Sinclair Ferguson on the Collected Writings of John Murray

Who in all the world is Professor John Murray, and and where on earth is Westminster Seminary? I think it was a February he came, I think it was the February of 1967. I'll never forget the night he spoke; he spoke about the obedience of Christ, and the meeting was held in the graduation room of the University which had beautiful paneled walls, and the way I can describe the experience was it was almost as though he came right up to where I was sitting and said, "Son, I'm going to walk you to the back wall, and when we get there you'll notice that one of those panels has a handle on it, and it's actually a door. And, I'm going to take you through that door, and I'm going to show you a world that no one's ever shown you before." It was really as monumental as that. Not only because of that experience but also, then, when I read many of his writings before they were published in the "Collected Writings" He just had this combination of a rich understanding of the Gospel. So his work has meant so much to me.

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