Shofu Verse – The Ultimate Super Smash Bros. Cypher 2018

Life’s a bitch, I will leave you dying quick, nice as shit Keep a hammer with eight shots to ice your shit (Ayee!) I’m high as shit, I hit your screen, I might have to snipe your shit Dying wish; hit your top from a longer range like it’s Simon Whip Mean something, piranhas, you see me mean mugging Peach busting, dog on a hunt, you better keep ducking Snake, I’ll put your ass in a box, bitch you ain’t seen nothing Keep running, dot on your head, that ain’t no B button Known to fire clips so I pick Roy Heavyweight; I’m known to duke it out with the big boys You don’t get a choice, no RPS, we don’t flip coins, destroyed Ain’t talkin’ ’bout Amiibos, I grip toys, big noise Ganon side B, I got my hand ’round your neck Demand my respect I smash, turn your ass to a speck You ran with the set, got Wolf, now the man is a threat These haters try to knock me down, but land with the tech, BITCH!

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