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  1. Only I always hear "good feel" instead of "good for you"?

  2. My schizophrenia is my monster I keep on a chain that barely holds together; my mind can't afford a better chain, or collar. The parts where they say 'good for you, you hurt every one' tears me apart, because I tear myself apart without trying to.

  3. Every one has some sort of monster or monsters. We all are human. Some have Monster's that are worse than other's no matter what be all that you can be, never give up in life. Don't let them win๐Ÿ’ช๐Ÿ’–๐Ÿ™๐Ÿผ always find someone to talk to๐Ÿ’ž

  4. We all have monsters inside us but the way to win is keep them away for when you are happy, sad or mad. Cause they like to take over and out the rage inside you.

  5. My monsters are very real also but when they bother me I just say I rebuke you in the Holy Name of Jesus Christ leave and leave me alone get out of my mind in the Holy Name of Jesus Christ Amen and Amen And they flee like I have the plague of some kind I love it and I love my what I know is REAL and ONLY TRUE God and LORD and Saviour Jesus Christ and we DO HAVE POWER IN THE NAME OF JESUS CHRIST USE IT AND WATCH THEM RUN LIKE A BAT OUT OF HELL! PRAISE GOD CONSTANTLY

  6. You can put them to rest.
    You can pretend they're gone.
    You can act like everything is fine.
    But always, even after decades.
    The monsters are real.

  7. Keep moving forward and live in the moment, if you look back you might find your monsters are closer than before. So it's best to push forward with all you've got, create some distance from those things that haunt you.

  8. I have PTSD because of the things I've done overseas things that arent right everyone needs help with something

  9. Getting shot at experience of combat isn't the same and doesn't compare to the loss of a loved one a wife and a child to be more exact. Some can relate some can't. War is hell but the hell comes when your alone to realize it

  10. This is officially my favorite song, and I feel this hits me and maybe a couple other leople in the anger issues area

  11. .45, Monsters, and oh yes, Simple Man. Not just some of my favorite Shinedown songs, but some of my favorite songs period.

  12. I like how this song plays to so many different people from those who have been cheated on, to those with an addiction, and those with PTSD, and others. Monsters come in all shapes and sizes but we all have them… our burden to bare

  13. As a combat veteran this is my theme song, I always thought when I came back from Iraq that I wasnt the crazy one. My monsters are real!!

  14. This song is to my ex that touched my child and got to move on with his life like he did nothing while he shattered an entire family. My MONSTERS are real

  15. dont really comment on YouTube but shinedown you have do it again its all most like listen to my life story as someone who suffed from depression i related to this song so much and the monster will never go way but we lean how to deal with it. thank you shinedown

  16. Get delivered of demons through the blood of Jesus Christ of Nazareth God hes the way the truth and the life the devil is a lier and deceiver of all humans

  17. This song motivates me do land all tje skate board tricks I do check out my skating account on Insta its goldsskate

  18. Despite what I believe religiously about god this song still rings true… the monsters are very real sometimes

  19. There is no fair God, or I'd be dead and someone better, smarter, and more compassionate than me, who could do something good for the world, would be here in my place. Blog cut.

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