Smith Publicity Book Marketing/Book Publicity and Reviews: Tips for Author Websites

hi my name is sandy Diaz and I work with Smith olicity today I'm here to talk about website tips for authors typically it starts with about the author you really want people to know who you are and a little bit about your personality people don't interview a book they really want to know the background of an author so having your bio where you live kind of what inspires you in life can often really add some insight for readers to understand who you are on your homepage you definitely want to have your book cover and links to everywhere where your book can be purchased about the book is a great introduction to your book to the audience's for a novel perhaps you want to have a sample chapter for people to download to get them intrigued to introduce them to your writing style for a nonfiction book a table of contents so people can see definitely what is in the book what is covered and that will help them really understand the benefits they'll get for purchasing your book a few website design tips you want to invest in a website not necessarily take the free ones that come with all the ads down the side it really shows more professionalism when you don't have all the free ads and again take a look at your favorite websites for clean fonts and you don't want it to look like a ransom note have a clean typeface perhaps one that mimics the the cover in your book because websites actually a reflection of you and your works we recommend as soon as you know you're writing a book to start planning your website especially if you're going to be investing in a publicity campaign you want your publicist to be able to showcase your the breadth of your personality your work your past work and future work and the website is a wonderful way to wrap people's attention and to give them the full history of you and your personality

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  1. Hey Authors! Looking for ways to start a website or improve your existing one?  Check out these great tips from our President, Sandy Diaz.

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