Sleeping Psychic (Edgar Cayce) [Biography] (1997)

every day for more than 40 years celebrated American psychic edgar cayce would lie down pray and enter a trance-like state of altered consciousness in this state Cayce diagnosed illnesses in medical terms he knew nothing of awake he described distant events as they were happening talked of past lives and incarnations in the fabled Atlantis he predicted the stock market crash of 1929 the fall of communism and warned of cataclysmic earth changes that would send cities tumbling into the sea through thousands of his readings as they are called Edgar Cayce has become the most documented psychic of the 20th century on a Sunday afternoon on march 18 1877 edgar cayce was born here on a small farm eight miles from the christian county town of Hopkinsville Kentucky he was the second child of Leslie and Keri Casey but the first to live a daughter born two years earlier hadn't survived her first birthday edgar was particularly close with his grandparents Sarah and Thomas Jefferson Casey on a hot summer day in June 1881 head ger age four witnessed his grandfather's tragic death they had been riding horseback when they came upon this pond near the farm Edgar was let down and his grandfather rode in to cool the animal the horse was scared by something and threw the grandfather off he had his foot caught in stirrup and drowned before anybody could get the edge or witness that he was on the bike Edgar claimed he was visited often by as dead grandfather in a barn where the tobacco crops were fired Edgar said he would tell him stories about the Civil War and let him stroked his chin whiskers these stories brought ridicule from some but Edgar's mother and grandmother wouldn't allow him to be ashamed of his ability to see what others did not at the age of seven Edgar began his schooling in this one-room schoolhouse in his own words he was a dull student but then he found a book that interested him a gift Bible from his parents he began studying it and soon was inspired to read it once through for every year of his life he read it every day you have to read it every day to go through the whole Bible in a year and he went through that Bible at least 67 or 68 times at least that many times that he read it and how many of us can tell we've went through the Bible one time not a bad book to know about in May of 1890 at age 13 Edgar's life changed forever already a baptized member of the disciples of Christ Church Edgar visited his favorite retreat in the woods near his home to reread the story of Samson and the vision of Manoa that night after Edgar prayed for the ability to help his fellow man he received a vision of his own he wrote later a glorious light as the Rising Morning Sun seemed to fill the whole womb and a figure appeared at the foot of my bed an angel or what I knew not patiently it said my prayers are heard you will have your wish remain faithful be true to yourself help the sick be afflicted the next day Edgar was in a daze at school preoccupied with his vision he was kept after class for repeatedly misspelling the word cabin that night his father tutored Edgar so late that the boy finally begged for a five-minute break he just felt that if he could do sleep on that book a few minutes he would know it better so his father my grandfather was a alright you tried and I'll be back in five minutes and about five minutes later he came back and dad you every word in the book which page it was on and from that on he just began sleeping on his books and he became a rather bright student from an average student how Edgar learned his lessons this way was a mystery at the very least he had developed some sort of photographic memory he used this ability to land a job at a bookstore by memorizing their sales catalog cover to cover in 1892 excitement swept Christian County former resident Adlai E Stevenson was Grover Cleveland's running mate a day before a victory celebration in Hopkinsville Inga received a schoolyard injury when a baseball struck his spine later that day he behaved wildly in class shrieking with laughter on the way home he stood in the street and stopped traffic that night Edgar mystified his parents by giving detailed instructions for an herb poultice to be applied to a spinal injury while he slept in the morning he remembered nothing of his accident or strange behavior but now neighbors began to talk including a local doctor the father of a young girl Edgar was smitten with he led Edgar to believe that he was in danger of going insane which seems to me that ultimate and cruelty for a doctor to say that to a boy some believe Edgar's psychic powers had been triggered by these boyhood incidences but before she died Edgar's grandmother hinted that her husband had powers too that he could move tables and shares with his mind but Edgar had little time to ponder these mysteries in 1893 at age 16 he was forced to leave school after completing only eight grades and go to work in the fields his father who preferred the lofty title the squire was barely keeping the family from poverty my father remember the squire and he said that he would always have a have a clean bill a big clean shirt on and tie and real well shaven and he would just look like he he was worth a million dollars but but he would soon the Casey family quit the forum entirely to try their luck in town they moved to this house in Hopkinsville in 1895 when Edgar was 18 he fell in love with the prettiest young girl in town her name was Gertrude Evans she was patrician he was a farm boy it was an unlikely match they were both people of faith and they connected there she saw in him idealism beautiful idealism she saw in him integrity was not phony I think she saw in him adventure Edgar didn't wait long to ask for her hand in marriage and Gertrude happily accepted the wedding however would have to wait until Edgar found a better paying job in 1908 ger and his father began working as travelling insurance agents but the business seemed doomed to fail Edgar caught cold and suddenly lost his voice unable to pitch his product he returned to Hopkinsville and took a job that didn't require him to speak apprentice photographer it was immediately clear in photographs of the town and of his favourite model fiance Gertrude that Edgar had found a talent but after ten months of unsuccessful medical treatments KC was still without his normal speaking voice he had lost all hope for a cure he tried everything no the doctor seemed able to help him and the hypnotist in town hypnotism was kind of affair dan and somebody suggested trying hypnotism intrigued Edgar arranged a meeting with a local hypnotist named Al Lane he would never forget the date March 31st 1901 it was on a Sunday afternoon and that after church and that Al Lane came out the house on West Seventh Street and they went into the dining room and closed the doors Edgar was instructed on self-hypnosis