Shoulder Touch Scene – Hair Scene – Spiderman Into The Spider Verse (2018) Movie Clip HD

So walk up to her and be like: “Hey.” No, no, no, no. Like: “Hey.” “Hey.” No. “Hey.” “Hey.” That’s weird. My pants shrank. I think I hit puberty. I gotta get new pants. Wait. Why is the voice in my head so loud? What? – Oh! Are you okay? – What? Why am I so sweaty? Why are you so sweaty? It’s a puberty thing. I don’t know why I said that. I’m not going through puberty. I did, but I’m done. I’m a man. So you’re, like, new here, right? We got that in common. Yeah. That’s one thing. Cool. Yeah. I’m Miles. I’m Gwe… anda. Wait, your name is Gwanda? Yes, it’s African. I’m South African. No accent though ’cause I was raised here. Do the shoulder touch now before she walks
away. Why is this so scary? Am I doing this in slow motion or does it
just feel that way? I’m kidding. It’s Wanda. No “G.” That’s crazy. Heh. Hey. Okay, then. I’ll see you around. Oh. See you. – Hey. Um… – Oh, crap. – Can you let go, please? – I can’t let go. – Ow! Ow! Calm down. It’s fine. – Miles, let go. – Workin’ on it. It’s just puberty. I don’t think you know what puberty is. Just relax. – Okay, I have a plan. – Great. – I’m gonna pull really hard. – That’s a terrible plan. – One. – Don’t do this. – Two. – Three! Nice to meet you? Sure. Total pleasure. No one saw. It’s okay. No one knows, no one knows. Everyone knows. Everyone knows. They’re talkin’ ’bout me. They saw everything! He knows. She knows. They know. Wow, she’s super tall. Why is he smiling? Am I the weird guy now? What am I doing? That guy’s such a weirdo. How do I stop? Can they hear my thoughts?! Why are all my thoughts so loud?! Watch more clips Spider-Man Into The Spider-Verse Please SUBSCRIBE for more awesome videos like this. SPIDER-MAN INTO THE SPIDER-VERSE

100 thoughts on “Shoulder Touch Scene – Hair Scene – Spiderman Into The Spider Verse (2018) Movie Clip HD

  1. Why didn't miles and Gwen identified each other, by their spidey sense, the same thing which happened between miles and Peter..and they identified that both are Spider man.

  2. Miles: I'm… Makes voice deeper a man.
    Rocket: (comes out of nowhere) are you makin' your voice deeper?

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  4. Jesus christ i love this movie so much! The background music and everything conveys so much emotion and i adore it!!!!! I wish i could give a million bucks to everyone who worked on this because its so stunning and they deserve all the praise they can get.

  5. 2:30 that all you need to hear to see just how piss off she was but at the same time maybe liking the new hairdo

  6. Well, still worse than… ahem… SPOILERS AHEAD ABOUT FAR FROM HOME!

    …when Peter and Michelle kissed.

  7. So…

    (Spoiler for those who haven't seen the movie)

    Miles couldn't do it with a beautiful girl such as Gwen, and yet he nailed the "HEY" with a 8 ft tall crime monger. Way to go, Miles.

  8. 2:14 She’s telling him to Relax so he can unstick. Subtle way to show that she already knew about Miles’ powers.

  9. Dude I never realized that she was actually giving Miles advice, when she said to relax. It's the same advice that Peter B. Parker was telling Miles when his hands kept sticking to walls. And by relaxing he started to unstick to the ceiling in Doc. Oct's office

  10. If he's hand got stuck with her hair and book. Then why not it stuck with her dress though as on which it was on earlier?🤔

  11. 2:06 If you pause really quickly you'll see that Miles moved his hand up intentionally but if gwen didn't have that book he would have touched….

  12. That kid has ALL the problems!!!
    Big expections from his parents.
    Moving away to a new school alone AND being new there.
    Difficult honework
    His voice in his head is loud
    The imaginary audience problem.
    And all those things werent enough
    Because know now he has crazy Spider powers.
    And because Spiderman in his world dies…he has the HUGE responsibility to be the next spiderman.

  13. I like how this was for shadowing that this was spider gwen by the "guuuwanda" and "just relax" showing she tried to tell miles how to deactivate his sticky hand

  14. There's an internet theory that all the Spider's we've seen in this movie share the same brain cell. It just so happened that Miles didn't have it for most of this video and Gwen didn't have it from 1:21 to 1:28.

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