Shout outs and watching peoples content and stuff

my definitely not I can oh listen attorney what's up swag syg I don't know what's up for lithic and I wonder if this is look man I'm not used to showing off my left hub this is this is new to me I'm exploring if any of like YouTube channels another look at your YouTube channel that's what this is supposed to be I'm experiencing streaming from my laptop can you give my channel look look swag purse Haji all right some pretty you're my stream isn't that good in quality right now so yeah I'm gonna look at a video but it might lag like crazy just just letting you know hold on let me let me try to get some more people in here though but then I won't know if people are talking if I look into you money okay guys so I'm watching people stuff my support be like you know your support real click I'm just kind of trying to make sure can I get some more people in here for one then I'm trying to make sure hold on that nobody comes in here and I can't reach that I can't reach that right now I'm doing something are hopefully that works because it didn't send out post no DS that's why only four people out here so I just made a video and said it didn't send out post no DS hopefully that brings more people out here so this is more fun for you guys alright spin up for alright five people in stream now alright no DS didn't go yeah I know what I when I reset stream it doesn't go uh I don't have people watch me for uh this is cool I'm just trying to get as many as I can get any leak it alright shadow do you have a youtube cuz right now and I don't think you are you – uh yeah right now I'm just looking at people's YouTube prolific yellow looking for YouTube I'm just trying to make sure there's a good amount of people right here for y'all so yeah alright yeah I think that might be the best we did oh for right now you to be tripling the head no no I studied or something like that uh let's go he's gonna like I already know I'm sorry the quality of this live stream is just down the toilet oh that's loud okay now I could tell that it look when the stream is so laggy I mean I know y'all could tell that that was sweet though that was sweet I'm not gonna watch that I'm not gonna watch that 14 minute video but that's a nice clip into we get a nice edited – I think you should make your videos lower though not not not that I've not so you should make the you should make them at last that long it's bad very long at least you gotta you gotta build audience before you before you drop 14 minute videos you should like drop maybe five minute videos and then once you get hired that's when you travel longer videos ah man these post modi's are messing up this dream alright who's next nice cool I just try to give you a little bit of tips yeah I mean what I don't post videos like that anyway it's just it's just my two cents I don't think it does that I might be the best person to take advice from one maybe streaming I know what I'm talking about but videos maybe maybe a little bit the quality potato I know I I think there I think is but I think it's because I'm using the wrong thing the thing that I'm using I think I'm I think it's outdated cuz I I tried the or let me see if I can get some more people hate her I'm not uh give me give me two seconds yeah two seconds two seconds cuz I'm not gonna be able to see sure right now give me two seconds I'm trying more people in the stream so more people could see our stuff I'm almost done just trying to get more people in here uh prolific I know you wanted me to watch your stuff I don't know what you're saying in chat right now but I'm about to watch your stuff next and getting people to come no all right I don't know if anybody's in the stream now and this is this this is weird that's why I like having that chat bar when I live stream like from the play station because I could see chat easily while I'm on my phone and all that and right now I can't see chat at all and I don't know if there's anybody in this room anymore but I'm done I'm coming back and I could look at chat now all right cool cool cool cool cool I'm here I'm back she wants me please you know I got you next but I gotta get prolific right now all right prolific we prolific are you still here cuz I'm but if you're not here I gotta go to the next person William there's like four people only ya know the the quality is that of this thing is trash I don't blame them it's just that this is my first time doing something like this I gotta get better I gotta get better software No yeah pearlitic are I gotcha prolific prolific in 50 seconds that's that's that's that's a pretty good time this might be a little too loud too it might just be my volume said I don't know if y'all I don't know if it's here I don't know I hope this isn't coffee ready ah I'm a pass on that I'm just gonna yeah I'm a pass on that I don't know if that's copyrighted or not when you do watch I'm a creative warrior we'll find out we'll find out qualities do do I know that's that's why that's why there's only four people in here because that's