and with surprising ease put himself to sleep Lane gave him the hypnotic suggestion that he speak in a normal tone of voice after a minute he began to mumble then to everyone's shock edgar said in a clear unaffected voice yes we can see the body and he described the condition that he had there was a circulatory problem in his throat and he was said that it could be corrected by suggestion Casey was given the hypnotic suggestion that his circulation returned to normal after a moment he sat up in spat blood I don't say he was cured but he was better at that respect and cousin Sarah who I talked to and before she died that was at your sister younger sister said that they would not let her in the room but she peeked through the keyhole and so it happened Edgar was elated but not for long his throat ailment called a phony arow turns several times over the next year each time Layne would conduct the reading as he called it and restore Edgar's voice Layne a mail order osteopath began to wonder if Edgar could diagnose other patients ailments as well he convinced Casey to try and so it was a lane who pushed him to do this pretty much against Edgar's will Edgar didn't really feel comfortable doing that because he didn't understand it while in his altered state edgar described illnesses in precise medical terms in language he knew nothing about in his waking state detailed remedies followed sometimes he would call a prescription by name I mean take bromo quinine I take no castor oil or whatever it was that he was using but these strange powers and their implications terrified Cayce he had never studied medicine he was no doctor and wondered what right he had to act like one more and more he wanted out who wouldn't say I don't want this junk it's too weird is too heavy I want to see all this stuff or feel as kind of stuff er feel responsible for when a job opened up at a bookstore in Bowling Green 30 miles from home and GERD jumped at the chance there he joined the nearby church and began teaching Sunday School something he had done since his early teens at 22 there was only one thing he missed back in Hopkinsville his pride to be in June of 1903 after a six-year engagement Edgar Cayce and Gertrude Evans married Casey had begun his own photo studio in Bowling Green he and his bride welcomed the escape from his reputation back home as a psychic doctor he didn't know how he did it he just knew that he was able to do it and he wanted to use it to help people but Bowling Green soon learned about Casey's abilities and he could not say no to the needy the readings resumed and in the autumn of 1906 Edgar then 29 was asked to demonstrate his trance diagnosis before local doctors they came first thinking I'll expose this guy I'll see through him you could see the condescension in their faces yes we have the body Edgar declared as he Ward by routine at the beginning of every reading he correctly diagnosed a college students attack of typhoid fever then unexpectedly some of the doctors tested Edgar's trance State by sticking needles into his hands and feet certainly was a fake Casey never flinched or bled but when he awoke he vowed angrily never again to be anyone's experiment slowly he began to learn that there weren't that many who really cared our people wanted to use him not many wanted to listen Edgar's safe haven had always been the church now he wondered as did his fellow churchgoers whether his gift was a blessing or a curse evidently some of the people in in the congregation really got upset the thought that this character was teaching Sunday school to their children on Sunday morning edgar was accused of the church's worst offense heresy though he was later declared innocent it was a painful experience for Casey in response he worked harder than ever adding a second studio and taking on consignment $40,000 worth of art from New York business was so good that Edgar and Gertrude planned on building their own home with the profits then disaster struck two days before Christmas 1906 fire destroyed the studio the unsold New York artwork would plunge Edgar $8,000 in debt incredibly another fire would strike his second studio within the year Edgar needed some good fortune it came in a nine and a half pound bundle Hugh Lynn Casey was born in March of 1907 Edgar the new father eventually paid all his debts but was forced to move in with Gertrude's disappointed family back in Hopkinsville there his father introduced him to homeopathic practitioner dr. Wesley Ketchum Ketchum was pretty much a promoter and he wrote a paper that was read at a big clinical Medical Society in Boston the New York Times covered this and gave Edgar full-page treatment which is hard to imagine these days The Times article trumpeting Casey as an illiterate was widely read soon over 10,000 letters requesting readings were sent to Edgar by the chronically ill where those would lost hope with conventional doctors many cent money though Casey had never charged for a reading before Edgar nudity he didn't do it it came through him and it was a gift that could come through him I think that's the reason his ability was so good because he didn't have concern of making money on it it was really a pure to help other people catch him offered to finance a photo studio and return for Edgar's readings the time had arrived to decide how to use these powers after a sleepless night Edgar agreed but on his own terms his father would conduct the readings and a stenographer record them for later review and the money nearly two thousand dollars would be sent back until services were rendered Edgar's course was set I noticed on one occasion he said some people ask me whether I'm a spiritualist or whether I'm a medium and he said I guess the term for me is a psychic but I really think of myself as a man of God Cayce settled into a routine of giving to readings a day lasting approximately 45 minutes each it wasn't anything weird as a lot of people would think dead would simply lie down on a couch or bed he had a couch in his office if he had a tile on he would loosen his tie then just cross his hands over his stomach and just lay back and relax when Edgar's eyelids began to flutter the conductor Edgar's father and Gertrude in later years would know Edgar was in trance the suggestion was then given the name of the person and where there would be at the time of the reading the person could be in the room or he could be in another state or another city it didn't matter I remember one time he had a reading on a man he was supposed to be an apartment in New York dead lay there minute and since we do not have the body said he's not here said he's on a bus coming across town said there's a traffic it was a traffic accident the buses late said he'd be here in a minute we'll wait all of a sudden he said he's come in now a call to the man in New York later verified everything Casey had said there's a beautiful