'Significant' teacher application backlog cleared, Florida's education boss declares

tonight thousands of aspiring Florida teachers waiting months for the state to process their applications are finally hearing back Fox 4 investigator Katie LaGrone was first to expose the massive state backlog now she's reporting on its progress and the new promise being made to these aspiring teachers will eliminate the entire backlog in 120 days four months later Florida Education Commissioner Richard Corcoran declares he's kept that promise announcing the state has cleared up its massive backlog of teacher applications more than 30,000 have stuck in a system of delay for more than the state's 90-day limit Florida's marks me as one of their best and brightest and yet they won't look at my application Krystal Justice whose temporary certificate expires in August says she first submitted her application for permanent certification last summer due to some confusion she says the state didn't start processing it until January by April she contacted us in a panic when they told me that it would be another four to five months that was shocking that was I couldn't breathe so you're saying that right now you're facing the possibility of unemployment because of the state's backlog yes I am earlier this year we were first to discover the Florida Department of Education sitting on thousands of teacher applications our findings prompted a statewide admission of failures its new boss calling the delays unreasonable and the result of inefficiency he has signed new leadership reassigned more staff to application duty and school districts hoping to keep teachers whose applications still needed to get processed got priority it's unbelievable you need us to make a phone call for you we're still justices application was finally approved thank you that would be a really really really big help a few days after we contacted the state about it the state says they are back to processing new applications within 90 days and working towards reducing that down to 30 days Katie Legrand Fox 4 in your corner

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