trust me man this is the first time doing this I will not with by the by the third time I'm doing it I'm done I've done this I will have way better quality I understand water jacket I wholly understand thanks for giving it a chance to okay this is so dumb because on my computer screen is fine but when I I sleep oh this is just terrible quality man I don't know what's going on bro from this quality I look I know it's retarded well I'm telling you by by that by next time I don't know if I'm gonna have it right but I should have it by about a third time how many ways do you have uh I mean well I started on a different account so the heck I'm in somebody's livestream now this is a GTA what the heck how many subs does this guy have it's typical game that's why I say why are 7 thousand people watching that screen Oh alright so ray your next duty lies me out okay so you got oh that's a stream I was wise as wheel an hour okay that's three minutes 12 minutes that's seven minutes alright okay so a this one I hope it's copyrighted music I'm turning up the volume it's not any music at all I got you dizzy you the nineties video you saw hi oh my god bro the quality is doodoo Oh William you you wanna did you want me to do yours next the quality is such hash oh my well that's not a one no it doesn't matter if it's a montage or not it's just call it backwards your nineties are way better than mine that's all I gotta say I'm not good at all the doing – sure brothers yeah the quality is trash I'm just your ear good it broke you're good at you're good at it jeez you're good you're good what the heck am i doing you guys want to watch some Family Guy I'll probably get cut a copyrighted nevermind so so what we're doing next who's next who's next who's next mine second oh my consonant it doesn't matter a catchy sleep uh give me a second I want to see if I could get any more people in here if y'all have any more people to bring in here bring some more people in here just gonna watch people's content you know all right I'm gonna watch this video because it's recent no no I'm just gonna watch the most recent video and yeah I'm about to bring some more people in here if I can I'm gonna see I cannot reach out right now hold on let me go to my channel so I can reach out real quick while I'm doing this because the more people that come to the stream the more people watching out content the more clout you guys get because that is the point of this let me turn down the mic uh water jacket I guess you can you watch my montage yeah I got you can i watch like was people's Instagram stuff yeah I think I'll go watch people's Instagram stuff too uh I'm about to get more people in here two more people in here you know what I mean the better this goes for everyone can you watch my 15 solo squads game uh to skip through that I'm not watching the whole game there's no way I'm doing that I'm sorry but I'm getting more people in the stream so y'all have more viewers so I can get more cloud off this cuz I know it's not many people in here because the quality of this stream is very fresh I just want to let y'all know if y'all if y'all are in here and the ILA expecting some good quality stuff you're not gonna get that I'm sorry I got it I gotta find out I don't know if it's my computer or if it's a or if it's the software thing I'm using but I gotta fix it there's no way that people are gonna be satisfied with this I appreciate it I'm trying to bring them as many people as I can in here so you guys could get this need some clout some clout man just I could go for some Chloe right now awesome all right so we got 14 people in here and getting as many as we can you know what I mean I'm almost done I'm almost done yeah I know I know all right now we got now we could do it is there a way just just each tit Oh what uh all right I'm bad now I'm sorry I'm sorry for taking so long sure I'm sorry for taking so long with this but now I'm about to watch suede iOS sweet sweet are you still here I'm only watching people stuff who are still in the stream show you guys now so yeah smack that got you just make sure you you you wait up man all right sweet are you still here I'm a move on if you're not here man yeah here all right oh yeah my gosh yeah all right so the first perp all right before we start this video I am sorry for the quality I am sorry I am sorry this is not my fault but oh no no no no it is my fault it is my fault I'm sorry first off let me like in comments I'm gonna do this for everybody's video now I'm sorry I should have been doing it all right uh noma save the comment for after I watch and let's get a little bit of sound going this is so bad now that the clips not the clips the quote my quality is trash my quality is so trash I can't do this Hoxie I got you you're actually scary recording with the potato screeners not right now I'm just watching people's stuff until I got asleep give war lily water water jack I gotcha alright so so it's clear that that you are a mobile boots and that's what I'm gonna comment no I'm gonna come in mobile God explanation okay I'm