piece of clairvoyance something that somebody couldn't have anticipated it would seems to me point to the accuracy of his readings from his sleep State Casey demonstrated a remarkable knowledge of anatomy as if he were looking right into the patient's body to the continual surprise of doctors called in later for second opinions Casey would pinpoint the problem say a blood disorder resulting in anemia and then offer a remedy most were home or herbal concoctions and included diet restrictions as well when Edgar discovered that some patients weren't fully following his often detailed remedies he began to envision a hospital with supervised care it would become his obsession by the spring of nineteen eleven the future was looking bright for Casey and family a second son Milton Porter was born at this home in Hopkinsville but Milton developed severe whooping cough and colitis Edgar gave a reading but the child could not be saved Milton Casey died in his second month the son that did not survive was a shock to both of them and Gertrude's illness followed she had I suppose we call postpartum depression and more Gertrude was a woman of beauty and strength but the death of her infant son shook her to the core her health declined and she developed tuberculosis which had killed her brother after doctors gave her a week to live she appealed to Edgar for a reading and Edgar did it but he was scared to death because this was the person he loved most then he was scared and he might say something that would be fatal turned out just the opposite and he says that that really was the turning point from then on he said if if that could happen for the one he loved most then it might mean that that's what he was supposed to be doing Gertrude fully recovered her health monitored by what Edgar called check ratings but his newfound faith was betrayed by of all people his own father and dr. Ketchum when Edgar and trans asked any questions as he always would they began to ask for tips on the commodities market and even on horse races he began to discover that they were playing games with him he became very angry and he terminated his relationship with them and even left town his father's betrayal would take years to reconcile Selma Alabama offered refuge for the Kasey's and Edgar opened new studio the Cayce art company but his unusual powers would once again be needed by six-year-old son Hugh Lynn it wasn't until my brother dropped a matching a partially filled counter flashlight powder and burned his eyes real badly and the doctor said he'd never see again and that's when he started giving readings again after doctors insisted that one of hue Lin's badly burned eyes be removed Edgar gave a reading a seemingly dangerous remedy of a tannic acid solution saved his son's sight the Casey's welcomed another son Edgar Evans in 1918 as the First World War raged in Europe Edgar had seen many of his former Sunday school pupils go off to fight now for tea he was beginning to feel old but his dream of building a hospital seemed more urgent than ever at the end of World War one this has kicked him into the whole Hospital venture he discovered that his readings could outline treatments for shell-shocked veterans and nobody else knew what to do with there were a lot of them and those who followed his instructions got better when a young Kentucky friend David Kahn returned safely from the trenches in France he asked dead goethe consider something he had never agreed to before to use his psychic abilities to raise money for the hospital coincidentally Cayce had just received a request from a Texas newspaperman for readings on oiled prospects Edgar Casey's life was about to take a most dramatic turn in 1920 edgar cayce and friend David Kahn had visions of making millions as wildcatters with their oil profits funding Edgar's dream hospital project but these would be some of the toughest years of Casey's life well you know I often think of his three years in Texas as his wilderness experience I think he was wandering around in the wilderness the KC Petroleum Company was founded in San Saba and drilling began on oil leases Edgar had recommended in his readings but the oil never came months turned into years and it got so grim that Edgar's associates started wearing guns when some of the wells were sabotaged by cutthroat competitors KC came to the sobering realization that his psychic powers had become unreliable they had dramatically failed him and turned the noble mission to finance his hospital into a colossal defeat absent for three long years some would claim Edgar had failed his family as well certainly to put my grandfather on a pedestal as someone without human frailties or someone that had all-knowing abilities and never make mistakes with his readings that that was not the Edgar Cayce that I have come to understand Kaycee refused to return empty-handed he crisscross the country searching for money and finally raised a pledge for $60,000 for the hospital to be built in Birmingham Alabama but by now KC's readings had indicated that the hospital must be built in the obscure resort town of Virginia Beach Virginia he said that the ocean was I had a good effect some way on his psychic abilities or in any psychic it was a good place for him to be the Birmingham offer was promptly withdrawn beaten Edgar finally rejoined his family in Selma he returned to what he knew photography teaching Sunday school and tried to forget his fundraising failures but this peaceful routine ended abruptly in 1923 after meeting an Ohio businessman and potential hospital investor Edgar uprooted his family once again and moved to Dayton Ohio it was yet another gamble as it was for an 18 year old Selma native who felt her destiny belong with the Casey's she was Edgar's new stenographer her name was Gladys Davis Gladys was kind of like one of the family and she had a phenomenal memory she could like a computer she could tell you who had a reading a ho date and what it was about in Dayton KC underwent a radical change during a reading for his potential investor Edgar was asked deep metaphysical questions about the nature of the human soul Cayce in trance began to talk of his questioners past lives well this really blew Edgar over you know because this ran counter not only work to what he believed he said as a Christian but what he taught as a Sunday school teacher Edgar knew the Gospels well and wondered why the Bible never mentioned reincarnation if indeed it was real Cayce began to study the scriptures in a new context and he said it soon became evident to him that there were places in the Bible which if you read them and read them carefully you could see that they supported the idea of reincarnation Kasey's readings on past lives became known as life readings as opposed to the physical readings he previously had been getting and so he started giving readings for everybody in his family and they'd all