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Hello hello
I’m Chandra from Mysteries of Writing if you’re new to this channel don’t forget
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process and all things writerly and bookish And you guys seemed to really like Jane so
I figured why not invite her back to the channel today
Thank you very much it’s such a delight to be back here again it’s a pity I have
to be a little annoying but you know I do enjoy a good laugh every now and then so
yes So today the two of us will be talking about
some of the things that people say to writers that get’s kind of annoying sometimes and
I’ll also be saying some responses that you wish you could say but you know you can’t
So what genre are you writing in? Well I’m writing a fantasy novel. Ohhhhh, I see, I see, you’re writing a Harry
Potter rewrite? No, big no. Fantasy is just a genre. I’m not writing a remake of a really popular
book series that happens to be fantasy as well. Oh so you’re writing? Yes, I do write, Jane and why are you talking
in that tone? Do you think you’re better than me just
because you’re wearing those dark sun glasses of yours? So what are you up to today? Oh I’m just writing as usual, you know. Oh yes yes I don’t read at all you know
never ever ugh it’s just too time consuming. Oh well that’s great then, Jane. I do enjoy reading. Why are you telling me this? It’s not going to change my mind. Oh you are so lucky you don’t have to do
anything? I mean I’m such a hard-working, diligent
student, you know, and I’ve got a part time job. Ok, Jane, you don’t need to brag, and I
do remember telling you that I’m working on my debut novel and not to mention I know
there’s that inner party animal in you, Jane and you’re fooling no one I know you party every
weekend and well I have sleepless nights over characters I made up so isn’t it wonderful
that we’re all different and unique Well that’s it for our little annoying dialogue
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8 thoughts on “Shocking Things You’ve Said to Writers ft. Jane | by Mysteries of Writing

  1. Hahaha these are all SO true. Another one that is not really rude but I never know how to respond to is "where do you get your ideas?" So many novels are a compilation of a billion ideas put together, so how do you pick just one?

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