Sisters Author Interview with Raina Telgemeier

this is Amara she's an annoying loud obnoxious little know-it-all and she's also my sister and this is me and my family and this is just before we took a road trip one summer from San Francisco which is where we live to Colorado and back I'm Reina talgamite and my newest book is called sisters just like in my previous book smile this is a true story because I really enjoy writing about my own experiences as a kid and this particular story focuses on what it's like to be trapped with your sister in a car in the summertime just like I was when I was 14 we broke down on the side of the road a couple of times we go through some crazy storms and in this case there was a particular incident that happened that made me have to write this story and it also explains to you why I hate snakes I started keeping a diary when I was 10 I started to illustrate the entries and eventually it was just characters talking and those entries definitely informed the work that's in smile and sisters and now that I'm both writing and drawing my own comics I'm just the kind of cartoonist I've always wanted to be sisters is funny I tried to put humor on every single page it's also serious because when you're 14 everything feels serious to you and it's real everything in this book happened to me and have a feeling some of these things happen to you too

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  1. Hi l love your books l never liked reading books but I liked your books a lot please make new books

  2. Hello Raina! Your my fav author I heard your gonna make a book called guts when will it come out because I want to right when it come out?

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