Ski Mask the Slump God: BEST Verses

Hey guys, CDTVProductions here, and today
in Best Verses we will be looking at Ski Mask the Slump God, who seems to be gearing up
for another album release soon. As you know, Ski Mask has a ridiculous amount
of solid and enjoyable verses, so it’s very likely that we’d all have very different
lists for this type of video. Keep in mind there is verses I love that didn’t
make the cut because I tried my best to narrow it down to my absolute favourites. So let’s not waste any time, this is CDTV
and let’s look at Ski Mask’s Best Verses. Where’s the Blow (Verse 1): This is an incredibly short verse, but I couldn’t
not have it here. This was the very first verse I heard and
loved from Ski, so I can credit it with really putting me on to his music. Those little 3 line bursts he flows in sounds
so goddamn catchy and it not only makes the verse really good, but makes the song as a
whole pretty replayable. Apparently he’s working on a part 2 to this
song, and if that also features the current day, improved version of Lil Pump, I’m pretty
excited for that. SPACEGHOSTP**** (Verse 6): Now everyone else on this track had a verse
dissing SpaceGhostPurpp. Everyone except Ski Mask. This was because Ski recorded his verse before
everyone else decided it would be a diss track, and they chose to leave his verse as it was. Now it speaks volumes to how nice this verse
sounds that I can look past it not fitting into the song topically at all, because usually
that would bother me. But he spits over this beat so perfectly that
it’s not even something I really think about, he kills it here. He also crams in a lot of references and similes
into his short verse, and it gives the song a light hearted ending after the intensity
of the previous verses. Costa Rica (Verse 1): This is one of the few songs where I think
Ronny J actually does a pretty great job vocally, it really suits the track here and he comes
in with a catchy chorus as well. However if I’m being honest, the main reason
I listen to this song is the Ski Mask verse that opens up this track. It’s a really cool juxtaposition to see
Ski’s vibrant personality placed over a beat that sounds as ominous as Ronny J beats
tend to be. This darker sound doesn’t stop him from
employing his normal mannerisms though, and his verse adds a whole bunch of liveliness
and replay value to the song. Worldwide (Verse 1): This track was essentially the second part
to Catch Me Outside, a song which I think is alright, but this is easily the better
one out of the two for me personally. A lot of it comes from the instrumental, I
just prefer the sample that’s used on this one, but on top of that Ski’s verse is just
so entertaining. Everything from his ad libs to the delivery
is so animated that it makes for one of the most compelling songs on the original version
of the Book Of Eli. Like A Soccer Mom (Verse 1): If there’s one thing that this song made
me realise, it’s that there’s not many people out there that sound as good rapping
when the beat drops out as Ski Mask the Slump God. He constantly raps accapella for short bursts
here and it sounds so goddamn smooth, he just has such a dynamic voice and flow. Also, beats like this are my favourite to
hear Ski rap over, It samples the Codename Kid’s Next Door theme song, and Ski is always
at his best when rapping over theme song samples. Dr. Eggman (Verse 1): Now this was a collaboration between Ski Mask
and Keith Ape, and they both rap circles around this hard hitting Ronny J production. Now Keith Ape switches between languages on
his verse, so I can’t understand all of that one, but I can definitely understand
everything Ski is saying, again just hitting us with a different reference, metaphor or
simile with every single line on this one. It’s actually impressive how creative he
can be with his lyrics. On top of that we have some great flow switches
here, with Ski never settling on one cadence for too long. This is easily my most replayed Ski Mask track
of the past few months. Flo Rida (Verse 3): This is undoubtedly one of Ski Mask’s best
guest verses, with him rapping alongside The Higher Brothers on this one. It’s great because rather than starting
at a fast pace, this song slowly creeps up to it, starting off with quite a sinister
sound as Ski slowly raps over the eerie production. Then as soon as the drums kick back in, Ski
takes it as his cue to go off and instantly ramps the pace up, and he doesn’t slow down
until his verse and the song as a whole abruptly ends. Now i still have no clue what this line means,
is it literally because water is involved in the process of photosynthesis, is it as
simple as that? I don’t know, but regardless of that very
minor confusion, the verse itself is very solid. SLMD Remix (Verse 2): Here Ski took the beat from the song Stuntin
Like My Daddy by Lil Wayne and Birdman, remixed it, and absolutely murdered the beat. Not only is this verse one of my favourites
from Ski, but this is easily a top 10 Ski Mask song overall. Some of the tongue twisters that he manages
to rap at a breakneck speed here really are impressive. It also has this line where Ski says “till
I make a million not taking my durag off”, which shows how far he’s come since then
because according to some websites he has a net worth of a million now. I mean, one of these websites also said one
of his most popular songs was called Catch Me Inside, so take it with a pinch of salt. But it’s not unreasonable to assume he’s
definitely made that million now. (Outro)

100 thoughts on “Ski Mask the Slump God: BEST Verses

  1. there should be a IWATCHEDHIMDROWN outro since the first one was a intro

  2. Aye chief said we got two options for it to be considered "is it". Either part 2. Or JID Best verses. You make the call

  3. How do you feelin’ vro?
    I feel like the four, I feel fantastic
    Wich one would you be tho?
    Mr.Fanstastic ‘cause my money like elastic
    That is my favoriet verse from ski


  4. The photosynthesis lyric is like him saying his cum like sunrays and it's hitting the pussy which is the plant

  5. Next up in this series should be either Denzel Curry or 2 Chainz. 2 Chainz in particular I've been waiting to see you make a positive video on, cause you've said so many times that you think he's underrated and has improved a lot as a rapper

  6. I think that "Photosynthesis upon the pussy lips, uh" line means like how flower petals open up to take in light, he is saying her pussly lips open up to take some dick

  7. Photosynthesis on the pussy lips bar is type hard if you think about it deeply you'll get it (hint:Co2 and oxygen….breath in breath out the plants takes the co2 as we take the oxygen)

  8. You should listen to “Freddy vs Jason” on YouTube it’s a collaboration between X and ski mask and it really shows that they can rap on beats that aren’t that good

  9. I personally believe that baby wipe, I think in the 2nd or 3rd verse there is a really fast verse that sounds so fucking smooth it’s just really good I think that should of been included

  10. What Ski Mask The Slump God means by "Photosynthesis upon he pussy lips" Is he is metaphorically getting energy from her pussy while eating.

  11. Photosynthesis upon the pussy lips could mean he turns the wet pussy into food meaning he eats the pussy much like plants turn water into food during photosynthesis

  12. – Kid Trunks
    Song: “Invisible klip”
    Feat. Bass Santana, Ski mask

    Ski’s best Ski verse (2nd verse in song)

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