Should Alhan Have Backed Poet after Sexist Tweets? | Timelin3 Ep. 50

so everyone's comments but you don't match yeah so basically when he was studying he scored like a last minute goal and he took that sounds was the is there punch line so what did you do a special move like when we're now there does that spin around do you support his name or do you just support him I do the punch line come in gone over my head oh no I know the goal was ruled out but was it ruled out Oh a slight celebrated my you know wicked person he's a wicked person on the internet this is timeline to my left always being an event so we have puddi to my left left left this to my far left to my far left the music much change so DJ Matthews and of course the spiciest thing on the internet guys you know just be weighing boxes on the day even Jim in the world of today I mean both city boys 50 made it yeah taking myself at the celebrate Cass what what what what about we oh I just read a German company no no but we can do something afterwards oh you know about the one Monday you guys cinema by yourself you know how funny I will talk to production will make sure it's out sick you know are you fucking right oh you're predicting what everything all good it's gonna be good it's gonna say something very mad so today sun's out mm-hmm sounds that buns I'm too out top you can't act up anymore do you I was gonna wear my whole short spot Saudis are noise Oh these are the preliminary this is whole star pack Ostara this is Starbuck so these are lack up to here but obviously I'm seated so then sun's out went to bots park rum and the Sun where did these Schuster books for Broadway what part of I don't get it I don't get absolutely someone we move you look appropriate we move I'm 100 bud right yes guys this is a family show it's not give us a strong way oh we work on the surprise left me today yeah but you know you're looking one more handsome really thank you have you seen the comments thanks do you see the comments for the last episode be asking for your bad price no zombie money just for the heat oh yeah do you know what you didn't throw that way in the session it just felt like my first and it felt anger no but I know him so I know he's going yeah but like the way I be money I'm just terrible today I'm just I be treated and I was like this guy is something positive a common boy I said I was something positive what did you guys I actually tried to exercise this week today yesterday yesterday it's really difficult to read yeah like I'm not this scissors expensive some black girls game on top is exercise to them so I'm just making sure it's I mean all black girls listen is is exercise I don't sense for anyone what we're talking about I don't know but this is a family show like here we go so fucking fun I can't wait bitch busted whole son I'm making like Oliver every step is painful but I kind of like the pain and kind of like it makes me feel I've done something but I have a new appreciation for like what like guys like me for guys just go stop I respect for follow you can't participate this conversation okay well you can participate where you can't be a member of the that you can't be Jeremy anyway that's what I like their bare bottoms because I feel like guys that go gym obviously have like very but like Apple Bottoms in it and you say that you earn yourself yeah and anyway and I just feel like I have a new appreciation for it cuz it takes a lot of work to get to that level of firmness do you not I mean so I just find I now find out more attractive pardon what do you please no would you check family show uncle show know you got a new appreciation for no I'm just I'm just saying that guys I want I need a machete I mean do you do everyone do their minute it's up to 50 50 shades of grey stone tell me about 50 shades a tagline anyways I've got some pictures I want to show you on the screen oh wait a minute no wait what do you mean mother okay I hate I hate to be the guy just I mean it was I believe she had a tear right there mmm-hmm but the tear was from how emotional it was not from how funny it was when actual just funny standpoint I don't think I even laughed and and the comments underneath the video or the bridge Got Talent Twitter will reflect exactly what I say racist nose to me why because I said it in fact they actually the opposite services cause he tried to bang one of those Africa dad jokes yeah and they were like you know hard to bang now but the thing is that right now he's used a lot of those jokes before but he had to change them to fit his crowd which is sort of why I appreciate it and we have to remember things like editing as well and stuff like that that his performance has been caught so that might kill his groove with comedians you have to get into a groove so we've been that's been stripped away from us cause of Eddie and I found it enjoyable bro a funny joke bro I found it enjoyable bro I said well I said and I said why I said why I said I don't know why I said it so I said it hello did it taste good was it funny I enjoyed it yeah it made me mad you know Chuck maybe like smile no no rude way boy it was like a you know I mean it was oh you're telling me how I felt I admit I'm kidding oh you're protective lamb Africa I'm making it worse a little bit but no it's just somethings are amusing how many things do you see on TV this next picture this is literally how every man over for you five takes their picture literally this is how they take a selfie why do you look so like it's just that perplexed like he looks like he just said something you know we know was entertaining but we know why he stressed because he's being pressured by it by the landlord was that before or after I mean I was before that was before that was the whole Wambach so right there now cuz gigs now has the blind blind things on so he's focused on himself the what I said he said a horse well he said it was such black although he said well no horse words it has blinders on Sarah Clancy was to the left or right and that's what he's gonna be on from now he's most his horse he's calling himself you never see him so about anybody right yeah no he say that he's