gonna get you to comments mundo you know you know you gotta you gotta spam it up shooter love good good good good good all right now now we move on to uh I think salty was next it might be salty next uh oxy year year uh you're not next you're probably like third uh so I got I got salty then I got uh my recent yeah I got you oh yeah I gotta get give water I got I got so I got salty then I got water choco and poach I got you too but I gotta get ask see before I get you poach I think no no no no you were before your before oxy all right so let me get salty real quick just to just to just to get it out the way and I mean salty rush go what the heck Oh oh my god Jill so with the copyright music yeah chill with the copyright music it was water it was water Jack Oh ding you owe my bed water jacket I got you I was like oh I'm gonna get him next anyway so if you just got a pickaxe montage oh hey I could I could recheck you up cause it was only like four people in a stream when I got you yes Leslie just got a pickaxe montage oh my god yeah again I am sorry for the quality I notice is due to of course I noticed by the range you're probably like two people behind now uh okay we water Jacko are you still here yeah yeah water Jackyl is still here gotcha give water Jacko and then after water Jacko I got poached then I got oxy or oxidant pooch knows poop should an oxy pooch oxy then I got uh think it's tgz then deranged and I'll keep going after that you got you guys will get your time to shine you not I mean Oh water Jacko I don't know how I'm gonna find you not at all maybe if I filter it then go to channel give water Jack oh definitely just I found it so this video is OC log I just want you to know that that is beyond Longman this video is beyond long you you should I don't think you should be making videos like that not just yet this is that a fear it's gonna take somebody a lot to watch this with you they gotta be really interested oh yeah I got you all up here it's weird saying save the world because I have never played it that is save the world know that oh wait lately oh you wanted me to do a different video uh I got you hold on can I see look at my 90s couch let me do that that should be pretty good video I mean a nice ladies it's gonna look true man is gonna look trash I'm sorry is gonna look trash but I got this stair edits could use some work but I see the 90s I see the nineties alright that's pretty good that's pretty good uh all right who's next again let me scroll back up to FPS for real I'm sorry uh it's not my fault I mean it is it is my fault but sniper I shouldn't meet I don't know how to explain it don't hold me accountable for this it's not this is my first time doing something like this I'm trying to look for who was supposed to be next pooch then the oxy wait pooch are you still here poach are you still here poachers are still here dude we're moving on action line it was pooch than you oxy what if pooch isn't here I got you pooch Joshy alright pooch that oxy if you guys are still here by the time we're done with everybody I'll go back around cuz it might be different people who didn't see your stuff yet but I could show a different different video something like that whatever you want me to do oh you're grinded for agro agro grinder and I aggro grinder I like it let me see wait that copyright music I'm gonna start asking people before I do before I played our stuff is it copyright I'm lucky a little bit of sound here and there you know I mean I would probably already be monetize for this video anyway honestly I'm probably already be monetized so I shouldn't care but there's a chance that I'm not you forgot to comment I did forget to comment I'm sorry I forgot to like and comment I'm gonna come back to your agent like in comment a pooch goggle of my comments right now all right let me go let me go back and give water jackals comments like only a I don't know what I was supposed to say for this yeah I don't know that might be kinda lame good love my comment anyway that might be kind of lame all right next one on to the next one let's go I forgot about you salty oh my god I forgot about everybody didn't I wait at the we should have first one I I didn't know oh my god you already noted bill goal of my comments now we're on to now we're onto oxy ah si let's go get it out the way boop boop alright I'm gonna wait to comment so after the video hey don't don't be promoting your creator code on my on my stream no no promotional creator khuddam you you guys can't hear me yes I think he unplugged is my what y'all can't hear me okay okay okay okay I guess it was the stream delay okay you cut off this song like it right in the middle order but is still cool uh yeah I got you Santi call me Santy is marched I'll just like run on subdued oh I messed that up I'm like a real fast typer just just so yeah I know you don't want me to show you a little something some see how fast I could type I'm like good it on the keys in my watch after all the 700 other people is definitely not 700 people left me yeah I got you all right so who