Shit Indian Writers Go Through – Student FIlmer

No No looks cliched This is what everyone does Make it epic. Think different. Slit throat, lots of blood.. Yeah we got to make it raw. But wait certificate is an issue Blood must look green Won’t work! πŸ™ How about a heist movie? A bank robbery something like Italian job Wait, you can’t show bank frauds in detail. And censor would advise that villains should turn good in the end, Can’t help.. Try something else Hey lets take a sci-fi? Producer don’t understand science CG involves a lot of money If not done well, Will look like a cartoon movie Science fiction is too much for us. Try something else How about a political thriller? How politians loot the common’s money inspired, by true events Dude, they won’t let us release the film. Who will go behind court and cases. Hey how about this? A lesbian couple in Chennai. Dude are you mad. It will only release as an Indie-Film That too only on YouTube With a tag at the start “This film is banned in India”
Oops! At least a sex comedy? A coming of age drama, How a sex addict overcomes his addiction and liberates himself from the menace. Huh, can’t show nudity Lip lock scenes can’t be much Hey we can show masturbation scenes like showing only the dudes face. Why am I thinking like this? Nope no way let’s take the traditional masala movie. We will call it as family drama A girl, boy and in the middle a villain. We can have item numbers as well We could get the U certificate

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