Snoop Dogg Lyricist Lounge

I'm a veteran when it comes to FBI but you broke the car track that we saw last night you were supposed to hit me off for taking you all my name is baby pee run across you lost cos now for my double team in and your scheming my team I take you to prison this year season unless you know I got crooked like that all right do something that you want me I need a over lotion overexposure I'm gonna know let me so just double G that's in double oh he's off from the LBC my Eastside baby never ever offers all to the breaker don't you knick-knack patty-whack he was over Bo I'll shake you I'll make you up when take you back to the basics I'm through with this taste colors do oh I'm so bad hop off the train hop out the castle bad I wanna jump back and kiss myself why didn't make you laugh so much you know the picture so it's like mad my fool I gotta keep it cool no I'll be what back to pool the class clown right now oh that's how we get down you said the class clown that might get faster don't want to do it I love this music words were for graduating the student your mind can't compute it when I do it one time with the bomb while we do it in the group so now I guess I'm gonna pass it off this new home it's only again your grid here oh yes the double row here yeah I mean it's meet again see you eat is the asshole yes I guess I'm present when I don't know leg up then the bag all the stuff to try to test me but they know what the it's going down you got mad pool at the lyricist lounge oh boo boo call me call me alcoholic catch me on the toilet reading begins I'm sick in my head sick in the head yeah I'm little thick in the head hard knocking you can't stop it be the change I will pocket at the pawn shop a ball like Josiah 3sat what y'all we never all wavy power never saddle tested off the Snoop Dogg take it over the microphone to flip the strip is overrated I mean I can't even cuss out and said in an understated but so many suckers in the crowd right now they didn't hate it every empty net became in my blood breaking my slapping mimic Apple right on a snoop No

26 thoughts on “Snoop Dogg Lyricist Lounge

  1. I remembered this like it was yesterday. I remember back then cracking up when they kept passing the cipher to Snoop and he called them out on it. He ripped that shit though!

  2. Before Wild N Out, there was The Lyricist Lounge Show! Bring this shit back fr fr, best show ever invented.

  3. I watched this w/ my mom she was cracking up at snoop on how goofy he was and shocked on how skinny he was. LOL loved this show l was so hurt it got cancelled 😣

  4. "So many suckers in the crowd they done hated, but snoop dogg invaded, every mc that done came in my path I break and slap em and tap them right on they ass" =0

  5. Damn! Snoop is vicious. Love the way he cranked it up a notch everytime he got called out. Just to let you know, he aint the one to play with…

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