focused no we like you Oh am i calling the guy horses he's the one calling himself around he said he's focused like a horse so he's used a metaphor yeah so a metaphor is when you compare something without saying like you say you are that thing so what so you call himself a horse okay basically you love our showcase calling it but if Giggs wants to call himself a horse that's fine Kingsborough movie to speak geek spy on me yeah sorry about yeah today promoting it yeah don't reach my feed it was on my feed bus wash MBA amusing I was quite well it's that I guess I left you wanted more well I had not one really funny land in it well basically that sort of guys come back home from prison yeah and he sees all these guys with bellies of course yeah what's going on I mean he's like nah we're shooting a music video so now the guy he goes and things up with his friends and like his friends are like yeah that's how it instantly people were bellies to shoot a music video but then they go moves bare face and then it was kind of ha ha kids but that the way it happens in the movie it's almost like geeks is that give a commentary on this scene right now maybe I'm just speaking is more artistic than years but I feel like that scene was about social commentary yes that's a beader I'll check it out anyway we have a brand new set obviously so we also have a few new segments for you first being love let the fucking love like please he won't work you it back limelight is when we look at anyone who's popping in industry right now and then we just examined them discuss it he's first on the list my girl Trina miss banks she's had a massive year in my opinion firm performing at the Brits 1 million on snack and she's just confirmed that she's gonna collaborate became an arch so it's gonna be a massive its massive yet for her massive what you believe in it you think is gonna be huge massive yeah that video even me that video me small smile excited so yeah I'm not so like confused about like this song what snack no no the whole prospect or niche browser miss banks on that's why I keep saying massive emphasis on the you know second third and fourth letter massive collaboration they coming just acknowledged that the only insane okay react enough hey so what I think this is gonna be big for her yeah it's me a big year for her I think so too like I guess like the conversation at the moment around her is kind of just like if she's found the right sound for her and the right image for herself because I find the interest in that snack is her first 1 million for you track ok I'm not surprised that they're going yeah cuz snack is universal like in terms of sound it has in terms of the sound it has a much wider reach then majority of her songs like maybe the closest would so that would have been that they they want they want I think I would have been the closest but then lots of compare her to Steph but let's say that as Steph this is when he compares her to staff yeah but let's say for example she was like doing many views like she had that universal sound he was talking about like it may not been after BTU ever but she had like the whole she was doing the basement thinking it like touching on that in her song no yeah yeah so I feel like that is I mean even if you're not even listening to the lyrics you're loving the vibe a lot of people had many of you so I'm just I'm just surprised wait do I need to Google I think what separates miss banks from the people we mentioned is that she seems to have experimented with her style a lot more than they have they seem to have known what their niche is and kind of gone I feel like they started to champion a particular sounds earlier on in their career maybe is that a better way of putting I feel that miss banks can out rap and out bar a lot of people so she's always been keen to jump on like a a drill tune or a remix of I hope this tune you know my style like John punches like that and out bar man and stuff like and jump on a tree with low ski for example yeah but I feel like now like she's jumped on a song with kiddo like kiddos not a borrower's like that and she's been able to sing and rap at the same time comfortably and I'll say that I met the first time I met miss banks was more the only time I met respects was that she told me I think we might be about the same height but I was sitting down anyway because I was DJing at Esther's show and she performed and I went up to like I'll speak into obviously to get the tracks right and stuff like that and I was like are you nervous and she was like yeah and I was that but you're miss banks let there was probably about 40 50 people in the crowd so and I'm speaking to her for a bit and I was like wow like she's actually a sweet girl she's like I compared to the persona that's out there like the whole hood bitch like bad bitch persona that's out there I don't feel like that works for her I feel like this like cold I'm a snap sort of image that she's putting out I think that works for a bear I think she might have been uncomfortable possibly do all of that I remember you saying well let me not putting you I remember someone saying that so relationships which every was always saying that her relationship has kind of softened her image a little bit for people as well it's kind of made her like well she's always been likable I don't think I've heard a single person say something bad about her even just me and her so she's always been likable but yeah maybe you guys are right maybe what that even like with I saw her well what I saw a star like the mr. and mrs. video yeah we've lost Cody format room and black just like that I remember because ikkaku was like so sweet and then you see like a magazine featured yes yeah yeah it's like I don't know like it's making okay see it's just more sweet and then when she and then I saw on her Instagram as well does this there's this one goes like he's like quite big body positivity and whatnot but and she popped a video where she was like dance into snack yeah personally I think she should continue with this whole like this sound and this image and like hostas Hass releases singles but just now we just he just blessed us