SimXSantana “FLEXIN N’ FLASHIN” Official Lyrics & Meaning | Verified

Don’t brag, whatever you got, keep it to yourself,
or you will get robbed in my hood. Me, I walk down the street with as much money
as I want because of the fact that I’m the creator of “Flexing N’ Flashing.” So, you can’t tell a creator that I can’t
flex and flash. Just make sure you don’t flex and flash. I was in the crib, chilling. And I was bored for me, I was just playing
a 2K, my player. I’m like, all right, fuck it. Let me just write a song, feel me? I came up with the song in 15 minutes. It was a Souljia Boy type beat. I searched it up on YouTube. It was, that was the first beat I clicked
on. I ain’t even look through them. You’ve, I wasn’t like looking through beats. I clicked on the first beat. I’m not going to look up rappers that I, I
fuck with type beat. You feel me? Not saying I don’t fuck with Soulja Boy,
I just don’t listen to him. So when you search up somebody you don’t listen
to type beat, that’s the best type. That’s the best beat you’re going to get. That’s something I realized. Everybody was doing anything in my city like
all the younger artists and I was just like kind of held back. I can’t let these motherfuckers pass me cause
I’m hot too. When I see jammed, I mean like robbed, like
you feel me? That’s our word at Philly that we use for
rob. So it was like you can’t really actually show
off your shit and actually be proud to show off your shit because somebody can come take
it from you at any given moment. I ain’t letting nobody take shit from me. Having a shooter was you was like I knew my
man going to bust this gun, no matter what. Ain’t shit going to happen to me. I can’t really be a shooter and be in the
music industry. You feel me? So you got to keep one you, feel me? if you going through it or a situation or
whatever. And your friend got your back 100% that’s
cool and all but he going to get the same shit you getting just because of the fact
you backing him. If you talk the wrong way you’re going to
get stretched, meaning like you know how you see a dead body and they stretched out. In my city growing up you see a lot of wicked
shit, you feel me? At young ages, it don’t matter. So I have seen somebody get shot before. I knew people who shot people, I knew people
who got shot. You can see a movie and see somebody get shot
but for seeing it in person, it’s different. Like you hear a loud pow, feel me? Like motherfucker and pain. Say if you call somebody a bitch. Man if somebody call you a bitch or a pussy
or anything. You like, “You got me fucked up.” You feel me? That ain’t my name. A motherfucker can speak on, your mom, your
dad, anything. It’s like, “Don’t talk out your neck to me.” You feel me? Like if you’re going to talk to me, you’ve
got to talk to me with all respect and you’ll get respect back. If not, then you’re going to get stretched. That’s it. Coming correct mean, like You’ve got to plan
it on it like the worst can happen. I’m not going to lie that helped me get out
of a lot of trouble growing up because I think about shit before I actually go out and do
it My all-time favorite 2Pac song, is Hit ‘Em
Up. When he dissed Biggie. It was just like, he came correct so it was
genuine. That shit went well with what I was saying
because the fact I’m making a aggressive ass song. I actually had to tell her to exit the premises
because I was about to be late for one of my shows and it’s like time is money. Me being here with you or going somewhere
and getting money. It’s just like, “Deuces.” I was probably late but not too late. I was like five minutes late. A lot of you people usually say, “Yeah, I’m
in a trap with my bro… my homie and shit.” No. Spice it up. Have fun while you on the trap. Bring a beautiful young lady in there with
you. Ya know what I mean? Capping right now is in people… way of life. You don’t have a good look right now. You’re a liar and you act like a female. No matter where I’m at. No matter how big I get. I’ll always know where I come from. Everybody in my city growing up can’t afford
no fucking lobster. A lot of nights people don’t even get to eat,
feel me?… because like due to their situations and shit. So, the cheapest thing to buy… easiest thing
to make is noodles. No matter how big I get, I will always put
my feet up and reminisce eating noodles, feel me? Everybody should feel like they can’t be stopped
because of the fact that you got to go hard, like 110%, no matter what the fuck you doing. So, if somebody can just stop you from what
you’re doing, then your weak. You can’t stop a bike with no brakes. You probably put your foot down to slow it
down. Can’t stop it, though. Actually, seeing somebody freeze up in front
of your face, after the fact, you probably go back with your homies and it’s the funniest
shit ever. Because, social media make motherfuckers feel
as though they Superman… They invincible. You feel me? They had talked so much shit over social media
and they see you, it’s like they heart drop. Like Ooh, shit I never thought I’d run into
this motherfucker. My dog Mir still King Mufasa. That’s my homie Mir. He passed away. Right here. You feel me? So, when I say, “He still King Mufasa”…
like Lion King. Self explanatory. Shit. He still king no matter what, feel me. He will always be here with us.

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