SMELLY SOCKS by Robert Munsch Read Aloud by Books Read Aloud For Children

smelly socks by Robert Munsch illustrated by Michael Marchenko when Tina wanted new socks her mom took her to the only store in town this store only has black socks said Tina can we please go across the river and get some really good socks we can't drive right across the river because there is no bridge here said Tina's mom you know it is a long long long way to the only bridge and besides we don't have a car so Tina went to her grandfather and said can you please take me across the river in your boat I want to buy some really good socks the motor is not working on the boat said her grandfather Rowe said Tina we can row I will row and you can sit in the back of the boat you will row said her grandfather yes said Tina rowing is easy so Tina got in the boat and rode slowly splash splash splash and the boat went in slow circles swish swish swish Tina rode fast splash splash splash splash splash and the boat went in fact circles swish swish swish swish swish this boat has forgotten how to row said Tina you sit in the back and tell me what to do said her grandfather so Tina's dad in the back and told her grandfather how to row and her grandfather rode all the way across the river then they walked all the way through the town the big sock store at the store Tina tried on socks that were too big sucks that were too little sucks that were too blue and socks that were too pink Tina tried on millions and millions of socks finally she found a perfect pair of red yellow and green socks then since it was almost time for dinner Tina and her grandfather ran back to the boat and this time the boat sort of remembered how to row Tina rode round and round and round and still got to the other side when they got back Tina ran home and yelled socks socks wonderful socks these are the best socks I have ever seen in my life grandpa rode me all the way across the river to get these socks I am never going to take them off never said Tina's mother never said Tina Oh said Tina's mother so Tina wore her socks for a long time she wore them for one two three four five six seven eight nine ten whole days her mother said Tina I know you love these socks just let me wash them really quick they will start to smell if you don't get them washed socks socks wonderful socks said Tina I am never never going to take them off after Tina wore her socks for ten more days the kids at school said Tina what a smell change your socks socks wonderful socks said Tina I am never never never never never going to take them off after Tina wore her socks for ten more days a whole flock of Canada geese flew over her house and dropped right out of the sky from the smell two moose walked through her yard and fell over from the smell Ducks raccoons and squirrels fell over when she walked to school finally even a skunk fell over from the smell Tina's friends decided to do something they all came to her house and knocked on the door blam blam blam blam blam when Tina opened the door they grabbed her and carried her to the river then they held their noses and took off her socks of the kids held Tina and some of the kids washed the socks scrub scrub scrub scrub scrub all the fish in the river floated up to the top and acted like they were dead the kids washed some more scrub scrub scrub scrub scrub all the beavers ran out of the river and went to live with Tina's grandfather they washed some more scrub scrub scrub scrub scrub far down the river people said how come the river smells like dirty socks finally the socks were clean Wow said Tina they look nicer when they are cleaned Wow said Tina they smell nicer when they are cleaned Wow said Tina they feel nicer when they are clean Tina put on the socks and said I am going to wear clean socks from now on the beavers left her grandfather's house and went back into the river the Canada geese got up off the ground and flew away the fish decided that they were not dead after all and jumped and splashed in the river Tina went to her mom and said my socks are nice and clean and I think it would be very nice if you took me to town to get me a nice new red yellow and green shirt promised to wash it said her mom no said Tina if I wait long enough the kids at school will wash it for me

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