have been I watched it just so I know I have an idea of who I didn't watch one two three four all right is that everybody I haven't watched it imagine why keep yours on the sphere yeah one two three four five six think I have six left seven I think I yeah I have like seven left he had arranged on the I don't even know what to say matter of fact that was not a clip so my side clip montage montage made me retarded yeah this is it a compliment I don't know is that with you would you consider that a compliment I don't know no I don't know who know before I leave this I stole 41i well for me it's 141 but uh you guys are good you got you guys not have school tomorrow put it in the GUI here I meant well buy it all right okay so the ranged are you still here deranged okay ex Ernie I got you next I got your nuts exerting deranged cyclone DJ Poochie I got you his journeys next and then I could do uh Poochie and well it was supposed to be was seven so I'm a girl my girl imma go if you were in that seven that I axed the comment you'll be up soon let me just put it that way but deranged then X you Arnie not a pronounce that then I got ooh and then we're gonna go with the rest of the seven people I don't know in which order I yet I will get you I'm gonna try to make I'm not I'm not gonna watch people's clips for as long now because it's gonna take forever if I keep keep that up you know I mean I'm stayin if your clips are are that bad pyat Piko Piko then they'll look stupid on my stream jqy is the nightbot doing customer service than my bot doing customer service what why is the night but doing custom servers I don't understand that I don't understand that question at all you literally just confused my entire life I might kill myself you made that comment and I might kill myself because I hope you feel good about yourself all right I'm sorry I was reading that and I didn't actually look at your clips like that but I will give you a good a good uh I see you was mostly about trickshotting I liked your trick shots and I'm gonna say trick shot got on the owner in your comments I like the one that I seen I'm sorry trick shot God I don't know spend I'm getting I'm getting a little tight I would have all right it was arranged it that it was X you are NII I don't know how to pronounce that so X you are and I I are you still here and there's a question alright yeah he's here X you are and I are touchpad guard drop a like you know I'm sad okay just get through that let's see if it has music what is up with you guys in tech oh man what is up with you guys in second do you guys not watch your videos monetize yeah who's next we can't hear the music anyway so it doesn't matter no no you can hear the music it's just that I'm turning it off oh I'd turn it off when I hear that it's copyrighted or that it might be copyrighted so yeah PI crew imma get to you but I got I got I got people who've been waiting I'm gonna get – you know I definitely spelled your wrong it's your I got I gotta get all correct on you guys you're good at my dude and then we get em I don't know the rest of your name – TF PA but you have some pretty active subscribers for having thirty-one subs like that that's that's these yeah and you got some pretty active subscribers for thirty-one jokes but let's just get in to the video alright 77076 is homo rebirth whoa like you that was me Gera what was that okay okay see you see the penis in the chat I don't know why coming to Kingston but yeah see I lagged just so you guys know I lagged you could you can see that I like that that's enough of this video okay last time – uh I don't know if you guys can read that it's time to move on I don't know I don't know what that order was anymore scroll back up find out what's going on X I see client I got you right now yeah X I see them Piko X I see them Paco then DJ X X X I see Piko DJ TGS X I see Piko DJ just just just keep it going X I see wait X I see are you still in the stream that is the question cuz we could just skip right to a pike ho pardon I gotta get you after DJ then okay xic glad and Natalie and then we shot a flute – you already know I gotta turn that down yeah I got you okay that's enough of that for me to know that you are hi crow not see how trashy is cuz he said he was trashed I like that I like that all banner yeah that's a good better that is eight get better you guys tell me that that is not a good banner that is that is a great banner man never seen that I don't I don't know if that's correct but I that is a great banner I like it I like that okay not for that that's creative do doop doop doop pink hey I like it alright I see the other one I see the other one I mean of course you were you were kidding when you were saying okay you might want to take that out I always take this out cuz I don't like this I don't know it's because it's because that's in everybody's video boop boop beep and so you just practice trickshot watch my montage road milk your tits I like you okay did you did you like my uh my comments I and so who did I say was next [Laughter] you and though I don't