Short Story Challenge – Google Docs & National Novel Writing Month

it's actually a really exciting experiment and project for us today we invited three authors to come together to write a short story based on an opening line that was submitted by a Google Docs user her name is Lauren I'll read it to you she didn't know what on earth possessed her to say yes but there she was at 8 o'clock on a Sunday morning bags packed and ready to go all right writers take it away I volunteered foolishly to go first all right all yours to me to you I'm throwing in I think we need to get her there yeah I can't decide Bruce is gonna be I think the paragraph is really beautiful and it should end on sentence they want to think about the conclusion give me two seconds I think and she began as a good last line I realized that all of my years being a writer I have never watched writers write in real time what was it like to write a story with other authors and have you ever written in real time with other authors like this it was like really an incredible rush actually because I'm try to keep all these strategies nearly all of us I feel like we're kind of feeding off on another and really it was fun this question comes from Andrea how do you move past the urge to make every sentence perfect right off the bat and just keep writing when I'm feeling stuck on something um I go to karaoke and wail out some song I just remember that I love to write sometimes I find that like making a soup or something and chopping a lot of onions and stuff can really help me partner the beginning pastor your fears and inhibitions which is kind of going for so thanks again everybody the final story will be published live soon on behalf of Google Docs we'll see you next time

16 thoughts on “Short Story Challenge – Google Docs & National Novel Writing Month

  1. I would love to see a guide on using Google Docs at a professional level. From creating the document to getting it published.

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  4. This event certainly showed the strength of the Google Apps. Docs,with Hangout – and of course the combined effect of live vid. while working in collaboration with others. From my point of view, the greatest achievement was to get three writers to actually work together at all. Now that really IS a first!!! 

  5. Last month, we partnered with National Novel Writing Month to see what happens when three writers come together, online from three different cities, to create a short story in Google Docs.

    The three authors—Edan Lepucki, Tope Folarin, and Mike Curato—had one hour to create the story, based on an opening line submitted by Docs user Lauren Lopez in Malaysia.

    Watch this short (and pretty entertaining) video to see how it all went down. You can read the final story at, and watch their unedited process and Q&A in the original Hangout on Air:

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