had past lives according to his readings and many of their lives they were together in some other place ancient Egypt primarily Edgar began studying other beliefs from Hinduism to the religions of ancient Egypt and Greece he would withhold judgment on reincarnation for some years it was after all unprovable but cacey wondered whether his readings on past lives could be just as accurate as one of his physical readings which he and others were able to verify with so many questions at hand Kasey's future seemed inescapable in 1923 at 46 he became a full-time psychic a vocational choice that few understood many ridiculed and added little to his bank account he wasn't a very good money handling himself I mean the money would go through his hands just like sand beach he would cause mother a lot a problem sometimes Gertrude who had come from money back in Kentucky would struggle her whole life with her husband's financial woes when the Dayton money source dried up she was worn out she felt no reason to be optimistic when a new financial angel emerged Morton Blumenthal and his brother Edwin ran a successful Wall Street brokerage firm after an introduction from David Cohn Morton became an instant KC supporter he offered to fund the Virginia Beach hospital and buy the Casey's a home near the beach it was almost too good to be true it seemed like a little fishing village went huh we first came to the beach it didn't look like you know what dad said it was going to be a thriving community Edgar and family settled on 35th Street the next summer construction began on the KC hospital and the sleepy town began to buzz about this curious new enterprise in partnership with the Blumenthal's Edgar began a corporation the association of national investigators science education health and spiritual awakening were the stated pursuits this activity proved a tonic vector he had just returned from the Hopkinsville funeral of his beloved mother Carrie Edgar's father alone now and past errors forgiven came to live with his son in November of 1928 Edgar's dream became reality the Casey Hospital the only institution of its kind in the world where physical ills would be diagnosed via psychic revelation was dedicated it had been a long and difficult road for Edgar Cayce here was all he drained and desired or so it seemed in early 1929 after years of hard work Edgar Cayce saw his Hospital accept its first patient headed by his friend from Kentucky dr. Thomas house it featured the latest and osteopathic equipment and massage technique homeopathic remedies had a low-fat diet Casey's readings began to suggest treatments with low levels of electricity applied to the body something chiropractic patients today would be familiar with dad said one day they would be able to take a drop of blood and diagnose the condition of the human body the time he said it it was ridiculous but now it's a normal procedure Edgar proudly noted that the building and grounds complete with Gardens and a tennis court felt more like a large home than a hospital Casey had survived all the skeptics that called him a fake a charlatan and a heretic here was his triumph life in Virginia Beach was rich and during the warm summers magical everybody be just call him doc because they thought he was a doctor but he liked the garden he liked the fish all these sand dunes up here will covered with grape vines and dad used to vote and we used to go out and pick grapes he'd make grape jelly wine from him he was a very ordinary person he was wait it was just those 30 or 40 minutes when he was asleep that he was unusual during his trips to Virginia Beach Morton Blumenthal stayed at the newly completed Cavalier hotel he had budgeted $3,000 a month to run the hospital after an initial investment of over $100,000 as long as he was informed beforehand Casey had come to accept financial questions during his readings on April 6th 1929 Blumenthal sought advice on the booming stock market Cayce warned there must surely come a break where it would be panic in the money centers the reading proved prophetic six months later the market crashed against the background of the Great Depression came the unthinkable the hospital failed less than three years after it opened a biographer would later write that Edgar devastated wandered the empty corridors collecting keepsakes including a photograph of his mother it was a real blow it was I mean just we had moved to the beach the hospital had been built it was operating people were getting well then all of a sudden he was it was down to way started from if Edgar Cayce had a weakness it was his inability to say no as manager of the hospital he approved extravagant expenditures free treatments and meals for his staff and friends he wanted to please everyone make time for anyone who asked for it but this weakness was also part of his gift his home his privacy was invaded constantly people would knock on his door at all hours of the day and night and they had to be gracious to all of the visitors and they were he could mark people with the genius of their lives as they let him wide awake talk with him get hold of them they go away mark for good the popular story was that the misfortunes on Wall Street ruined the Blumenthal's the evidence suggests they emerged unscathed some believe the hospital closure came after a power struggle between Morton and Edwin Blumenthal and David Kahne over who had primary access to Edgar's unique abilities when Khan won the Blumenthal's pulled out later edgar wrote with characteristic goodwill i blame no one else but myself for its failure the readings were kind of few and far between and after that it was there with tough times David Kahn made a fortune in the furniture business thanks in part to Edgar's readings the Blumenthal's in case he never spoke again Edgar walked away from his hospital flat broke later that year 1931 Cayce rallied he called a meeting of his closest supporters like-minded people who believed in his work he began a new organization a non-profit Association for research and enlightenment readings would be given free to those unable to pay and Edgar would receive an annual salary during a fundraising trip to New York Edgar gave a reading to a woman who had claimed to be in desperate need the woman and her companion turned out to be police women an Edgar Gertrude and Gladys Davis were arrested for fortune-telling 31 years earlier back in Hopkinsville Edgar had feared that his powers might lead him down the wrong path now they had and he was headed to jail much to the delight of the tabloid press they took a picture of dead and to a picture all three of them and he cut mother out of the picture and said psychic arrested in motel with bond secretary a really great headline the New York case was thin the police woman had signed a release and had not been solicited the charges were dismissed but in 1935 in Detroit Edgar was found guilty for