Should Blizzard Expand on Vanilla Content? Post Naxxramas Content Patch 1.13?! Classic +

35 thoughts on “Should Blizzard Expand on Vanilla Content? Post Naxxramas Content Patch 1.13?! Classic +

  1. +1 Screw the timeline of the expansions, just create massive endgame content for lvl 60 toons with the Classic mechanics. Maybe the 'World Event" could be that purpose of the CoT is becasue the Bronze Dragonflight decided to create an alternate timeline by destroying the Dark Portal so TBC can never happen, and one of the raids in there is doing so. Maybe the raid itself repels the invasion and destroys the portal, but do so creates a time loop so all of us playing Classic are stuck in the repeating loop, trapping us in Azeroth circa 2006 and those playing retail are just on the original timeline progressing normally.

  2. @Punkrat that would all be good and I would enjoy the content. But there are a lot of us who want TBC released as well, as long as they are kept separate and TBC servers do not effect Vanilla servers.

    I am personally playing Classic with friends just to clear content amd ask for the TBC servers, they are HOME for me.

  3. Classic was a broken in many ways, especially class design where only certain class specs were even functional. Sure certain class fantasy/RPG elements were great, but the class design and, god forbid, PvP was the worst the game had ever seen. It appealed to many, true, but there are far more to whom it did not, and will not when classic comes out.
    I hope BLizzard improves the current game, most people would prefer to move on, instead of playing something from 15 years ago with shit design. 🙂 But, the few thousand snowflakes who like vanilla can have it.

  4. i think best thing they can do is have a poll. whenever it comes time to add things, they should take a handful of ideas they are willing to implement and have the community vote / discuss what they would prefer to be worked on next.

  5. New content along with some items/sets for hybrid specs (enh/elem, balance, retri/prot, shadow) added to new and existing bosses would be awesome. Tune talents a little to make tanking possible for druids at least (making it viable for pallies while not having them on both factions would create to much imbalance imo).

  6. I would personally love if they gave you the choice of using the new high resolution models of characters and textures. Me personally think that the Classic gameplay probably is the best experience but that i miss the new models.

  7. Look, Blizzard promised people to give 'm back the old WoW. And every single pixel out of place is going to be something people cry about.
    They don't actually care, but for the sake of being a pissant on the internet, they'll act outraged.

    I don't know what options they have after Nax.
    They could do nothing, and people will complain that there's nothing.
    They could do TBC again, and people will complain that it kills Classic.
    They could do TBC again, and give people an option to opt into the TBC server, or stay on a Classic server, and people will complain because now the community is split in two, they go into TBC because of a desire to progress further or to follow friends, only to want to go back to 60 later.
    They could make completely new content. But now you're not giving people the 100% pure Classic experience.

    Blizzard can't win anymore. They've noticed this, because they had no reason to do a phased release of content. But they're doing it to stall the point where players get angry.
    Not a single option is viable.

    The same problem we'll see with the class and spec imbalances in Classic. Druids used to be the worst pick for every role. Shamans didn't need good gear, high dps, good healing or any kind of skill to play if they wanted to raid. They only get to come because of their Totems.
    Try selling these class design philosophies to a modern audience.
    If they leave 'm this way, a look back at the forums history will show exactly what kind of threads are going to permeate them, without hope of change down the line.
    Many folks would play a Druid with the hopes of a fix to their mana troubles on Moonkin down the line. "It's bad now, but we'll have our day!"-mentality won't exist in a static game.

    But if they do make changes to make everything viable, it's not 100% classic wow.
    Well, darnit. F'ed again!

    For me, I hope they stick to lvl60 and leave it alone after Nax. I'm getting too old to be grinding mats for new raids and better gear every day. So if I can just log in when I have time, do some stuff with friends and not have to worry about my gear becoming invalidated every few months, I'll take it.
    And leave Retail for the folks who want new content. Who need the gear-grind to motivate themselves.
    But there are plenty of folk who want Classic WoW for the old raid mentality. Getting your guild up on leaderboards and all that. And they won't stay interested after the last boss is done and everything is "on farming status".

    And there'll be plenty of folk into Classic like them. And also plenty who are like me. And any single change is going to annoy one of our groups.

  8. If there are new raids, they should only have cosmetic rewards like new mounts, pets, or tabards. Only things that show that you've defeated the new bosses but don't affect gameplay. New gear and tier systems would mess up progression and ruin progression in TBC.

    Only stupid kids want more raids and more catch up mechanics to dodge other raids. Shitty ret pallies want a dps set for their dress wearing buffbot. This will fuck up the progression into TBC.

    Keep it cosmetic and it's not the worst thing ever. I still vote no, but I will concede as long as progression isn't broken.

    Also, you would need full T3 to participate in these raids. They need to be hard as fuck. Where you can't clear it in one day.

    Otherwise, blizzard just make retail like vanilla and keep vanilla the same. Easy.

  9. They could even up the ante by having 5 man raid-dungeon atunements to those locations. Hard dungeons that give you a "key" to enter the next 20/40 man raid. The gear dosnt even have to be better, just suppliment so other speccs become more viable.

  10. There is content they never did like the Dragon Isles (north of Tirisfal Glades and west of Quel'thalas) or Grim Batol (pre-cataclysm). I think it would be cool if they released the Dragon Isles content because it could work with the next potential expansion [connection with Wrathion if he is in a future expansion]. There are a lot of future expansion clues in Island Expeditions right now. One of them involves the Dragon Isles and Wrathion [quest: Unscarred Black Scale].