with a Daily Double to say yeah like you can still jump on a fire in the beef or something to say listen cool you look can see me doing my thing I'm flourishing right now but I could still out rap half of you guys I know but I wouldn't mind some some stuff on the actual project but in terms of singles on what you're putting out to the masses yeah I feel like listen this this is clearly working for you yeah stick with that rinse it dry rinse everything occasionally drop back in drop a little fire in a booth yeah drop her a daily Duffy drop something but keep flourishing down that Lane like that sound and that image yeah I feel it works perfectly I think it's from my first impression of her I think personally as we're bringing back you tweet and deletes yes I can hear your applause yes but we're changing a little bit so what we're gonna be doing is retweeting or deleting people things or topics so the first one retweet or delete our hand goes back a company responsible for gave her it fired by exposing them or somebody employees yeah retweet back I know why do you do it but why don't you I don't feel to wrongs make a wrap so what was the first one them exposing poet I'm firing him what not people searching up these old tweets but I don't think that's right them exposing him as Deb searches old tweets and five in here that's two different companies so it's quickly the company that the people that exposed him yeah they are an organization oh yeah okay they're wrong yeah but these are questions okay initially and I'm not saying about why do you feel like they're wrong I just don't feel people should go out of their way to put certain people out of a job like especially when people have families to provide for and stuff you don't know this situation so that's why I feel like our Han is wrong for doing the same thing whether you know its energy and it's good that he's done this personally from from the way I look at it I just don't think that's right but did they go out of their way to put him out of a job or did copa90 put him out of a job they just bought his tweets are not saying that that's right but they just put his tweets up they brought his tweets up for a reason they bought his tweets up because they won in copa90 to take action an appropriate action because if copa90 didn't take appropriate action there would have been a whole nother wave of rebellion see because I would say personally like the bringing up old tweets being is corny yeah but if obviously someone has a vested interest in that social thing wherever that thing is then you know I guess it's that job but I think copa90 for turning their back on poet I think yeah the pricks and this is Isaac devil personally and I think is right that our hand turned on everyone as someone's boy should do how do you say shit for you I wouldn't want you to do it over me if anyone ever tries to cut this guy here I'm exposing every single one of these cameras corny hope that's corny to one of you cocaine oh my gosh you you you and especially you take one leg off the show who your cock cock-sucking out straight see to me that's that's corny to me that's just cool but okay it's not it's not cool like it's not it's corny to me so what I've understood from this year is that this woman that I think they've got a new CEO or something she's a female and they're starting this new agenda no agenda they find there's new purpose of equality in football which i think is certainly fair if the person that's saying that and is the face of that there's within the law be nice every been the last year saying that you know it's very disrespectful things about women well the cutoff point for fuckery on Twitter and tweet and Boosh it was a 15 opto 15 that's it yeah when that came out days they resurface some of his tweets which has been exposed before anyway but every surface some of these tweets and said how could he how could he be the face of the new yeah but they also be surf with some of koper nineties old content yeah yeah yeah yeah they said how can like like they obviously breed of cultural sexism yeah okay so just suck in him escape going but they can't we call hamster themselves a company can't what they cannot any structure exactly I know how long ago was the show number two who was actually responsible for that show we don't know in the last year there was enough awareness of what we did the tweets it's just impossible to kind of dismiss oh yeah of course 95% of women are fucking idiots International Women's Day matting can they still cook today oh my is 750 on Avenue Indian our women take me back to the 70s was even alive no well what's the good to any was this what this is a loss I'm reading in it because yeah man said no because it's a bit weird like kimura see of him on turkeys podcast but this is not why I say she that's what I'm saying I know he's gone I think that's why people are so sympathetic because it's like that's not the poet but then you see that some of this stuff was recent as bit so this one says I hear people are watching women's football fuck that someone give them women some cookbooks don't give just taking the fucking piss but that's that sweet corn with custard from this guy's losing his mind from so for me to wrap up I don't feel like he's been scapegoated I feel like the tweets in the last year was the nail in often for him I think he could have got away with it if it was a long time ago and I feel like our hand defending him could have used a lot more tact and being a lot more diplomatic about it but I understand that's his persona so personally like it's Denise across the board for this whole situation and that's me oh cool you pods yeah I respect what I did to you back to his boy gasps what's these fired every terminal means I feel like a lot of a lot of the questionable things were done by other parties what I feel like our hand did I would want that with someone doing that for me and that's not getting people fired but that's holding them up to the standard that they hold me up to you so yeah it's a retweet for him yeah my nose is running the fuck up I got the tissues episode No who do you know what we got hairy bear are we done