practicing medicine without a license though he was freed on probation with no sentence or fine imposed Casey was mortified soon after returning from Detroit Edgar had a dream of reincarnating in Nebraska in the year 2100 in the dream he finds that his works as Edgar Cayce are still known it came to him at a time when he was feeling very distraught he was wondering whether his work was really a value whether it would continue and so this dream really served as a source of encouragement for him Kasey's readings which were expanding in detail in scope were also encouraging he began to describe as best he could the journey his consciousness would take when in trance he would describe moving up through a beam of light passing images and sounds and his consciousness moving to other dimensions that are related to vast sources of information Casey called this source of information the Akashic record where every thought sound or event from the beginning of time is recorded he believed he could access this resource as well as his subjects subconscious mind telepathically to answer any question posed to him the concept boggled the mind then as now that this man would lie down on a couch and essentially go to sleep and come up with this information it's just too big a jump for lots of scientists and trained medical professionals today Edgar's personal life readings indicated seventeen different incarnations as a high priest in Egypt a nomadic ruler in Persia and in the fabled Atlantis which he mentioned nearly 700 times he described a highly advanced society that collapsed over a span of forty thousand years with its survivors settling partly in Egypt Cayce nearing 60 seemed to sense his time was limited readings of past present and future were now spilling out by the mid-1930s edgar cayce had gained a loyal following as a gifted psychic skeptics could say he made the whole thing up for the hundreds of verified physical readings were difficult to dispute he was right about the crash of 29 and in 1935 predicted the Japanese would join Germany and Austria as a world threat a bizarre idea at the time but some readings were so astonishing that even supporters had difficulty grasping them Casey said the Earth's poles would shift in 1936 resulting in massive geological changes Cayce predicted flooding would destroy cities on both coasts of North America and new land the sunken remnants of Atlantis would dramatically appear off Florida by 1969 the stuff about Atlantis was hard to verify and it's possible that his mind slipped that he didn't have a good filter I don't think this was an area of Edgar Casey's readings that was especially fruitful or especially accurate Casey had no apology for the limits of his psychic ability why he was accurate in one instance and not in another though we continued to make world predictions he never considered himself a prophet I don't think he was a prophet as such he did make statements about the future but he always said the future not fixed you know we can change by the early 1940s Edgar and Gertrude had settled into a comfortable home on Lake Holly which doubled as headquarters for the a re Edgar's Association for research and enlightenment this is the only motion picture footage that exists of Edgar Cayce happily playing host during the 1943 a re membership meeting though thousands of Casey's readings were transcribed only one audio recording survives in a reading on his own health Casey a lifelong smoker has asked if he should cut down on his smoking Casey's own health would suffer not only from smoking but from giving too many readings for most of his adult years Edgar gave two readings a day that all changed with the publication of a Casey biography by Thomas Charu a friend of Casey's son Hugh Lynn it was titled there is a river from Edgar's favorite Psalm 46 there is a river the streams thereof may glad the City of God meaning that not River as we say but a stream of thought a stream of consciousness that edgert out the book together with an article in coronet magazine made caseous Liberty of sorts it brought in thousands of requests for readings and some rather amusing propositions men wanted to take him to Washington and Wall Street women wanted to take him to bed Mary's child for the good of humanity it was never easy June and I were posted to guard his hotel room in New York from the women admirers in 1943 author Hartmann bro and his fiancee June worked in Casey's office answering the voluminous mail I helped to open some of those letters and to see the pain in them was almost staggering it was heartbreaking the letters came from the terminally ill and from families looking for clues about their son's missing in action overseas once again Edgar could not say no he began giving as many as eight readings a day over 1300 between June of 1943 and June of 44 each seemed to take a little more out of the sixty six-year-old Casey he felt like he had to help those people he knew he couldn't do it and yet he felt like he had to do it I guess killing in August 1944 Edgar collapsed from overwork he gave one final reading for himself it advised rest until well or dead the Casey's went to the mountains of Virginia to recuperate but Edgar soon suffered a stroke Mason Clair a Casey office worker visited them and felt as others did that Edgar belonged back at the beach he said to me with the tyrannous voice why did you come and I said I came to take you home do you really mean it I said mr. Casey if you want to go home you're gonna go home Edgar came home to Virginia Beach in November he traveled through the autumn countryside to the shore and an ambulance arranged by son Edgar Evans but his health never returned On January 3rd 1945 edgar cayce died at age 67 he was laid to rest back in Hopkinsville and mother died three months later on Easter morning when the Sun was coming up I think she kind of lost her reason for living after he died edgar cayce left over 14,000 documented readings on health philosophy religion business past lives and future events no other psychic left such an extensive record but many feel the word psychic is inadequate when describing edgar cayce I think mr. Casey has given us a definition of a human being of what a human being really is that we truly are one body mind and spirit and that we do create our own reality if edgar cayce did what he did there is more to us than a physical body that immediately has implications for the age-old questions of humanity who are we what's the purpose of life what happens to us when we die all of that Kasey's legacy the association for research and enlightenment has continued to grow and attract visitors from around the world hundreds of books in 18 languages examine the life and work of the most renowned psychic of our time in the end KC left perhaps the most daring of challenges he said I don't do anything you can't do if you're willing to pay the price you

