1. "All the authors left their egos at the door".
    ADB: I get to write about the Emperor (in The Master of Mankind novel)? Woohoo, I, the Chaos lover, will surely give Him a very bad face, and lots of bias and politics against the Imperium will definitely surface in this book.

  2. What if things are the way they are supposed to be?! What if the emperors pact was this? This is the only way humanity could survive. Imagine if the emperor was taken out of the picture, how humanity would be. Without the emperor, the 40k setting for humanity would be one massive galactic slaneshy orgy.

  3. Love your clips, got all my mates onto them too. Lots of love from here down in New Zealand – Thanks WLR

  4. They should make an hbo series and make these books into an amazing show but drop the ball in the last season

  5. I think the Lore should stop pretending to be grimdark for the grimdark sake. It shouldn't be just the Emperor who is the perfect being. And there doesn't have to be any drastic changes to archive that. The Tau should have been the "Good Guys" at the beginning, but I guess because of many angry Fanbois the Tau were made the perhaps most evil Faction of them all.
    But why do they all have to be evil? The naive and good Tau could have suffer so often so delightful. Seeing the good get crushed and humiliated so often. Isn't that the true grimdarkness? Not another bad guy, but a good guy that suffers endlessly.

  6. There's something that confuses me. Why does Terra has so many cathedrals during the Horus Heresy? Why do they have so many Skulls on Stone balconies, and look more like Churches than modern, militaristic, imperial Buildings? Didn'T the Emperor destroyed Planets for far less?

  7. I like the scheming big E! Shiny boi is shiny is so, so boring. The evidence is there already, he killed the Thunder warriors. He killed all the religons who opposed him. Dude is a Tyrant. He should be written as such.

  8. The emp trusting his sons to varying degrees WAS NOT A MISTAKE. There is quite literally nothing about that thinking that isn't born out of the poisons of the post modernist age, a sense of extreme entitlement, daddy issues, etc. Those same daddy issues are why the narrative regarding the emp is going the way it is, because people cannot stand the idea of a good person, because it pricks their human guilt reflex. Shitty people project their shittiness onto everyone, and act like that's enlightenment. Its not, its acting like its impossible that someone had a higher quality of character than you. But there's nothing impossible about that, unless you start from a position of extreme hubris and egotism.

  9. You think that the "Emperor of Mankind", is "Good"?!?? Wow. No my friend, not in the least…
    His intentions, and actions, were ALWAYS entirely belonging to a specific goal, & ultimately, all of it was no more than an arrogant, self-serving scheme to manipulate and control humanity, and through them and the power of the warp…. mold reality itself to his desire… and all of this was designed and enacted wholly without the all important human trait of empathetic compassion….
    HE, was no longer human… And yet he'd not "risen above" those flaws which are simply inherent to the human condition; No, instead HE had lost the ability to actually even make the attempt, or make the necessary efforts to comprehend, what the concepts implied in those two words – "being human"….. had ever even truly meant.
    He was a monstrous thing, the ultimate parasite; and he had fed, and yet still feeds, upon all of humanity's potentials and essences….
    The damage He continuously is doing to all mankind, is immeasurable…. and it absolutely devastates all possible hope, and does so for the whole of the future & for all life, regardless of species… and the end result is an oblivion of abject torment, and utter enslavement for the entirety of time immeasurable….
    For it is no less than a stagnation of all evolution, and the unnatural limitation, and finally the complete destruction, of all humanity's future potentialities.

