Six-Year-Old Author Ariana Is Here To Steal Your Heart

everybody please say hello to Ariana how are you three dog good to see you again you look awful nice today thank you I'm handsome if you say yeah Wow what you've been doing since I last saw you well you see mr. Harvey I've been working on my third book I launched my online store and I also wrote a song for my mommy butterfly you love you launched an online store yeah what'd you sell it well the books in a charm line what you see right there a charm line you say you wrote a song for you mommy yes oh won't you sing it for me I knew here in the hey I'll be there you fly and I'll be there and I'll be there my butterfly one day of my butterfly I mean y'all feeling like you said your children somehow you're really bright for a six-year-old what grade you in well I'm in third grade so you see in the third grade yeah you see when I was two I was in kindergarten my favorite subject is science cuz I really wanted to be a scientist inventor and invents a machine that I call my EST it stands for emotional sensory toy cuz it has a sensor in the eye and uses AI so it thinks like a human so it understands what it sees and then I'll use that sensor to look at the child's face and notice ceiling and then it'll do something to try and come to town like a child was lonely and my planking with it it's just like a bunny inside a toy I honor the miracle so they told me that you put me in one of your new books did you character which is mr. mustachio and the reason I put you in the book is because you're smart hilarious and a good businessman and we never got to do that and I thought since I'm writing the books and illustrating the pictures and you brought your name into the book we're gonna have a lot of sales on that one maybe we're gonna need a good publisher I was thinking maybe you could bring your publisher to the table this video so I can introduce you all to my publisher they could do a big deal of course have a meeting in Las Vegas you know how to count cards playing cards and I know how to play go fish okay the minute she was pushing so I hate this about you I heard you walked on the first red carpet the other day you're right it was amazing I even got to do a campaign for Red Nose Day it's where everyone comes together to get rid of child poverty one Red Nose at a time [Applause] I think is very important we help the children in Ariana little big shots I have Sundays I don't feel about every seat we'll be right back y'all [Applause]

27 thoughts on “Six-Year-Old Author Ariana Is Here To Steal Your Heart

  1. I couldn't blink for a second and couldn't drop my ear of this conversation… Perfectly executed conversation ever! Hail Ariana..One Red Nose at a Time…

  2. Such a fake child, poor thing. Even the way she talks is totally fake. As if her parents told her what to say

  3. Indians are everywhere specially on youtube

  4. Hola saludos. Esta music ok blue sistym. Leidy. Bollén dietter talkin. Es canción ok esto por london mundo grc grc grc.

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