Snappy Sassy Salty: Wise Words for Authors and Writers by Judith Briles video

my three favorite word's are snappy sassy and salty when authors learn to think and write that way they connect they engage and they succeed in getting their message across of the 31 books that I've written this book dropped in during the summer and it was just you need to start compiling these in sections and get them going and that's exactly what I had the reality is I was able to put together the entire book in two weeks everything came together the neat lenzen need to add it in for the very first time I reveal the story of how I started writing and its really a compilation of so many of the quotes that I have had bubble out of my mouth and my thoughts over the years that tie-in with whether it's kind of just joy and celebration whether it's inspiration whether it's marketing Moxie or just get some juice to start writing and that it really came about when several of my clients said when are you going to put this all together it's got a wonderful wacky quotations and it's got really profound quotations that I've used intimate I've divided him to six categories that is a type of book that if you're looking for just a gift for yourself you need a little nudge a little nugget that Jim you can pick up and read a few and then you're ready to go again what I love about snappy sassy salty wise words for authors and writers is simply this it's the perfect gift for you it's the perfect gift for someone you know who's in the writing journey in the author me journey and it's the perfect gift to have just as a gift

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