  10. Hey Wolf I’m very happy for your channel growth, and it’s no surprise, congratulations! . I’m really anxious to read the final Hours heresy novels, It’s interesting to know how many people have a love for the Emperor, even after reading all the previous novels detailing how the Primarchs struggled with the deliberate gilded-shroud of darkness , and ignorance their father had them all under. I look back at every time the Primarchs remember meeting their father for the first time , and how they describe what a warm loving “father “ figure he pretended to be., and then when you think of how Sanguinius suffered in silence knowing he had to execute his sons, keeping the secret to himself, for fear that his Father or brothers would know of the blood angels gene flaw. Or how Conrad Curze knew what his father had made him for without a doubt, even sacrificed himself to prove the truth of a hypocrite father. And to strain Magnus relationships with his brothers due to his chapter being gifted with psyker abilities. And the list goes on and on, clearly the tittle is this entire war legacy being called “The Horus Heresy “ is an oxymoron, to imply Heresy in itself it’s the act of defiance against God, when clearly from the start the Word Bearers paid dearly for exalting the Emperor to this high regard. This entire saga should have been named “Sins of the Father” . You know I feel that Sanguinius chose to die at the hands of Horus, he was a true brother, and understood how far Horus had fallen and how the ruinous powers had exploited his weaknesses, but Sanguinius knowing he had similarities in doubts and remembered how once he confided In Horus when he was burdened with slaying his sons that were afflicted by their flaw, Horus carried that burden with him knowing what had happened to the second and twelve chapters.Sanguinius could not look at Horus in the face and kill him without feeling he should share the same fate, I believe in a way he simply stood aside, and let their father face the truth head on , and see if their father had the audacity to face his sins and kill his son to rectify his guilt. Honestly I think Malcador would have been a better father for them all, I guess in a way he was .Well I’m sure we’ll find out why everyone and everything became the mockery that the Imperium is now, and how the space marines were doomed the day they came of the product line.

  11. I see them turning old Emps into a complete Hitler-esque megalomaniac, which he never was. Yes he was always driven to the point of single mindedness but they've, as you say, been throwing more and more shade at him as the Heresy series progressed. Even Luetins last upload was in this vein and, in my opinion, is going to far. The Emperor had to be focused to achieve such a lofty goal but to start turning him into this self serving dictator is moving to far away from who I've always perceived the Emperor to be.

  12. Wolf Lord, you call an autistic xenophobe, chronic liar and cynic manipulator the shining light in the darkness? Come on, this guy mandated genocides of entire multiplanetary civilizations FOR HIS VISION. He couldn't well leave people alone if they did not care to serve him, it was serve or die. If 40k as we know it is grimdark, if the emperor survived it would be year 1984 IN SPACE. I'm not saying Horus was right – he was murdering asshole. Its probably for the best that those two annihilated each other. The 40k as we know, is probably, the BEST outcome there could be. Now that is a thought, isnt it?

  13. The Emperor is a complete Tyrant and always has been. He's also completely insane, the ultimate need for absolute control of an entire galaxy simplified by wiping out anyone and anything that doesn't do exactly as he says. This is the man who created The Night Lords and the World Eaters, specialists in absolute butchery and horror even before their respective Primarchs joined them. They were designed to be monsters for the sake of being terrifying monsters. He could have conquered the Galaxy with Ultramarines, especially the sheer number he could have produced if he streamlined and industrialized the induction process on recruiting worlds. He chose to make monsters because he wanted to make and unleash monsters, just like his Thunder Warriors before. No matter what he himself may think he does not have anyone but his own interests at heart. He cares absolutely nothing for anyone who doesn't fit his master plan than to maybe make a special note in his memory about them that he may tell a Custode about later before he grants them the Emperors Mercy. The Thunder Warriors were loyal and had fought and died for him all across Terra, he ordered them butchered by the Custodes after their final victory and used their "Noble Sacrifice" to further aggrandize himself and his vision that these heroes had valiantly given all for.
    The Emperor is a sociopath with a great brochure and a sales pitch that you literally can not refuse. He didn't set about improving life for Humanity on planets he conquered, he set about making sure he had the resources to wage war further. He didn't set up universities and schools, hospitals, libraries, bring modern technology to feral worlds and elevate the Tribes people.
    The best argument you could ever make for the Emperor was necessary evil, that's still evil by definition.
    I love 40k, but you basically have Psychic Space Hitler vs 4 copies of The Devil for the souls of all humanity. Neither of these scenarios is a win for humanity. Would you like your complete slavery to a being whose power is beyond your comprehension and will gladly sacrifice you to further their own endless dreams of power and conquest with or without eternal servitude and hideous mutations?
    Love the videos and discussion boss, keep up the great work.

  14. I'm wondering if they're showing the flaws in the Emperor's dream in order to juxtapose it with Guiliman's thoughts on what the Imperium should be in the current 40k timeline.

    The other opportunity here is to offer an epilogue that goes more into how the various Loyalist primarchs vanished to help set the stage for potential returns in the modern timeline, especially since their fates are mostly just mentioned in the rulebooks and codices

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