know how to fix it I'm sorry oh yeah let me do BJ's I don't know I don't know if this is out of order King Vic I got you I might be stepping out of order I don't know I got you Spartan got your King Vic and I got you beat X I I was about to call you VI but once I'm done with do you have the same thing is this a thing oh is this a thing and that is this way I'm missing something this is a thing how missing it no no I've just said he has a good manner and you have the same thing on your better what is this is a thing and I'm missing it where's this coming from no literally like yeah I got it sewn i'ma get you notes no no summer something is going on here here's this banner coming from everyone has it I guess this was going on yeah okay am i watching the wrong do the other night that I catch it fun back to normal there we go I can't hear nothing can you hear me no I'm sorry I don't know bro this is me about here should be back am i gay am i gay am I good very cool well yeah I can't see the video I definitely cannot see the video I got you guys I got you guys blood I got you oh my watch your content just got some people I have in line already Spartan Kings that are in and King Vic King Vic array oh whoa what's going on I'm gonna come back to you pushy wait just the right king Vic I don't think so nope is definitely not King dick I think he's supposed to be a run on thing there we go you know definitely I don't know what that guy pops up before you like even if you space it out you should pop up before him let's wait let me try something somebody searches up janky space X do I still pop up or no that's retarded that is retarded literally a video at 3 with 423 we use pops up Ezra partied I just realized that that is dumb wildcard montage I'm looking for it for die montage harder there we go let me like in the montage Jim Swire hi Am I I got you I see it's not a good stream intensity the the vide the quality is terrible terrible terrible terrible terrible but good job King Vic I got it I gotta like screw through these things no uh I gotta get through these things quick now underscore truck one what is your mic what is my mic turn down to 140 P oh yeah – where did your viewers go uh well not all my viewers are interested in this stuff and my viewers are any east viewers so it's two o'clock in the morning right now and once I watch somebody stuff they probably aren't interested in being here anymore they're probably did yeah that that's how I switched jinkies we're gonna go why yes early I guess I got it so yeah but I do gotta turn it thing down I'm still here yeah thanks for being here and yeah yeah I'm still watching gee thanks uh see uh well what do you uh an elite chef is always an ally he'd do me yeah like he gets my viewers now my day and before it was like seventy to a hundred oh that's what you're talking about uh well it just started happening this weekend and I won't have told me it might be the UH it might be the World Cup and then after after I got off I'm gonna after World Cup uh uh like I started getting like at least 45 inch stream so like when I was doing customs I got like 45 minutes train so yeah I mean it might have been World Cup and then like Thursday and Friday it was it was the post notifications because I was dropping videos and stuff and once I drop a video and the day it doesn't give post notifications for when I go live it's just weird and stupid I get for a best person I mean I at a certain level that's not bad honestly what's up Stefan what's up chicken all right so was there anybody here who I didn't do before I get off because yeah I gotta go soon Stefan charge you I don't think I'm gonna yeah I knew that this was gonna be a problem so yeah DJ REI I got ya do gotta come back to you oh yeah yeah yeah yeah just so you guys know if y'all want to do like sub4sub in chat you guys could do sub4sub i don't know that that could get out somewhere maybe if y'all want to do sub4sub comment one in chat if y'all want to do sub 4 comment one-inch up nobody or maybe yeah yeah yeah my bad my bad I forgot there's Italy but there's like super delay in this dream I don't know alright everybody who commented one sub to each other I guess and let you guys let each other know that you guys sub to each other to let each other know that you guys sub to each other Knox I got you I forgot I was supposed to do you Knox is good to channel Knox is good now those are some long videos or streams um I used to play bro like a lot so I think I'm gonna watch this even even though it has nothing to do it for tonight once see if you're good at bra okay okay the combos like combos the combos jeez okay that's pretty good that's pretty good no we're gonna watch this one chicken I got you next I'm not trying to be weird but I would like to see how you look what you do a facial yeah I mean honestly I feel like I feel like I should do a face reveal start doing like reaction videos where you forgot about me I had to kind of skip over you I'm gonna get you before chicken I forgot I'm sorry but I'm gonna I'm gonna do like a reaction videos