Should OU and Alex Grinch make a run at LSU DB transfer Kelvin Joseph?

one kelvin joseph has entered the transfer portal why are we talking about Kelvin Joseph because he was a corner at LSU and one of the top safety recruits in the class of 2018 and this is a dude who 6 foot 2 190 pounds coming straight out of high school thought he's gonna play at LSU things did not go as expected because turns out they got two guys that could have won the Thorpe Award last year playing in that same backfield one greedy Williams plan with the Cleveland Browns this year and Grant Delpit is on the watch list this year and you're looking at this guy as an Oklahoma fan going yo uh who has reached out to one Kelvin Joseph and I think if the Duke can play you need all the help you can get at defense back if you're Oklahoma just period but whether or not you can he wants to come is open to question and I've reached out to his people we'll see if anything comes in that but that's a that's a good question to ask first and foremost and the second one is with Lincoln Riley Alex Prince what to have Kelvin Joseph I contend they don't really get to say no if you want to come because you don't really have you you don't you don't have what you need to have man I love Buki but since you're gonna play in the corner we're gonna get to see him try to grow up at slot corner we all love tray Brown Tulsa kid but I saw him get son by Colin Johnson as much as I love re watching him get the sack safety on Sam Ehlinger this dude can cover he could play safety he could play slot he could play corner and more than that he buoys what could be on just another disaster at safety because it was open to questions this time last year we were going who are they gonna play it safety because nobody trusts it Khalil Halton and you turned out to be right about that thought Robert Barr is gonna be that guy cuz he looked the part he's huge and then Josh Jacobs turned him into a skid mark in the Orange Bowl you moved Justin Broyles from corner to safety and he had a great game against Iowa State and not a whole lot else DeLorean Turner yellow was a great hitter but he can't cover he was torched in the same game the booty was torching against West Virginia you're hoping Jeremiah Cradle can come along you hoping Jaden Davis can help you out your hope and tide the arm and shows us something and maybe woody Washington ends up being that dude folks in Tennessee are very high on him they loved him they hate it see him come out of state but you need a guy that everybody else wants and a guy that knows what it means to play great defensive back at the highest level in the same way that you need jaylen hurts on the offensive side and show everybody hey this is how you win a national championship this is how we got there no you guys are good at getting to the college football playoff no you guys are good at winning football games in the big 12 but when we're talking about dick and getting past that next hurdle which is winter college football playoff game that's what I think Jalen Hurd's can provide for Oklahoma I don't think he'll what Joseph could do the same for the defensive backs and if you're granting your safeties coach this this is a really great opportunity now I'm not so certain that he would do it but I think if it's there for him you gotta make you gotta take a chance you have to your secondary was trashed last year you're like 130 so I I passed offense with garbage the quarterback play with suspect you got to probably play seven yards off the ball again your safeties are gonna be asked to keep the top on a defense we're big 12 offenses routinely say no we're running go routes and post routes and we're daring you to run with us here's a kid that can run with you and can run with Tyler Wallace and can run with TJ Vasher and I on and on and on and on I just if it's there for you got to do it right Patrick Oh again we talked about this a bunch I mean competition is what they need especially in the back end there and and look we've heard a low scrunch basically tell recruits there's opportunities here so if there's opportunities you need all the all the capable bodies you can get so yeah I definitely say go for it to put them obviously they have to have a scholarship to make it work I don't know what their current situation is it's getting late in the year to tell somebody to hit the bricks but do they have a spot open put it this way when chrissteele was looking to transfer from Florida Oregon didn't have a spot open they made a spot mm-hmm okay and as unethical as that might be you can make a spot and the scholarship that you were handed planning to give out to some walk-on you know the Lee Morris d'Azur yeah you probably would feel just fine given that scholarship to Kelvin Joseph sure Kelvin Joseph kid helping you because it's cutthroat yeah and I guess the cutthroat in that instance I've known guys who basically they have a year-to-year scholarship everybody well yeah but I mean these are guys who are former walk-ons who know hey I might not have this in the fall I mean that you know that the coach is the good coach is what you know I think OU's in this class will tell the kid hey this is yours but it may not you know you may not be here in the fall so that that could be you could that could be one of the scholarships also I do I'll be I can't speak to what exactly yo you scholarship situation is what's tied up and what's not but like you said if you bring this get in and that means someone who thought his school was paid for this fall it's not anymore well no I mean not necessarily right because I think you always have a scholarship on reserve right because for instance you got that Derrick green scholarship back after this year because after the that they started the summer because he transferred right would you give that out to you you know you are able to get RJ Proctor here as a grad transfer I know that the 85 scholarship count scares people but if you actually held these schools to account and ask them to update like their scholarship depth chart period on a day to day paces you'd be shocked just to go there from week to week to see what's moving around and what's not moving around and we don't ask them to do that because it's a lot I mean roster management is a big part of it and now with the invention of the transfer portal you'd be stupid not to have at least one or two scholarships available to you and that's just poor planning on your part as the person who's in charge of putting together a football team you know I'm just I'm not gonna I'm not gonna excuse that and I think that's a big part of it if you're not thinking this far ahead to where hey we might actually want to take somebody else at this position if they become available because we know that we have this and we know this is a weakness for us and you didn't plan for it that's your fault no it means that if I didn't do the rundown this morning that's my fault right that's the same thing plan for stuff to go wrong have stuff in your back pocket if you don't have a contingency plan you did not plan and I think a contingency plan that allows for you to upgrade at any position on a football field is part and parcel of what you do if you're a head coach and if it isn't maybe you need to be fired because you aren't thinking about the team because that's that's directly thinking about the team that's what that is it's going no no I need to win I need to put everybody in the best position to win and that also means I need to play the best player at each position and just if that player isn't already on my roster I need to go get him and I need to make allowances for the opportunity if it should arise to go get him out of the portal you know we coaches are very fond of saying I don't really like the portal because the kid doesn't have to talk to me or I don't like the portal because of the waiver request yeah well you like the portal when you have a need okay and right now your safety position is chance sylvie and Robert Barnes those are your guys do you think those are gonna be the guys I would contend probably not Jeremiah Dells gonna have something to say about that I mean Justin Broyles is gonna have something to say about that Trey Norwood does he even play quarter anymore you know these are all guys that you're trying to throw in the mix with Jamal Morris because you just don't know and I think most coaches would love to know what exactly what they have at every position because if you don't know what you have at every position you're probably not very good you know we all are saying jaylen Hertz is the guy because we know that he's very good nobody's question or whether or not CD lamb is the guy because we all know he's very good Neville Gallimore is the guy on the defense Kenneth Murray juniors the guy on the defense we understand those things and at positions where you don't have an understanding of who your starter is going into camp that's actual bad

