{SM101} Facebook Tips for Authors

good morning and welcome back to coffee break so today is episode two of social media 101 the Facebook Edition we're gonna give you some tips for being an author on Facebook so Anna how do you be an author on Facebook the first step is to start an author fan page the benefit of having a fan page is that a personal page is that you can connect people that you don't really know they could find you and like you and you don't have to be Facebook friends with them so you can get your word out to so many more people and then you personally know and something you might want to consider it doing for your fan page is making a friend and admin yeah just to help take the stress off of yourself we know you're busy writing your book and rewriting it and then rewriting it some more and trying to promote your book and trying to I don't know sleep and eat authors are busy and we understand so it would just be really helpful yeah to have a friend help watch your notifications make sure that everything's going well you can even like I made it be best to write your own posts people love to hear from you but if you would know someone that you really trust and you're really busy during this one week I have someone else post for you every once in a while yeah find a sidekick you can rely on yeah this could be a spouse kid friend random person on the street pretty sure you can dig someone up you look reliable come here I think one of the hardest challenges for well any Facebook page but especially for a fan page is deciding the content what do you post yeah off so now I have my page what am I supposed to do with it yeah well we did give some guidelines and ideas for content in our last episode so you can feel free to watch that but just remember that you want to post often but not too often and post about your book but not just about your book right so you impose about other things that you're interested in people will like your page because they like your books but they also want to get to know you and don't be afraid to reach out to other people you know I mean Facebook is social media you should be social you should be reaching out to people don't be afraid to make connections people like to hear what you have to say yeah a really great way to start conversations is supposed to link to an article that you like that maybe is interesting to you personally or is on the same topic as your book and just post it with your own comments you can even tag if the author of the article is on Facebook you can tag them and they'll see it and then your fans and their fans can start this great conversation and don't be afraid to have fun with it you know you don't have to have very serious academic articles you can post a funny video or an inspirational quote yeah maybe there's a quote from your book I mean that would be the perfect thing to throw that out there and you can also get creative with it you know you can start a book club on Facebook you can host a contest or a giveaway don't be afraid to think outside the box yeah there are great ways to have a discussion on your fan page either just on your wall or you can create a separate tab for a specific book club that you invited people to read along with you you can have a separate tab for giveaways a great way to run a giveaway is to use a third party like roflcopter Rafflecopter does all the hard work for you setting up the giveaway they tell you exactly how to post it to people and there you go then all you have to do is click the button that chooses a random winner and then send them a book clicking a button seems really hard work I might have my assistant do that yeah exactly your friend that's an admin can click the button if you really want yeah both of those things starting a book club and running away can also be done really well on Goodreads and we'll get into that in a later episode Facebook is also great for promoting events you can create event pages for upcoming book signings or appearances that you'll be doing to just spread the word and get people excited so that you're not sitting there by yourself right if you create the event from your public in page and setting a personal page then your fans will see it as well you can kind of spread it around you can even pay a little money to advertise the event to a targeted audience so either to your fans to friends of your fans to people who like books you know to people who live in the area where the bookstore you're visiting is located so and not just events you can actually promote pretty much any kind of post on Facebook you can put in like $5 $20 50 whatever you're comfortable with and it will go a long way yeah and Facebook has an algorithm so it'll target those specific people so yeah the people who you would want to see the ads will see them yeah they tailor them to people's tastes like I always get ads with I heart Atticus Finch t-shirts I'm like I do it's absolutely true yes so ads are actually remarkably easy to create you can just start from hitting the little boost button at the bottom of a post but facebook walks you through most of those things and if you have any creative ideas things that we didn't get to cover in the video leave a comment we would love to hear your ideas about how to use Facebook to promote yourself and to promote your book yeah I'm sure we missed things we know stuff but we don't know all the stuff please feel free to give us your tips in the comments and next week is gonna be so exciting because we are launching our blog it's gonna be amazing yes this is a long time coming this is this is a it's gonna be a big week people yeah mm-hmm so we'll be talking about the blog what to expect from it we'll also be talking about just our favorite kids blogs and why we read them and what we love about them the kid lit blogosphere is pretty awesome it's wonderful it really is if you haven't experienced it then what are you doing with your life if you haven't experienced it watch our episode next week and we'll tell you how thanks for watching and we'll see you next week hey you said the nd I said it it just came out

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