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  1. My name is miguel angel lopez i live in chgo hts il in the 7th ward i am now 44yrs old i have experienced headtrauma since i was a child growing up threw my years of life trauma was getting worse. Cause of witchcraft and all those affiliated and associated with the torment i experienced on a constantly basis ive been neardeathed deathed i flat lined for 3 minutes til this day i experience paranormal activity mostly at 199 w 15th st in chgo hts il 60411 i livelyhood is constantly threatened as is my wellbeing.i dont do drugs i dont smoke i drink beer on occasion but im on disability now for bipolar disorder do to the brain trauma ive experiencd in my 44 years of my life…

  2. Predictions can be wrong because there is infinite possibilities between nexus points, he is never wrong it's just sometimes predictions of the future could be different because the timeline splits a billion times every instant constantly.

  3. That's so wrong his own Father and Doctor used him to bet in horse races… I would kinda slip in a couple questions to like ask Casey for today's lotto numbers haha

  4. If there's one thing that I know about human beings, it's that we're intelligent and can disagree with each other. As long as we do so civilly and constructively, we will grow in knowledge and as people. So, with that as my premise, I'd like to offer my opinion, which is essentially a dissent. I'm convinced that Edgar Cayce was a good person who believed that he was helping people. That was his intention. But, there are occult events occurring on this earth, even within Christianity (e.g., many appearances of Mary), that many do not perceive as spiritually wrong.

