Silent Literature Evangelist — Elder Devon Roberts

hi i'm devin roberts actually I'm a local elder in the East Lansdowne seventh-day Adventist Church in East Lansdowne Pennsylvania my family and I have decided to do two different projects this is number one of the two this is called the silent literature evangelist so what we have done is we have put out this bookshelf on the outside of our home on our steps sitting on a chair it is silent it doesn't say anything it doesn't hear anything but it sheers literature as my neighbors pass by or whoever passes by whether in their car they can see these literature displayed they can come up and they can take a great controversy they can take ten commandments twice removed they can take something for the young people something for the toddlers and as we do this we're hoping to reach people who otherwise would not be reached and we are hoping and praying that someone will give their lives to Jesus as a result of this project this is called my silent literature evangelist thank you for watching I hope that would be a blessing to you and that you may be able to do something similar in your neighborhood now I would like you to come with me as i show you project number two as you follow me over to my front lawn you can see I am NOT a candidate running for election but I'm a candidate for heaven revelation 14:6 to 12 and actually what this says it identifies who we are it tells us that we are actually born again built Bible believing Sabbath observing commandment Christian home and then this we end by inviting people for prayer and Bible study by just calling the number on this sign this is something I think that everyone can do if you have a good relationship with the neighbors in your community and as people pass by they may think it's a sale sign but as they take a good look it is something that is talking about the good news of salvation and the three angels message may God help you and I hope that everybody who sees this may be able to do something like this to help others talk see the goodness of Jesus

27 thoughts on “Silent Literature Evangelist — Elder Devon Roberts

  1. A great cloud of witnesses rising up we are sharing the mark of the beast tracts now on the south coast of Jamaica.plz pray for us and people are so happy for them it's truly amazing

  2. BEAUTIFUL you forgot to put the Sabbath is the seventh day of the week was that left out purposely Thank you God for your willing son to obey your voice and esteem others greater than himself

  3. God bless you elder, I love this work for i was converted though literature evangelism where the book was dumped and one of my brother took it and gave me… Keep it up for the salvation of the precious souls.

  4. Praise God. Wonderful ideas. Thank you for sharing. It is exciting to see the different ideas God is inspiring His people with and to observe the various methods of evangelism. Keep it up saints! We are nearing home!!!! 🙌

  5. Amen brother! Continue the good work! I thought STS was doing a documentary about Obama, you look a little like Obama!

  6. Wonderful work brother! Where do you get your literature from ? I need more literature. I have passed out Steps To Christ, The Great Controversy, Signs and other literature but need more! Help!

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