SILENT HEART ATTACK | Explained by a Cardiologist | Dr.Education (Hindi)

31 thoughts on “SILENT HEART ATTACK | Explained by a Cardiologist | Dr.Education (Hindi)

  1. Sir your video are osm I love to watch it 🙏🏻🇮🇳🙏🏻jai hind 🙏🇮🇳🙏

  2. Sir I request you ki aap chehere pe hone wale milia k ware me aur uske treatment ke ware me jara bataen..

  3. Sir I m 30 yrs old. due to consistent cough lst year fr abt 7 months i hv suffered frm mild cardiomegally. i used to smoke earlier. though i m relievd frm cough since lst 6 months Still i hv chest pain. wht test should i do? i ws advised CT scan at Medanta Gurgaon bt i could nt manage due to busy schedule. Wt should i do nw.? m i suffring frm silent heart attack. thanks.

  4. डॉ. सरजी..
    मेरा T-D-Echo, और, Stress (T.M.T.) Dt. 6/6/2019 को हुई है।
    Stress Test.. Negative है।
    मेरी 27/10/2017 को अँजिओप्लास्टी भी हुई है।
    कार्डिओलाँजिस्ट ने मुझे.. M.P.S. Image Scan Test advice किया है..
    यह test क्या होती है?
    क्रुपया, समझाने की कोशिश करे..।
    ।। धन्यवाद.. डॉ. साहब..।।

  5. I have 3 marks on my face because of injury,
    Sir kya yeh thik ho sakte hai ya remove
    But how tell me please

  6. Dr. Singh sagib ji, ssa, Pls let me know ur views abt EECP therapy, I wrote many time on ur eecp Video, but u never replied.

  7. Thank you doctor aap sach mein genius itna Gyan kitni aasani se samjha dete Ho, भगवान आपकी हमेशा मदद करें

  8. Hats off ,doctor u are gem to society , someone commented, even after paying the fees some doctor's never educate the patient,s , this is a Noble thing u.r.doing. God ,almighty ,shall bless u. ur .family, Iam a type 2 patient, I will try to take care,I have shared this to my near n.dear ,thank u.lot.!

  9. Sir I'm 36 or meri problem ye mein din me to thik rhti hun but sleeping time me bahut ghabrahat hoti h kabhi kabhi to sote hiye se nind bhi khul jati h

  10. Hii Sir mane 4 din pahle Viagra liya tha, Tab se sar, badan, or bukhar aa rha h, pet me bhi than Ho rha h aakho me bhi dard ho rha h, Sir plz koi tablet btaye jis se thik ho jaye 🙏🙏🙏

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