touch the middle they vanish, so feel free to stand
near any that will disappear. Otherwise, find an area with no orbs to dodge into. Split Ifrit’s multi-tethers. If you get hit
by more than one, they’ll stun you. When ifrit summons these orbs, go to the one
area where he is before he kicks that one to the center. Their combo phase has no moves that you haven’t
seen up to this point. After the fusion dance, look for the safe
zone from the Eruptions and be ready to dodge the Ferostorm immediately after. Their tethers now create clones that make
safe zones along their charges. Go to where they started to dodge the aoes. During Conflagration Strike, dodge the bad
and stand behind him at the end of the cast. All other moves repeat from this point, so
just keep dodging the bad and remember: you can’t deal damage if you’re dead.

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