    How can something be wrong if it appears to be good and accomplishes good, such as improvements in a person's health? The answer is that there are fallen angels on this earth who will do seemingly good things in order to mislead people into deeper occult beliefs and psychic activities. Throughout much of my life, I've had to battle one or more fallen angels. I'm not delusional – I worked in banking and law for many years and people know me as perfectly normal. The fallen angels do exist and they can inflict much agony. I've experienced it. They can can also appear to be good and speak through a person's body, with or without the person knowing it. I've been spoken through many times, against my will, and told of future events that did come to pass. These beings can make you psychic; they know future events. They can also work miracles.

    Christ said that a time would come at which "even the elect" would be deceived. In order to be deceived, what is proffered has to look good to a person, such as a physical healing. Christ also warned that false Christs (fallen angels) would rise up and deceive. False Christs. The one that got its grip on me insisted that I be "holy" and pray daily for literally hours. Yes, pray. I prayed and prayed for years that it stop dominating me and no prayer was answered. I was living in a painful hell of which the true Christ had warned ("fear the one who can throw you into hell" – it's in the Gospel). When I absorbed the basic message of faith and fought the evil angel over that message, the demands that I pray, which were screamed through my body, stopped suddenly and miraculously. Now, it's good to pray, isn't it? Well, it was not God's will. But, I learned a lesson in FAITH. I also learned to look for truth and to examine the practices of the evil one, who still tries to fight me (e.g, through jolting me so that I'm deprived of sleep. I now what these beings do. They might try to befriend or they can throw a person into hellish, possessive agony. BUT, understand, their basic goal is to work against God an mislead. They twist the truth and are very intelligent. They appear as Mary and work miracles, so that Catholics will adore her. They came as Christ in the Chaplet of Divine Mercy. They spread lies and will do good to spread them.

    Beware of spiritualism and channeling. I know what channeling is, from much personal and unwanted experience. They can speak right through your body. I have no doubt that this good man, Edgar Cayce (the Sleeping Prophet), was deeply deceived. He had no way of knowing who or what was giving him the information. It all looked good. But, the source was not good. The fallen angels want to lead people into spiritualism and occult practices and beliefs such as psychic gifts. God does not want this. There are spiritual beings on this earth and we are not supposed to consort with them.

    I was raised Catholic, left the church at age 13, and became agnostic. Years later, in 1981, after passing the Bar Exam, a fallen angel spoke through my body, and the persecution began. It took God's will, after many years of suffering, to thwart the evil. I learned much about the Gospel – there are no secrets there. I learned that was was allowed for me, all of the suffering, was for a purpose – to oppose the lies of the evil one in courage and FAITH. I'm a Christian. Understand that the road to truth can be corrupted by deception. Spiritualism in all of its forms is a deception. These beings give people psychic gifts and it all looks so good. God did not give us this faculty. The information comes from spiritual beings who are evil. I know this from having this gift forced upon me and fighting against it.

