Should I Publish in an Open Access Journal?

6 thoughts on “Should I Publish in an Open Access Journal?

  1. Sir,
    Can you suggest me a best journal to publish my work on physics. I had completed in almost 3 months before..I'm still waiting for a best journal to publish my paper.

  2. from my perspective, whether to publish on an open access journal is just a trade-off of payment between the reader and the author. for many young researchers, who are mostly students, may not be able to afford expensive open access fees, which cost 1 to 1.5 thousand dollars, these researchers have no choice but to publish on the journals that was close access, leaving the readers to make the payment which is affordable to them.
    Fact is, in EU countries, open access is a legal requirement which costs one thousand to one thousand five hundred euros.

  3. Getting your articles published in an online journal is a great accomplishment. However, do you know the risks of getting your assignments published in online Open-Access journals? Here is a list of a few legitimate journals where you can get your documents published. Read on!

  4. Let the subscription publisher die a painful death. I'm just an interested citizen (no corporation, no student anymore) and there is no way to read interesting articles without going bankrupt. Everyone talks about lifelong learning but greed from some people prevents this.

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