    We visit the past with Classic WoW and then also go to the isles during the present day of Retail WoW and also "experience" a similar past as we did in a future Classic WoW patch.

    They could design the content that connects Classic WoW with Retail WoW and some design philosophy carried over to Retail WoW.

  11. My take on this is that expansion in MMOGs should always be sideways, and not upwards. If new items are added, they should allow players to focus and specialize for example in a certain spec or even just a certain stat, but as a tradeoff make them weaker in other regards. This ensures that the "old" content does not get completely devalued.

    However: While I still believe that the classic team would be capable of achieving this, I am sure that WoW Classic will not get expanded beyond what's been there originally. Porting the old content to the current version of the game is a lot of work, but not nearly aas much work as it would be to develop new content. And Activision always looks at the margin. With there not being a cash shop in Classic, the margin would not be good enough to warrant completely new content for them. That's not to say that an expansion on Vanilla would not be profitable, but sadly, merely being profitable is nowhere near enough these days.

  12. I hope this will happen. Adding content like azshara crater battlegound and new raids would create a new era for wow. We could all forget about the nightmare that happened after woltk

  13. would love to see tbc with no flying, but keeping it classic. Add flightpaths obtainable with reputation to places inaccessible without flying maybe? Swap out rare flyingmounts with simular style ground mounts maybe?

  14. NO! Look a part of what makes classic, just that classic is that there is no progressive content and with that no bitching anywhere over how the new stuff doesn´t fit with the old or isn´t as good or what ever the hell else people can find a way to bitch about! …
    I part of why i want to play classic is because we already know what we are gonna get, and we know under what conditions we are getting it…
    This is also really good if you don´t want to set yourself into something new very few fucking months or what ever.. This is good for people who have lives and things in our real world that calls…
    And because of those factors i say LEAVE CLASSIC TO JUST BE CLASSIC!!!!

  15. Add new zones/new raids. But don't raise the level cap and/or add new items that make the other ones neglegable. That's killing all the low-level content and that's what makes the game a run to max level, not an actual journey.

    If they add lots of new content without destroying that golden level 60 max, they'll be fine. That said, I really distrust Blizzard on that regard. I don't believe in them, classic isn't made by Blizzard/Activision, it's made by enthusiasts 15 years ago. Nowadays all they can make is money…

  16. I have a really great idea for new bg that could take place in future classic style WoW. A relatively big map, 10v10, 10+ different objectives to keep (similar to AB), it would bring really different situational fights. As there are so many objectives to keep to win the battle, there would be some really enjoyable 1v1 or 1v2 fights. And as the map would be big, it would bring some sweet wPvP feeling but give some actual benefits of winning battles. I’d love some bgs where there’s huge impact on single player’s 1v1 battles. Would be so rewarding. And the object zones could be in class favor, like, some places could have many pillars where melee could shine and some places could have large wide area where casters could be at their max potential. It would probably cause some serious same Class vs same Class action or if you wanted some epic challenge you could go to those pillars / tunnels as a mage for example. Damn… who agrees? Drop some comments <3

  17. I think the idea has good points but would just have to be done carefully. There would also need to be a decent waiting period after Naxx. The biggest issue is where to position it. If it is considered progression after Naxx, and is more difficult than Naxx, then no matter how long there is before this new content is released, it will still be for only a small percentage of the player base. Even if Naxx is around for a couple years with nothing new being released, a decent percentage of the player base will never see or complete it. The time and effort required to complete Naxx can never be trivialized, it was brutal. So releasing content as a progression past Naxx, will only be a small percentage of players. And it couldn't be much more difficult than Naxx, if at all, as even with a full raid in Tier 3 gear, Naxx was never easy.
    On the other foot, if it is positioned prior to Naxx, you end up with potential catch up mechanisms that could take away from the difficulty of Naxx. If we keep the same example that there is a two year gap before new content, it won't effect top raiding guilds, but it could potentially negate their achievements if more players can suddenly complete Naxx due to this new content.
    It could be more dungeons designed around 5 man, level 60 content. But the gear would still have to be around the same level as other dungeons. So more variety, but nothing exceptional gained.
    I don't see any harm in more battlegrounds. However you would want them instanced of course, not just part of the outside world.
    Just struggling to see where to slot the new content on without it having negative impacts elsewhere.

  18. Sure, I'd like to see some additional content, like Karazhan or and other scrapped zones. Maybe they could provide some themed or offspec gear. Maybe alternate versions of the tiered gear with different set bonuses. What made Vanilla great was that no raid became completely obsolete.
    Do I trust modern Blizzard can do this and not screw it up somehow? Nope.

  19. Classic could be expanded without item level bloat at some point. TBC was the perfect next step aside from flight and the replacing my epics within ten minutes of the start of it. Greater challenges for cosmetic gains. Maybe special materials that give you items that change your item appearance on tier gear. No expanded level cap, unsociable QOL changes, or repeating content at "heroic, or mythic?…. BRD size dungeons should be the base of anything new. Exploration as a group and nothing any normal person could complete in a sitting. New content with the original spirit would be ideal.

  20. No one needs anything more than T3. If you feel vanilla WoW lacks content, go level every class on each faction and then go complain about being bored. The only thing classic needs added to it; is a push for capital city raiding and more world PvP events.

  21. I think they should, its an opportunity to keep the game the same this time but with additional/new content.

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