Six of the Best Books to Read (This Summer)

I’m sharing six of the best books to
put on your summer reading list you’ve got your manicure your pedicure
maybe swimsuit and now you just need to know which books to read whether you’re
going to the ocean or a little cabin in the woods
hopefully my list will help you choose one or two to take if you click on the
upside down triangle it will show you the timestamp of when I summarize each
book so you can skip it to the next one if you’ve already read it and while
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the number one book you need to take on your first vacation is the Devil in the
Junior League by Linda Frances Lee I could not put this book down it’s about
a lady who falls into an unfortunate circumstance and needs a really good
lawyer like this lawyer is greased back hair brown Leisure Suit but he’s the
best in Texas and the only way he will work for her is if he if she gets his
wife into her super uppity stereotypical Texas Women’s League and his wife is
like does not fit in and somehow she’s got to make her fit in and it just
crashes all her pearls in the kitchen mink coat stereotypes that she’s grown
up with that was real it just crashes all that and helps her find out who she
really is and who her real friends are and she
gets some revenge on some women who are not nice at all
and it’s not your stereotypical good friends book it is a cool and
light-hearted and fun and like stab them in the back kind of good friend
friendship book number two on my summer reading list for you is The Lake House
by Kate Morton she twists and turns family secrets into characters’
perspectives of what happened in this crime back in the
1930s and she bounces back between the 1930s and present-day and some of the
characters are still alive so you get their perspective you get the sense of
the awful family secrets and how you would react how you would hold on to the
secret or let it go it’s a suspenseful page-turner but not
because it’s scary because you don’t want those secrets to get out
Kate Morton does a fabulous genius job with vocabulary I feel very smart when I
read this book I felt very smart when I read this book the way she twists and
brings up surprises throughout the book it makes it a really quick read for
summer this one detective of present-day has her own plot going on as well as the
crime that happened that she wants to solve this crime that has been an OB
case for so long since the 1930s it’s set in Cornwall England and so you get
this beautiful scenic view of what the lake house looked like and what all the
secretive pathways looked like as well it really makes you think what you would
have done back then if you had witnessed this crime it also has a reading group
guide in the back for you if you want to host a book club number-three for your
reading list should be The Fix by David Baldacci this is my favorite David
Baldacci book yet this is number three in the series about Amos Dekker this guy
who has the unfortunate blessing or gift of not being able to forget anything and
right off the bat it grabs you in this thriller type plot grabs you in when
Amos Dekker witnesses a guy shoot a lady in front of the FBI building and he has
witnessed it he can’t forget anything and he can’t solve the problem he can’t find
a loophole he then tries to tie them together
somehow and there’s just something missing and
figures it out and it comes down to a matter of national security so there’s a
fast-paced like Oh solve the problem hurry hurry
kind of feel to it that makes it more of a page-turner and a quick summer read
his books are set in Northern Virginia or near DC and we used to live in
Northern Virginia so I know a lot of the roads and stuff that he mentions in his
books but this is my favorite and you don’t have to have read the first two books
you can just pick it up here on the third one in the series the number four
best book is by Lee Child my favorite author of all times and this one’s
called Night School and the main character in most of Lee Child’s books
is Jack Reacher and he’s supposed to be this what-you-see-is-what-you-get guy
who was in the military I think Marines he’s not a people-pleaser he can buck up
against the authority he only wears the clothes on his back he always rats
someone out who needs to be ratting out he has to take a night class and of
course he figures it out in the first hour that there’s really another reason
that he’s there and so he solves this problem in a sarcastic punch him in the
face way with not a lot of gruesome fighting but it is very action-packed
and he’s just brilliant in the way that he solves the problem he’s very good at
math so he uses those deductions to help I like to read his books in the airport
because I think like everyone’s a suspect like somebody is a spy trying to
do something to our nation and I’m gonna help solve the problem by reading this
book anyway great read for your summer reading list taking you by storm in the
first chapter is my number five book on your summer reading list is The Husband’s
Secret of Liane Moriarty an Australian author she does such a brilliant job of
letting you decide if you would point fingers or hide the secret for the rest
of your life as a woman as a mother as a wife as a friend will you ever tell
anyone this secret will it help you grow closer to your husband will it divide your
relationship such heavy heavy but suspenseful again because you’re hiding
secrets and you don’t want people to find out this secret but it’s such a
fast page-turner because of that and the way she describes the friendships and
relationships that are built and there are several secrets that come uncovered
in the book so you have to read it to figure out which secret I’m really
talking about Liane Moriarty also wrote the sixth book in my summer reading list
Big Little Lies with Reese Witherspoon Laura Dern Nicole Kidman all those
awesome actresses now take on the role of these uppity women in southern
california who have major issues like a lot of people in the PTA now they have
children and they have to solve their own issues while knowing that this
murder happened but at the same time they are becoming deep deep friends and
it makes you question can you really trust your friends will you allow your
mask to come off with your true friends now that you have them great quick read
I wish you wouldn’t use foul language as much it’s just unnecessary for me a
bonus book that I want to tell you about is a book called unveiled grace and it’s
about this BYU professor who leaves the Mormon cult and goes to Christianity and
it is a mini year-long many years long process it really gives you an insight
as to what she was thinking and what she had to go through to pull herself out of
that religion after you get back from your vacation leave me a comment and let
me know which book you chose or which book you think I should read I like a
lot of different types of books I usually don’t
like period books but I really liked The Lake House even though it was set in the
1930s for most of the book some of them thank you so much for
visiting my Laurie POP channel pop over again soon

4 thoughts on “Six of the Best Books to Read (This Summer)

  1. Thanks for the reading list. Good recs. I love Kate Morton and Lianne Moriarity and have read them all. Also love any Kristin Hannah who wrote The NIghtingale ) and Jodi Piccoult (Small Great Things).

  2. I love to read and always go to the library. I live in a small community. I like Jodi Piccoult, David Baldischl, Lee Child as well as some of the others. I love mysteries!!!😊

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