Shopping for Toys and Books with Addy

a little mother-daughter bonding right now after I'd have fun morning with Colin my hands on the playdate and we decided to come check out Learning Express toys as a local store out here we don't have lakeshore learnings here in Nashville which I loved in Phoenix so I'm trying to find a place similar to that where you can get some good learning toys for Collins because you're gonna be a teacher don't you huh what do we need to teach called right now um how do we nice it's a good thing we buy what kind of things clean up for here I'm like not really worth counting might be a little bit tough to but we should find some good toys to teach : to learn his colors I think this is our area we still have this downstairs right yeah what I can feel my touch oh that isn't really nice I look over here and see if you see anything that he is teaching those colors I think this is the section we should be in and what is it we used to have it I remember you guys have these little tubs and weaves or the different colors the different tubs that was hoping you have that here but I'm not seeing it what about these and we stuff these little garage yeah right I think they have them that could be an option let me have these squeaks – these are fun this would have been fun for them you today should we test them toys for Colin a waffle no I actually want in cheese waiter french fries and bake it this is actually really cute table setter and they have a cute little booth here like you'd have at a restaurant a plane I have to bring calling back too because well there's even a cash mister he'd like a lot of this stuff you might be a little bit too big for that addy what about over here anything for Colin to teach yeah that's true he could teach them the colors they've got the adding and subtracting it well it's just all right that is a lot of tiny ties which one is your absolute favorite even our already know the narwhal I'm gonna see what my favourite would be it'd be a tough choice though I'm gonna show you the one you can figure out what your favorite is gonna be there are so many cute ones okay I'm just keep scanning so our fans to pick their favorite I always go for like rainbow II stuff that one's really cute let's see what else you made me write the narwhal is pretty cute this speckled Kitty's cute cool what's this this one's pretty cute this one might be my favorite or that's al that's al super cute too alrighty we're getting very distracted from our mission here our mission is Collin teaching home colors what for me what can we find here hmm it's got to be something over here Pig Adi found some cool my gear what are you find to this what is it secret watch I need it what does it do surveillance communication concealment no recon watch oh oh do you yeah Pertwee master no just her yes they have so many cool things here from magic stuff to science and nature to instruction sets but they don't have quite half what I'm looking for I was really hoping to find a little good color sorting game kind of like I can picture they had at Lakeshore Learning okay I'll try to find a store somewhere here that has those type of toys this has awesome toy it's really cool toys but just not specifically what I'm looking for today make your own mermaids yeah these are seasoned I love mermaids Kelsey can make like mermaid mommy bracelet a mermaid craft your Styles oh that's cool mermaid scale me wallet cute Addie loves a good notepad don't you girl yeah mm-hmm you don't find notepad at every store like this except oh you mean like want to be spiral-bound you like these oh this is cool you see this one might be nakorn cause like litter in there I don't like journals I just don't like any type of diver why didn't you like Diaries I don't know I just don't like the rock I think I know why you don't like the last part because you always lose the keys we have a gazillion Diaries during our house that we can't open because this daddy loves you only to only to IIE there took the locks off of them or know what the like secret ones that I like wrote my secret um I we're locked in I lost a key this is definitely a great birthday present shopping store I remember this for birthdays for Christmas presents because I have a lot of unique things but you can't find all the big box stores some things that are just really different like all the tchotchkes don't ya all the tchotchke stuff very neat but they didn't have exactly what I was looking for so I know there's another neat toy store somewhere around here we're gonna have there and see if they have we're looking for Brittany have a second toy store a tea yeah but doesn't have toys like this one did I know it's my first time in both of them's laughs wait and see we'll find out together though Oh favorite or pink place is a really cute toy shop – it looks like has a lot of unique things – I love these little like boutique toy shops with just different things but I'm hoping to happen I'm looking for some color sorting things I keep my eye open for this hmm where are you a D over here did you find what I'm looking for oh you've had more notebooks that's cool magic sequins turn does it flip Tamika another picture oh it does nail polish met flips to make a rainbow those are cool look at these chairs sparkly inflatable chairs do you know when I was little in our basement we had a whole room my sister and I did with inflatable furniture Oh like this we have pretty cool we thought it was pretty cool I just saw my favorite PE toy when I was a kid I when I was in PE class anytime these things came out admit we're gonna have the best day of PE ever these bangs mmm those were so fun they're called I guess flying turtles here – no they were called back when I was in PE I'm gonna try daddy parents told me you remember this – your school had to have these these were like the best things that because you don't have your PE class daddy do you have those in your PE class she said no they are missing out nowadays check this Adi world's largest whoopee cushion huge sound I'm Oliver I am like the Melissa and Doug section of the store where I feel like if they have like a color sorting thing you possibly back here but I still can't find it back like what I'm picturing in my head so it might be something I have to go online to lakeshore and order myself I'm gonna just check how they put any other options here wow look on the inner side this sides an ice cream place a barbecue food check balloony animals you crumbs do you love me halloumi it's only $10 can we please get one free you know what I bet that'd be a good item for the Christmas list these marbles remember yes do I want to drop that band that be disaster huh be careful with that bin if those marbles ended up on the floor we would be here all night are there magnetic love these thing that it rocks I don't know why they're so fun you know Annie I don't think they have what we're looking for here so you can either go pick up my from our play date and head home and I'm gonna go online in order what I'm looking for because I have it set in my mind it has hopefully I can't but exactly within my mind so we had if I'm looking at toy stores i didn't–we yeah I'm gonna find exactly we want it yeah we had fun you

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