Short Stories, novellas or novels? And What about pricing?

I write short stories I write novellas and occasionally rarely I write novels if you talk to other authors they will tell you to stay away from short stories because they're pointless they'll tell you what's the point of writing a novella when you can write another well short stories aren't pointless short stories are actually pretty hard to get just right you don't need to cram in a lot of information in a short space of time without ruining the story or making it shitty and I enjoy the challenge of that now that's not to say I only write short stories most of my books are actually novellas again when people ask me why I write novellas is because I hate padding now there's a very famous American author who shall remain nameless for the sake of this video and you know but some regard him as the king of horror his books are hundreds and hundreds and hundreds hundreds of hundreds of pages a few more hundreds of pages long now I've struggled to read those I do not have a lot of time when it comes to reading I'll sit down for maybe an hour read something then chuck it down and forget about it for a week because I've got shit to be getting on with so for me he's not an ideal author I also find that with his books I personally find there is a loss of padding in them you know he'll be talking about this character and then start saying all the stuff that they'd like to eat and drink and so on and so forth it's fine for his stories because that's the story he wants to tell and he's very very good at it it's just not my cup of tea and not my writing style I prefer short sharp snappy stories you know I want to take the reader by their bollocks or their badge you know let's not be sexist on page one are not released until I slap him in the face with the killer twist ending that I like to put in at the ends of my stories because a killer twist ending at the start would be stupid fucking penis anyway I also find that I can write novellas faster than I can write novels which means my output so writing appears to be massive and there it is if you are writing a novel it's gonna take you a lot longer to write from start to finish get it edited get it released than it is for me to write a few novels now also by time I've got these smaller books out I was lucky with sick bastards sick bastards went through the roof with you know people buying it and reading it now if it had been my first book because it's been so long writing this novel that I would have had anything else out there as it was I had short stories novellas couple of other bits and bobs that readers could then go and look up so what I'm saying is do not be scared to mix it up a little bit if you want to write a novel fine do it you know don't let anyone tell you don't do it get on with it do you want to do short stories it's not wrong to do this either like them release them don't be put off by people going die we should be writing novels and bla bla bla there's no market for short stories endure that bullshit I did a short story a few months back called the funeral in one month now your mind is 20 pages long in one month that had 40,000 page reads on Kindle unlimited alone that's not including actual book sales that's a lot of people picking that book up and reading it and yeah you do get paid for it so clearly there's a market right there also with regards to writing the books be careful with pricing you know if you're writing a novel but that there's assholes like me out there writing shorter pieces and we're going to be charging a lot less money for them for example my shorter books go from anywhere from 99 cents to 99 P all the way up to a whopping two pounds you know it's not a lot of money now if you're a reader and you go to Amazon think about this think about how you act are you gonna pick up someone's book at this price a cheaper price you've never heard of the author and it's nice and nice sensitive Oh sounds good or are you going to go for this novel from an author you've never heard of which is like four pounds yeah what would you go for I guarantee most of them are going to go for the cheaper author by all means once you've got your name out there once you've got a few titles put your prices up don't be scared to do that but when you're starting out don't go out too high because you're going to be pushing people away from here so keep the prices sensible and don't let other people dictate what you should and shouldn't write with regards to length it's gonna make a really bad joke then about length but cut bothered

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  1. Awesome video. Couldn't agree more about King. I'm also a short story author. I love what Ray Bradbury said about short stories: write one a week for a year because it's impossible to write 52 bad stories in a row.

  2. Stephen King writes a lot of short story collections and thinks it's an art form all writers should learn to master before they write a full novel.

  3. I'm putting together a collection of short strange stories atm. I can't wait to release it and see what the reaction will be. I had so much fun writing these. 🤗

  4. I always write some short stories in a between finishing a draft of a larger piece and revising it. That way it clears my mind for the revision process and is like literary sorbet.

  5. Very helpful my friend! Almost ready to publish my first novella but if it does well I'll write the next one as a novel. It's a shame you've stopped putting video up like this. Thanks again. It confirms everything for me.

  6. Very helpful my friend! Almost ready to publish my first novella but if it does well I'll write the next one as a novel. It's a shame you've stopped putting video up like this. Thanks again. It confirms everything for me.

  7. Hey Matt, my girlfriend has the Funko "Dancing Groot" too! And we both have the "Holiday Dancing Groot!"  How cool is that.
    But then again, you seem like a pretty gnarly guy…and I mean that in the best way.

  8. Thanks for sharing Matt. What's the average length that you're using for Novellas, out of interest? – as there seems to be so many different word length stats around

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