SimLab Composer Integration with Sketchup

4 thoughts on “SimLab Composer Integration with Sketchup

  1. I am using an Acer Aspire R7-572. My system has 16G RAM. It is Running Win 8.1 on an Intel i5-4200.

    When using the SimLab "Step Importer" I try importing the Stp file from GrabHub ( X-Carve_1000mm_DC_simple .stp ), it just grinds to a near halt.

    I am attempting to use your software to load this file, so that I may make pland to build an enclosure for my CNC machine.

    If it will not do something as simple as this, as i have more than exceeded the required system specifications, then I will certainly not pay the three digit retail price.

    Please advise here in the open. Everyone needs not only to be able to know how to fix such issues, but also that you openly stand behind your products. And, do not hide behind "trouble tickets".

    Thank You for your time.

  2. Sketchup to simlab composr integration is not working for me. I use sketchup 2014. I tried extensions, transfer to simlab composer integration and nothing happens

  3. What is your system configuration.
    Or what should be the system configuration for Rendering with Simlab in sketchup.
    Please reply….m looking forward.

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