Snow Patrol – Chasing Cars (lyrics)

28 thoughts on “Snow Patrol – Chasing Cars (lyrics)

  1. I miss singing this to my little sister that died of a mysterious death the doctors didn't know anything about this sickness so she's in heaven and her name was Presley protsenko Brenda gomez.

  2. would you lie with me and just forget the world"""singing on the bus remembering phish 2014 saw joe curran we did it!met outa nowhere

  3. I miss you dad. This will forever be our song. Now youre chasing stars and counting the cars from above. RIP daddy

  4. Far out, I just revisited this song again, and I feel like crying. This was my first ever favourite song from when I was a little kid, always loved singing it in the car (getting all the lyrics wrong) and when I hear this now, it makes me think about the people I appreciate and I might need to give more time for them (my family and best mates) and just my crazy life in general. Thanks heaps snow patrol for making a huge impact on my life from day 1.

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