27 thoughts on “Should Alhan Have Backed Poet after Sexist Tweets? | Timelin3 Ep. 50

  1. I locked off poet from them tweets about black chicks. Black women are our sisters mums aunts and daughters. The self hate in poet is op.

  2. Dj Matthews looks like he has his hood out secretly because food is always blocking the path to his hood (no homo)

  3. Alhan comes from a rich family in north London and went to private school. No matter what happens he’ll be okay. He can talk against the big bosses and he’ll be ok

  4. i have a habit of laughing aggressively every once in a while, so long story short my phone went flying when i heard nah brudda im joking

  5. Mad congrats on reaching episode 50! No doubt it hasn't been easy but you guys are smashing it! Prayers up for 50 more !

  6. Ms Banks Snack is a hit cause of that Kida Kudz sounds, it sounds like alot of Kidas other tracks, she needs to run with that vibe….

    And poet needed a reality check, he's an idiot and an arrogant one ( Never understood his arrogance, id be humble if i was that stupid looking) his hate for Women ( black women especially ) obviously stems from his lack of success with them… Ol' Bleach face Jamaican Rumpelstiltskin looking ass niggah.

  7. White people don’t play with with sexism lol. Racism is okay though, racialised sexism even lol. Where was this energy when Poet was cussing black women and gays. Poet is generally very ignorant imo. Anyway interesting take from DJ Matthews.

  8. Ah well we say Poet either starts his own ting or join forces with CheekySports. Sometimes negatives have a lot of positives.

  9. Of course Alhan should have backed Poet. For one those comments were in the past. The joke is the ones that usually bring up old posts usually have no profile picture or its a new account. They usually spam other posts with their screenshot… Something clearly ain't right. And in the words of Poet "we blame the government"….so dont let them divide us by bringing up old posts. In truth what we know today is subject to change as you naturally grow and evolve. *update…we didnt realize until late on that it was an actual company that brought up old posts. How quickly karma came for them. You know the saying "dont throw stones if you live in a glass house"

  10. Chip should just mentor Ms Banks if he ain't already. He is the only artist in the UK scene who can flex well on any riddim with quality all round projects. But this Afrobeats or AfroSwing sound will definitely work for her. It could help her tour and build a strong cult like following in our beloved motherland. ✊🏿

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