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medium a magazine hey come on hey what's going on tomorrow how you baby I'm gonna hold on for a second let me set you up real quick I okay cool for my listeners out there I got the opportunity to sit down with an incredibly gifted artist that goes by the name of Simone the lyricist and we're gonna sit down with someone for a little while baby and she gonna let us know what it takes on how to put us in sosam Oh baby how do you treat me these days right now you know I just recently had a baby and I just step back on the scene and I've been out here killing everybody where you originally from and how long you've been doing your thing I'm full at Michigan I've been right and poetry and music since I was very young you know 13 14 years old I actually started rapping myself and 19 but then I took a break because I had my first child at 21 so I started back rapping last year here in Arizona was on the scene for about four or five months and I had another child but I'm back at it yeah that's what it is so so you know everybody started from something I'm saying got inspired by something or somebody who is inspiration I mean what made you actually wanna pick up a microphone and actually put your dinghy well personally I will have to say my cousin Johnny Fontane also for Michigan as well as my brother young man so for Michigan these men are incredible music they are incredible engineers and I was basically understudy in their studio I sit there and watch them do what they do and it just inspired me more but on a more you know mainstream type of level I would definitely have to say Queen Latifah I redid one of her songs back in the day just another day living in the hood she was definitely inspiration I love every mom a lot of people say that I remind them of Mia egg definitely some of the great so so so we gonna talk a little bit no sense mode you know this this times when I be I'll not be watching people performing all that I want you to give me your take on what you feel like today's rapper is missing you don't understand of what the game is kind of been missing you don't ascend since true hip hop came on the scene baby definitely is gonna come down to the lyrics the lyrics these days are you know reaching the audience obviously but it's not giving any type of a message it's just more so they're just a rapper into a B they got a catchy hook and he's a felon so I'm not knocking anybody but me I wanted to bring a more lyrical offense back into the rap shower yeah no question cuz you actually just segment it into my next question you don't understand it my next question was actually gonna be what's the message that you trying to convey with the music that you put out every day well me personally most of my songs are definitely gonna be off of a life experience what and coming from you know coming from urban areas and society will have you go through these different experiences so I know that a lot of people out here can't relate so what it is but I have to say yeah that's what it is so so throughout you do out your crappy you know your brief rapping career I want you to tell us you know what some of the challenges that you've come up against you know the sign that that kind of sometimes hitting you from being as successful as you feel like you should be or want to be at this time in your career well me personally I would definitely have to say that I'm doing most of it by myself you know what I'm saying so without a huge support system although I do have my mom a couple of my best friends that I have been there for me from the beginning of it it's hard when you are you know at the independent way that definitely give heart yes that's what it is so so let's get to it you know tell us you can understand I mean you know we got a cup of track for all those that's out there listening we want to make sure y'all stay locked in right here baby I'm media made music good understand we're gonna bang some of these tracks baby that Simone lyricist got you know understand and she'll let you know how she really hitting it down here baby you don't have time so so small baby what's the new projects that you're working on you don't have sound you got some singles coming out you got some videos coming I mean you tell me the story baby well I definitely know we got a couple videos I'm gonna be dropping here real soon one of them is called law the other one is called how would you feel so those will be dropping soon hopefully I'll be able to go ahead and drop the EP real soon as well but basically what I've been doing is really just gave my name on happy and hit me shows heavy I've won three shows in a row prior to me having my daughter I did a rap battle with a guy out here I want that one a trophy you know just basically hear my name everybody knows yeah no question about that so Simone if somebody have to try to put you in a box you'd understand which we know they can absolutely can't put you in a box you never said cuz your lyrics is unbelievable but if they had to put you in a box someone once said to you what would you think you would who are you are you a rapper are you a battle rapper you don't have sin all you are you are MC I mean what will be the terminology will be used for your name when are you talking about Simone the lyricist is what I'm also just say there I'm myself like I come from a place where we