Shopping for Counterfeit Books in India, BEST PRICE? #BlackMarketTour

In my last two black market tours, I focused on drugs in Mumbai and Delhi and those were really really risky videos. So let’s enter the much safer world of counterfeit books. And I’m here at the Daryaganj Sunday bookfare. And you can find so much here including buying books by the kgs. But if you want to buy new books, you need to be aware that so many of the new books here are just counterfeits. So I’m gonna show you how to identify those counterfeits. And if you want to buy counterfeit books, you need to know how much you should be paying for them so you’re not getting ripped off. And you can tell I’m in the right place because I’ve already been sold a fake bottle of Bisleri water called Brislie. Yeah. I’m really at the right black market here. Now I’ve got a copy of Michelle Obama’s number one selling book. It’s not the kind of book I would read. I’d rather be reading about Indira Gandhi. Anyway, we are gonna use this book, we are gonna go around the market and try and find some counterfeit copies. We’re gonna find out what the best price is we can get for these counterfeit copies. And then I’ll show you how to, like, compare and make sure you’re buying a real copy, if that’s what you want. Okay so the pricing is pretty clear now. It’s based on the thickness of the book. And that Michelle Obama book is pretty thick. So a 100 rupees is the best you’re gonna get because these guys need to make a little profit as well. And I’m guessing their wholesale is somewhere around maybe 50-60 rupees per book. So the thinner the book, the cheaper it will be. If it’s really thick, it’s gonna be like a 100 to 150 rupees. And as a foreigner, I don’t think you’re gonna get below a 150 rupees to 200 rupees for a book here. But bargain hard and maybe you’ll get it for 100 rupees. There are a number of ways to tell a fake from a real book. And the first one is the print job. And the print job in these counterfeits is so bad. The covers look like they’ve been photocopied, literally. One of them’s matte actually and the other one’s shining. And the print jobs in these books can be so bad that sometimes they’re even missing pages, like, it’s just a blank photocopy page. I had that when I bought Shantaram off the street here in Mumbai. Be a great place to buy because it was siting there but.. Yeah, the counterfeit copy was missing so many pages. It’s a thick book. So I totally understand why they screwed up photocopying a bunch of pages in that one. Inside the book, nothing is printed straight. It’s all on an angle. And then when you get to the photos, the photo printing is terrible in the middle of the book as well. Secondly, check the binding. Most authentic books don’t use this kind of thin white glue. They use kind of a thick, almost clear, glue that will keep the book bound together. These books, the glue is so thin on that, they’re just gonna fall apart after one read or so. And then thirdly, you have the huge huge price difference. So the counterfeit book was under 2 dollars American and the authentic book was around 11 dollars or 14 dollars if you want the hard copy. So basically if you’re buying a book and it’s not from a legitimate retail store here in India, it’s likely a counterfeit if you’re buying it here off the street. And I understand why Indians buy these counterfeit books because for the price of one book, 700 or 800 rupees, they can buy like 10 or more depending on the thickness of the book, right? And Indians just don’t have 700 or 800 rupees lying around, you know. The average Indian doesn’t have that much to spend on one book. So I get why this is kind of here and why people are buying them. But obviously, the author doesn’t get paid from these kind of books. And if you want to find them, you can find them at Daryaganj Market. You can find them outside every single metro in India on the street corners. And while you’re at an intersection, a guy will knock on your window and sell you them as well. So they’re absolutely everywhere. Long live India!

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  1. We have so much of good and gentle and gentle and culture things all over India bury are you do this brother, I know This your business plz don’t look India just in business look like a Indian you can feel more culture in moisture too than yours and I am proud to say it

  2. darya ganj book marts now gone by the order of court, so savour this video guys,its gonna be a time capsule of darya ganj chouk ,

  3. N "check how co operative our Government and our Army is " you Understand my Fellow look before you leap my boy

  4. Just wondering, what kind of books were counterfeit in general? Just trying to understand if its just a price thing or are certain books banned. And do you know if they ban certain books from entering the country (for backpackers)? In bhutan for example non-dharma books are illegal (even travel guide books).

  5. it's not like an average Indian don't have, best part is we don't want to spend that much, even pdf of those books you will get for free, so why to waste money, and Karl, the best part is India have far billionaire then new Zealand

  6. You bad booksellers….You were looting a guest of our country…Don't you believe in ATITHI DEVO BHAVA…I apologize dude for that

  7. But it still has the words doesn’t it? So it doesn’t matter cause you just read it and only the words matter

  8. I've been buying so many books whenever I visit India, and for so cheap as well. It never crossed my mind that there are such things as counterfeit books. Great video.

  9. Wow Karl what a comparison M Obama and Indira Gandhi was Mass Murder So called Democratic Dictator Cunt..Any Smart person can tell you are Kiwi

  10. Indians don’t have good accessible public libraries that are there in every area/locality in the US , so for people who cannot afford to buy expensive books , this is the only option. That is why there is a huge market for counterfeit books.

  11. Bsdk india mea rahake india ke kanha kake Indians ka izath utar raha hea kya mc thera channel ke gand mara bsdk ye sab videos thera country mea kar hamara Indians ka down karraha hea thu bc

  12. Out of all the books in India you could have picked.. was going to subscribe but now decided against it all because of a crappy decision..

  13. That's why I switched to ebooks on Kindle apps, you even get free books to read and don't need to buy the Kindle. Beat that Dariya Ganj…..😜🤪

  14. So much critical about India only negative videos ! You need to be examined before getting visa the next time @indianembassy

  15. In Amazon Paperback is like 200-500. My Sis buys regularly from there.

    She even got a hardcover for like 150. Apparently it was with some offers.

  16. You make videos on scammer's in india and post on your youtube account and make money. I am not saying that those scammer's are doing good but they are indirectly helping you to make your living.

  17. Prsnl opnen h books agr blk me milti or sasti milti h to koi jada prblm nhi honi chahiye qki india me bht sare log book afford nhi kr sakte , pr knowledge pr adhikar sabko hona chahiye sabko padhne ka haq h. India me abhi bhi library rular area ki to bat hi alag h urban area me bhi logo ki pauch se dur h books donate kr sake aesa koi platform nhi h taki jisko jrt ho wo waha se book le sake

  18. I'm sorry pr mujhe lgta h community hall hona chahiye jaha hr age ke log jakr discussion kr sake Chase khel sake library ho taki log waha jakr pdh sake or usme book donate kr sake uske bd blk book ka concept khtm ho jayega

  19. If someone can read the exact content for 120 and cant afford 600 for original book,i think its a pretty fair deal.they are all copies basically.if someone is selling fake limited edition books,then ots a crime.i didnt any scam here but you showed from where to buy cheap books.thanks

  20. Hey karl Plz Update Or new Vlog actually I Live New Delhi So plz Update Schedule of your New Vlog Update

  21. It's cheap and content is same. Why not? Except for that water bottle. I wouldn't risk anyway. Many readers cannot afford to buy books so I won't discourage

  22. This why INDIANS are intelligents, books are made cheap. Because they are allowed to make counterfeit books.

  23. Dude yeah evrything here in India is fake all people here are scammers evn ur wife too so y dont u go back to ur own one of the finest country of the world bloody New Zealand, dude remember ur daliy expenses ur earning from this scammers country only sometime ur so irritating matlab jabarjasti like in most of ur every videos always defaming india got a so much prblm go bck…

  24. There is a big demand for these kinds of pirated books for a simple reason. Most people just can’t afford to buy original copies of these books bcz they are too expensive. Specially the textbooks for medical or university students are crazy expensive.

    But I love how he finished the video with “Jai Hind” 😂😂

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