    Unfortunately, Mr. Cayce had no idea of the source of the information that was given to him. Through suffering, I know what God intends – and it's not the spiritualism of the modern world. Miracles are rare. That's God's intention. We are not to look for signs and wonders (e.g. Fatima) or open ourselves to spiritual beings who will give us information. I always felt that I needed a miracle to believe. It took years of suffering, and finally, there was a miracle that stopped the fallen angel and led me to a full understanding of the Gospel teachings through that suffering and a growth in FAITH. So, my conscience tells me to warn people about the occult. Mr. Cayce was deceived. And, it sure looked good, didn't it?

  5. I've been a seer since Middle school, I am now in my late thirty's. . I never really tapped in until 4 years ago. So Happy that I did. I now am helping people from all over the world and I Love it. 🖤🦋🌠🧙‍♀️🔮

  6. The true God of the Bible says, “ Do NOT consult the dead.” Hebrews 9:27 teaches us that reincarnation is NOT from God. It is appointed ONCE to die and then comes the judgement!. You do NOT get a second chance folks! Be sure and accept Jesus Christ as your Lord and Savior because after you pass it will be too late. With Jesus you get to live eternally in Heaven with God……..without Jesus you will spend eternity in hell and suffer violent and tormenting fires. How to accept Jesus? It is easy. Simply you must believe in Father God and his so. Jesus Christ. You must ask forgiveness for being a sinner ( ALL have sinned ) ask God to forgive you and invite Jesus to come into your heart to become your personal Lord and Savior…..Then I pray you will become “ Baptized in the Holy Spirit” with the gift of tongues ( Gods wonderful prayer language he will give you to be able to pray to him when you don’t know how to pray. The Bible does warn us about Satan ( the. God of this world) and warns us that “ Satan comes to kill, steal and destroy “ but Jesus willingingly died on the cross for all mankind to give them a more abundant life, healing, protection, prosperity ( Jesus became poor so we could become rich), and deliverance. There are 9 fantastic gifts you can receive to help you in your walk as well! Your bible lists what they are and everyone can get them. Jesus is the answer for the world today. “ The ONLY way to God the Father is through his son, Jesus. John 14:6. There is salvation in NONE OTHER”. Everyone needs a Savior, you can NOT save yourself. Not everyone goes to Heaven…..only by Jesus name can you go there. I pray for all who read my comments that they will understand my message …..perhaps they have never heard it before. I also pray they will invite the Lord into their hearts and lives for their own sake. AMEN!

  7. He got his messages from god( small g) alright but it was not the God of the Bible whose son was Jesus Christ. It was Satan, th god of this world whom th true Father God kicked him out of the garden for deceiving Adam and Eve. The Bible very clearly warns True Christians ( Born Again Bible) about NOT believing in psychics, mediums or astrologers because it was an abomination and sin to God. psychics are of the devil and get their messages from demons sent by Satan. They are called “ FAMILIAR SPIRITS” and are demons who follow family generations. Present day mediums are making a fortune from wealthy clients who are ignorant of the dangers of them. If you contact many anointed ministries today they will verify what I have shared. There is a way to know about the future and it is through the HOLY SPIRIT, who will teach, guide, protect and warn you of dangers to come. Just pray and receive the “ Baptism of the Holy Spirit” And Let the TRUE Father God of the Bible teach you. Psychics who claim to be of god are deceived! Do NOT mess with them. Read John 3:3-7 in your bible and get Born Again first of all and then baptized in the Holy Spirit. Anyone who applauds Edgar Cayce is also deceived and a denial of Jesus Christ will send you straight to Hell. Check out your bible concerning witchcraft and the occult and know it is one of the most demonic sins!

  8. I share a birthday with Cayce and Manly Hall. I, however, can claim no extraordinary abilities. 😏

  9. He could Quantum jump in his dreams, through the 4th or 5th dimension. Like Father Padre Pio. Transcendental Meditation shows up on MRI's in identical resemblance to using psychedelic drugs.

  10. DECEPTION: edgar has a reverse sex skeletal structure as does everyone else in this propaganda piece

    this is just more FALSE history

  11. In Tibet, at the time of Edgar Cayce's life he would have been regarded as just another gifted person, usually ascribed to the monks and priests of that very little known of country.
    In the west such gifts are still today regarded as pseudoscience. The poor immature western world still cannot conceive that elements exists beyond the four on the physical plane, of which a part of everything including humans are made up of. We all access these states of matter/being in sleep. We all sleep. If one would be deprived of sleep, one would soon die. The trick or the training is, to remember what happened when one was on the astral plane. All it needs is a bit of practice. It is our birthright.

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