know back down so if somebody comes to me with some type of you know a competition or something like that I'm definitely gonna stand up yeah no doubt about that baby so so other than rapping I'm saying do you have some other aspirations in the music industry I mean what's some of the other things that you look to kind of look to count evolve into so just recently I roll myself that crash that's the conservatory of Recording Arts and Sciences so what they do there is they teach you how to engineer a produced music you know basically on a wider spectrum so music production as well as broadcasting lifestyle saw the 16th of that nature you have a opportunity to win Grammys while you're in the school 11-month program at the end of it you do a two month internship any record label of your choice so at this time right now this or you know a little research on the record label field you know which way I want to go with it so so I got a question for you you know I'm saying like if you had the opportunity to give some cats out here some advice get on I'm saying well what would your advice be to them about staying focused and staying in the game of a just music game that we that we do every day what was your what would your advice be to them no matter what anyone has to say about you just stay true to yourself if that's how you feel about yourself and this is what you want to do go for it don't don't let nobody tell you no different just push for your drink yeah that's what I'm talking about alright baby listen I'm doing it you with a question man might make you think a little bit over there you heard his words here's what it is baby if you had an opportunity to perform with somebody past or present dead or alive who would that artist be and why oh man that is a hard one that is what I'm gonna have to think about I'm gonna off top go where biggie yeah because a lot of people who compare me to a female biggie and I think me and him together would have just sort of seen up mm-hmm yeah no question about that so so give me a little insight on what's your mind frame when they put that microphone in your hand and you get ready to step onstage to do what you do when I get that mic in my hand basically it's all or nothing I'm there to leave it all on the stage you know Sendak's you see you perform and you know in my eyes you don't understand you was you as miles ahead of everybody else you'd understand because a lot of cats really forget about the a lot of cats really forget about the art of what we actually do it in the music that we make you dig you don't sign and and a lot of Katz's is rapping over the music you don't understand and you know they run out of breath if I turn the music off what would they do then you know what I'm saying and I know what I have right let me to see you and I see if a cat turn the music off on you listen i'ma keep going you're gonna look at the shikoku spitty gonna be like wow did she really do that listen y'all I had an opportunity she'll perform she's really going to do that Simone the lyricist it's really gonna knock the put knock the ball out the park you know the sign she not playing she's doing what she do you dig and that's why man we had an opportunity man to kind of get on his show man and have her tell her story you dig what I'm saying so so so that's what I'm talking about so small baby you don't mean like you know what's up next baby I mean you know Sam what's some of the things that you're gonna be doing everybody know me you know Sam witty can I see some soup I got it I got a cypher coming up real soon off February the 14th there's gonna be a strangers bar I will also be performing that night no I'm sorry it's not his fingers bar is at the bench bar in Tempe or baseline and McClintock absolutely team hustler DJ pears shoutout for him childhood just the Empress for getting me on the show but yeah that's my next step and then I also just recently signed up for a cookout competition yeah I'm gonna jump on that tool for a minute let me just say man it was a pleasure for you coming down and speaking with us for a little while over here and medium thanking like thank you no doubt no doubt yeah I'm sad but before we go I want to give you another opportunity to plug everything and everybody minutes I'll help you put you in place to where you are today baby all right my name is Samantha lyricist that's th e you can find me on all your social media platforms I'm on instagram @ Simone the lyricist I'm on Twitter at lyricist some old Facebook Simone the lyricist SoundCloud the mama lyricist you can also find me on reverbnation yeah y'all heard it first right here on media made music baby and I'm your host Chad gray hey small baby let me just say this before we go you dick I want to show you may you be blessing everything that you do every day you feel me and may you prosper in everything that you attempt to do each and every day you her love thank you I appreciate that no doubt baby ain't for my listeners out there baby y'all make sure y'all keep it locked here right here baby so we can play some of this Simone lives just for you baby you can see how she really getting down and smiling baby once again I want to say thank you baby you know I'm sad and peace you and may you always be blessed my love yeah no problem saying to you thanks for having me on medium a no doubt

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