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welcome back to sister circles live our next guest is a best-selling author who is ranked along with respected authors including Danielle Steel and James Patterson yes with over 100 successful books she's here to give us the keys on how you can become a best-selling author – please welcome out there Casey you look really nice thank you thank you did I just get comfortable it's fine thank you so much so do you have to talk about your journey because isn't a non-traditional journey dude well I mean a best-selling author tell us how you got started okay so truthfully my daughter is behind the success so I wrote my first book for her really as a young african-american teenager we were living in a predominantly white area mm-hmm and I needed her to see herself the way I saw her in the way the rest of the world needed to see her yes I wrote a book for her and she loved it yes so the crazy thing was I said well if I can write a book for her what else can I do so I wrote a book and I submitted it to my publisher and Here I am I mean this is just a great cinderella story I mean you have over 100 books and 90 of them are bestsellers I mean you're like the black Harlequin romance why do you think you're working resonates with so many people truthfully I think it's romance with an edge so one thing that that exceeds color gender everything our emotions and feelings and things like that and so the relationships are really what sell the books and I focus on that part and everybody feels emotions yeah bad up down doesn't matter so I think that's technically what sells the books and the success comes from that yes so out of all of your writings does any one stand out any more than the other or is there anyone you're most proud of you know that's so odd I would say no really but the first book is because it's what got me started is gonna be the one for me that will always be my heart however when I write every book is the best book it's like the next and I'm like girl you outdid yourself an excellent like oh man you really yes before we get to some real tips on how we can get this done do you have like you know an area where you ride you have to have incense on every glass of wine or what is it like when you write these best things I say I have one now you know I like to be outside because inside I feel restricted I'm a universe person and so I literally sit on my back porch with my dog I'm a little egg chair with my iPad and I will sit there for hours and write so that's my thing there's nothing else special about my system it's just being outdoors and it just lets my creativity flow is God ordained okay so give us some real tips to take us from on the couch to bestseller okay so the first thing is you need to know your target audience hmm so if you are trying to sell a do a self health book and you're trying to promote it to historical fiction it's not going to be successful right so know your target audience is number one and then do your research I don't care if you're writing fiction be an expert on what you're writing because even fiction has to feel real and authentic yes so you need to know what you're talking about and then consistency consistency in your ideas in your writing in your system whatever you're doing to produce those hits you need to be consistent because consistency is the key with anything in life yeah you know so those are the biggest tips but ultimately be your biggest advocate be a brand promote promote promote you can write a million books if nobody reads them no success yeah those are the key tips for okay so for that person they have their ideas they write their ideas on paper what's next tell us about the business side something and aha so first and foremost you need to know what you're trying to write so once you have your idea and things like that once you get that together then you systematically need to figure out who you're gonna send it to I'm a publisher send it to me so outside of that you know you basically need to understand your target market because that will help you craft your ideas you need to read a lot you need to know what you're competing against you've got to know what's out there but authentically put your spin on everything and that's it and just be authentically you with your writing and things like that and you'll be successful because if you feel it your readers will feel it you can't take someone else's ideas and try and make it your own it's got to be you so for every you know person that has that idea I say basically figure out who you are as an author and push it you think is a circuit yes yes let's talk about your seminar journey to number one so you're giving them you're giving the people obviously of this information now in art exposition but you're putting it in a seminar based atmosphere tell us about that okay so I didn't have a traditional journey and for me I came from a corporate world I didn't know anything about writing so a lot of things I had to figure out I didn't know how to submit a book I didn't know how to put together craft ideas and things like that and I struggled through a lot of it but I figured it out so for me I want to give back for those people that don't know I want to hand it over to them make it easy because anybody can be successful if you have the tools and I didn't have them I had to figure it out and I worked my way through it but there's millions of people out there who want that same success so I'm handing it over to you that's my duty my city well thank you so much Casey you are just uber ly successful and hopefully lots of people are ready to write their books after hearing your success story absolutely yes for more information on everything she's doing and the journey to number one seminar be sure to follow Casey on social media author Casey meals we'll be right back Thank You Casey

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  1. Wow! I was in the middle of writing my first book when I took a break and this popped up. I immediately started following her on IG. I need all the tips that I can get. Many blessings to her!

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