26 thoughts on “Should OU and Alex Grinch make a run at LSU DB transfer Kelvin Joseph?

  1. Lincoln is on the record saying he likes to keep 2 or 3 scholarships open for transfers, and to reward walk-ons who work hard.

  2. Hate to see Jospeh leave LSU. The kid is extremely good and gifted. Got beat or was late at time, but should expect that from a 18 year old freshman that’s still learning. If OU is really thinking about going after him. They better be quick. Florida “DBUjr “ is pressing him hard and he’s taking a visit there soon.

  3. Ok didn’t have time earlier; but here’s the scoop on Kelvin Joseph from an LSU fan:
    He’s definitely a player that can hack it at DB for LSU. He’s not leaving becz he’s not good enough. He’s plenty good enough.
    Joseph has a thug’s attitude at DB. The guy plays with violence and savagery.
    He seems to be a 4.5 guy. He tended to be a little late in man coverage on slot WRs. But if you move him to Safety he’ll be an All American.
    I hate to see him go, but can’t wait to see the splash he causes.

  4. I would absolutely want him. I'm over here wishing Jadon Haselwood would play safety as well. I know he was the top ranked reciever but sheesh, he was a stud defensive player also. Dont think it will happen but my point is that we need all the help we can get in the secondary.

  5. Don’t be so hard on barns Jacobs was not a small slow running back He could have run over a bigger player than barns

  6. Heck yeah if you can pick up a guy Thst has experience playing at this level why don’t you offer him, ou has something LSU really don’t have, a oops to ply in the playoffs Idkif he fits the mold Grinch is looking for but 6’1.5 “ 191 pounds just a sophomore I believe Gives you a experienced player From one of te est secondaries in college he might fit in well with ryN watt and you don’t know if dontae manning will recommit At this point, I say go after as many big Dbs as you can Just to build up your class and give ty That many more options, I would garuntee you Texas is going to offer him So just to be a thorn in Tom her man’side try to take him

  7. He's .9784 almost a 5 star. OU needs him. But, will he be able to get a waiver to play this season? If not I think he can still help in practice.

  8. Has he considered OU would be nice has he inquired from the coaches yes it would be nice but Grinch is still going to have to coach you have incoming players if they can't come in and play then what is their talent level that they can beat the players already here and can he coach the players he has to be better

  9. Of course we need him; would be a great get…..but I'm expecting us to be much better on D even without him.

  10. Yes OU should recruit him. Only if he's going to fit in the culture/family. In other words play like a maniac on the field but shut it down off the field If he has good character try to bring him in. If he does good at OU the rest will follow. Create that pipeline. There's a reason kids are starting to come to OU. They love Lincoln Riley. If OU thinks this kid will be a good fit they should definitely go after him. We definitely need a slobber knocker cover safety. He's long and rangy just what Grinch is looking for. I wouldn't doubt it that OU has already contacted him

  11. I'm surprised we haven't added any transfers on defense. I thought we might go after those West Virginia safeties. A piece or two could make the difference with us winning a national championship.

  12. We want Kelvin! You're welcome in Sooner land Kelvin. We need a Brandon Everage type of safety. RIP Brandon Everage

  13. I hear tell that LSU letting this very talented but COMPLICATED individual pass on to Miami. 🤷🏼‍♂️. I’m not one to impugn the guy but it’s public knowledge he lost his position due to attitude and behavior troubles. Do we want to risk it ?

  14. Why wouldn't you go after this guy? Quite talented. Has he been in trouble with the law or something? If so repeatedly. I'd have offered already AND gave him the hard sale. Hell even if there were light character issues , his atmosphere will be better.

  15. love the way he attacks the run game, nice tackling/hitting. we can use him for sure. Good size, decent speed it seems, special teams hitter for sure….

  16. Yes we should try to recruit this dude!!!! If he can play. Nothing wrong with having depth on defense, especially OUr defense.

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