like fortnight content I've been thinking about a lot of stuff though like like making huh like making a clan or something I don't know but honestly I'm gonna do a fish 10k nah I'm gonna do it sooner my daughter like ek yeah i'ma do it like he care all right so let's let's get this done real quick cuz I want to UM I want to get this done get everybody done with all right Spartan let me get you pirate cereal because I got to do something in the morning and it's not gonna be well it's already not gonna be real it's already not gonna go well it's just that oh no why is my youtube back to white butter oh oh yeah they did tell me to lower the quality Africa Oh Lord a quality of like not not that little maybe maybe maybe we could do this maybe if I lower it to this then it will be I you know I'm son is definitely not all right it is definitely not all right no maybe there is I I mean it runs a little smoother maybe it's just not meant to be honestly I think I think I think I just got it I gotta use some different type of software or something like that because right now I don't know I gotta axe with other people live stream off oh I don't know it's trash yes so trash man I don't understand okay okay why is my YouTube wide again okay there we go there we go the black youtube not to be racist we all know black YouTube is better X I X I sighed the RO see kashi Genki save up for PC how much is a PC cost and I don't I don't know if I have room for PC that's the thing even if I did buy one I don't know if I have a room for a PC black is better than that yeah here we go you should be able to get a reasonable PC for like 700 I think about it in dark-skinned people can be racist – yeah listen nobody said dogs can be racist I have not been turning on this sound not at all yeah ed yeah I mean I don't play them home no no not really like mineral ads just play them at the beginning when you first come on the screen and maybe if you leaving it come back you might get another ad that no I'm trying to take a good stuff to come I don't know I think of funny stuff I don't know I don't know what should I comment on this you do YouTube full time on slob what I don't do you to eat soup full times but once love I don't know what that parties movies definitely sometimes better with music well the video he said a hundred times better I don't know why I said ten times but the vid is like – a hundred times with my like so it was just average it out with watch me I got you good it I get ya good good good it's so dry too so try everybody's good at these days go did this good at that go did everybody started everybody's gonna everybody's goaded uh chicken your town is not showing up pow-pow snip okay all right yeah okay 29 second clip shouldn't be long okay that's I'm sorry if I'm speeding dududu stuff too quick I know where you can put that hunting rifle comments another comments winky face where's the thing where's the semicolon okay winky face there we go I definitely spell you wrong I don't care I'll let's go watch me before I'm not in your year that is a good way to get somebody to watch your stuff it's Logan let me go with you first if I'm missing somebody there's just new people getting piled on and pyro and I don't know what's going on anymore am I gonna be able to get a sleep yeah I gotta go to sleep at like 2:30 so I got 7 minutes left Hey so yeah I'm a gay guy like 30 seconds of peace come join my clan X I don't I'm not gonna watch that because I feel like it's gotta be it's gonna be something that requires sound old combat pro vs. new combat Perl let's watch this it's looking phone do the rest tomorrow I'm gonna try to get everybody everybody who's been here out the way then imma imma say tomorrow I mean I think that's everybody after this I'm gonna get Jays Aledo Jesuit you might be the last one you know I mean omigod Nick I forgot about the god Nick I gotta get be gone Nick you got Nick then Jesu it then I'm out he got Nick and I'm out we got – is it – neck and yeah that's it right there then Jesus then I'm 69 subscribers whoa pi Z God Nick we're live right now giel oh okay I'm not going there but yeah what's this it's not uh it's there's a lot of these that are there are long man Jenna fight something shortened to the point yeah I don't see anything shortened to the point every okay ready already rich from Entourage there we go she gadget and I'm out we go go watch some I can't even tell you I don't know okay G sleep alright last one for tonight chicken is trying to do pow pow trying to do sub4sub thingy I want to do so first up with him go ahead get that done and here's the last one we're gonna be washing for the night for tonight for the nights there's a good place to leave off I said I was gonna get off at 2:30 and it's about 2:30 – yeah oh my god this quality is trash I'm sorry uh I'm pretty sure I could find a way to get this better DJ I'll get you tomorrow I can't I can't like I literally can't I can't like look come on let's go now I wish you guys a good day and a good night

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