Showing books from my favourite authors

that's not what you know same day we are going to be showing you all like the handprint of X and what's it about so hurry overdue it's so good so here we have the first the philosopher's stone you've got lots of this done and that's how grid that's Harry Potter and Hermione and Ron and Chamber of Secrets the snake fun and that the Phoenix and this is Harry Potter I get any of these are just please come down below and we've got a prisoner of azkaban with the dear reindeers every idea on Harry Potter yeah the Goblet of Fire did you're gonna wait do you know that me bear he rides these dragons and then yeah I was wrong and that's Harry Potter yep and the order of the Phoenix is like a scary-looking dragon on here and Harry Potter and my favorite movie is the hospital point when snake is actually working with all the more on that Dumbledore and Harry and all the bodies they go to the island and it is all these dead bodies here and then and we have the deathly hallows with Voldemort and Harry Potter and so I'm going to show you more on my who the authors that's a little bit me doing these are some books these are one book for my favorite office so we have David the hua Lian's which I really like and his rat burger that's own but that's Zoey and in the book and the wrap and we have buried a Wimpy Kid the long haul that's Greg and he has his brother his big brother Robert his lovable that money and he is Mona I don't know all these yeah and you got creeped from the gate from goosebumps and this is a pretty fun day yes and it was so catch my heroes so that's how you have to make this so if you want to make it then you can make it so in this first and and what you do is you get you : pepper you stick got a glue on what put this whimsical color it ends and you mix your number can you have to step up to go step right in always hey I made this with my brother yes I'm my own crochet I didn't use anyone's help are you screwed up I was up unlike we said we're gonna get back to the offices and if you don't I'll show you some constellations are they called constellations concealers and Jessica constellations that's my balloon by the way that re Orion re re re on and this one is ter Taurus I don't know there's no Prius Reyes and Cassie off me oh that one it's like an easier second moose – this is not eggs I'm and to march to me looking not these constellations you can see looking south these constellations much to me so looking you know looking south I'm gonna say West then June to August looking not looking self September to November looking off looking south to February okay no looking south on their own I'm sure you'll see out there state sushi so yeah spacecraft satellites honestly on space stations Jana big telescope so this big telescope and this is the whole space house well it is obviously about us cloudy atmosphere since 1989 t son back annaclaire images of the universe asteroids comets this comet MC not in 2007 it says southern hemisphere it was enough to see by their exoplanets exoplanet blue stars nebulae extreme stars galaxies deep space mmm black holes I a black hole whose get sucked in these things all that close a patch of space we're pulling force called gravity is so strong that anything close enough is sucked in even light itself but holes are invisible but they may pull just in gasps – awesome in spirals that's been so quickly they heat up and shine scary that's what I'll is an outerspace guys and I move show you one one one more author one just me with books enemies forever puppy love and drunk we can you help me today no that's not where it went down here thing we should do the hard Potter ones ah I just hurt my yeah that's right boy sound crunch down put these I put all these back yes one two three six can make it comment down below I know you eat I just any ones I real so I hope you like this video if you smash that like button and I'll see you all next time good bye

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